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Plainview Cemetery , Clermont County, Ohio

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Burris, Gary Wayne
Burris, Herman H. vet
Burris, Herman H.
Burris, Melba R.
Burris, Paul R.
Burroughs, Charles P.
Burroughs, Luella M.
Burwick, Sally M.
Burwick, Samuel L.
Byrne, Edward
Byrne, Milton F.
Byrne, Minnie A.
Byrne, Rosa
Caldwell, Clifford
Caldwell, Eliza J.
Caldwell, John H.
Campbell, James W. Vet
Campbell, James W.
Campbell, Retha C.
Canfield, Samuel M.
Canter, George E.
Carlton, Brown and Mason location
Carlton, John
Carnes, Timothy M.
Carr, Annie L.
Carr, Bessie closeup
Carr, Bessie
Carr, Edward F.
Carr, Ernest R.
Carr, Fay A.
Carr, George C. born 1914
Carr, George C. closeup
Carr, George C.
Carr, Gertrude F.
Carr, Harriet A.
Carr, Hettie M.
Carr, John C.
Carr, Joseph B. closeup
Carr, Joseph B.
Carr, Josie Bell
Carr, Larry E.
Carr, Lucy B.
Carr, Maley W. born 1902
Carr, Maley W.
Carr, Mary S.
Carr, Merrill G.
Carr, Mildred
Carr, Sarah J. - closeup
Carr, Sarah J.
Carr, T. Milt
Carr, Virginia I.
Carr, William R.
Carter, Anna Moore
Carter, Bertha K.
Carter, Charlotte A.
Carter, Clarence W.
Carter, Harold W.
Carter, Margaret
Carter, Oscar L.
Carter, Oscar Lee vet
Carter, Walter
Carter, Warren
Cave, D. C.
Cave, Martha D.
Chaille, Grace A.
Chaille, Nathan M.
Chaney, Charles B.
Charles, Connie Lee
Chowning, Jonathan Allan
Clark, Albert W.
Clark, Annie B.
Clark, Arthur and Paulina closeup
Clark, Arthur
Clark, B. F. monument
Clark, B. F.
Clark, Belle G.
Clark, Bethuel
Clark, Corbly, Julia, Thompson, Siusanna, Newton, Shelly, Mary and Isaiah closeup
Clark, Corbly
Clark, Edwin S.
Clark, Ella J.
Clark, Emma B.
Clark, Etta B.
Clark, F. Wilbur
Clark, George F.
Clark, George F.monument
Clark, Herbert A.
Clark, Ida May
Clark, Irwin and Belle
Clark, Irwin H. monument
Clark, Irwin H.
Clark, Isaiah J. monument
Clark, Isaiah J.
Clark, James and Martha J. Irwin closeup
Clark, James
Clark, Julia Ann
Clark, Martha J. Irwin
Clark, Mary M.
Clark, Minnie M.
Clark, Nancy Corbly
Clark, Nancy E.
Clark, Nancy
Clark, Newton monument
Clark, Orson and Nancy Corbly closeup
Clark, Orson monument

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