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Plainview Cemetery , Clermont County, Ohio

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Clark, Orson
Clark, Paulina died 1896
Clark, Paulina
Clark, Rachel
Clark, Sarah A.
Clark, Sarah E.
Clark, Sarah M.
Clark, Shelly
Clark, Susanna E.
Clark, Susanna, George, Irwin, Ella, Minnie Edwin, Herbert, Rosella Gee, Annetta McFarland closup
Clark, Susanna
Clark, Thompson
Clark, William B.
Clarke, Newton
Clausen, Anthony L.
Clausen, Lelia M. Bolton
Claxton, Earl
Clemons, Ben R.
Clemons, Rebecca R.
Clowers, Virginia Groves
Coldiron, Earl E. vet
Coldiron, Harley B.
Coldiron, Michael Wayne
Coldiron, Reva W.
Coldiron, Ronald E.
Coldiron, Shirley Donisi
Cole, Charles monument
Cole, Charles
Cole, Edward P.
Cole, Eliza A.
Cole, Hannah, Joseph, Eliza and Edward
Cole, Hannah
Cole, Harry S.
Cole, Joseph H.
Cole, Lulu closeup
Cole, Lulu
Collins, Alberta F.
Collins, Anna L.
Collins, Anna
Collins, Carrie W.
Collins, Charles L.
Collins, Elizabeth Murphey
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Emma
Collins, Hannah
Collins, J. N.
Collins, James H.
Collins, James, Susan, Carrie, Alberta, Maggie, Anna
Collins, Jennie
Collins, John
Collins, Josephine
Collins, Julia
Collins, Maggie G.
Collins, Mary Ann
Collins, Mary E.
Collins, May
Collins, Nancy
Collins, Pat
Collins, Ralph
Collins, Richard and Mary Ann closeup
Collins, Richard
Collins, Rose, Julia, John, Jennie
Collins, Rose
Collins, Samuel
Collins, Steve
Collins, Susan E.
Collins, Thomas S.
Collins, Thomas
Collins, William H.
Colyer, Ruth A.
Combs, James Paul
Conover, Amanda H.
Conover, Catharine F.
Conover, Charley C.
Conover, Daryl W.
Conover, Donald L.
Conover, Donna L.
Conover, Ellen
Conover, Evaline
Conover, Frankie footstone
Conover, Frankie
Conover, George W.
Conover, Infant
Conover, Jacob A.
Conover, James R.
Conover, John and Evaline
Conover, John W.
Conover, Lola T.
Conover, M. Belle
Conover, Marguerite
Conover, Mary A.
Conover, Minnie closeup
Conover, Minnie
Conover, Myrtle M.
Conover, Peter L.
Conover, Samuel
Conover, Sherry K.
Conover, Stella M.
Conover, William H and Charley C. closeup
Conover, William H.
Conover, William R.
Conover, William, Lola, Jacob and M. Belle
Coogan, Eugene Michael
Coogan, Gene before monument
Coogan, Joseph J.

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