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Plainview Cemetery , Clermont County, Ohio

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Coogan, Lula
Cook, Douglas Lloyd, Sr.
Coon, S.
Cooper, Claude
Cooper, Cynthia D.
Cooper, E. Belle
Cooper, Emmett
Cooper, George
Cooper, Leonard E.
Cooper, Lillian E.
Cooper, Maurice E.
Cooper, Maurice Edward vet
Cooper, Rosemary Allen
Cordes, Benjamin
Cordes, Bernard H.
Cordes, Bernard
Cordes, Ivalean died 1976
Cordes, Ivalean
Cordes, M. Geralyn
Cordes, Robert A.
Cordes, Ronald William
Cornett, Lester
Cornett, Lula M.
Cornwell, Arlie H.
Cornwell, Bessie L.
Cornwell, Charles M.
Cornwell, Herbert A.
Cornwell, Norma J.
Cotterill, Anna
Cotterill, Kansie
Cotterill, Mary Louise
Cotterill, Ralph
Cotterill, William
Couch, Jewell
Covalt, Frazier closeup
Covalt, Frazier
Covalt, Nancy closeup
Covalt, Nancy
Cox, Ashland Davis closeup
Cox, Ashland Davis
Cox, Edward H. vet
Cox, Edward H.
Cox, Elmer
Cox, Etta L.
Craig, Betty R.
Craig, David L.
Craig, Dorothy
Craig, James W.
Craig, Michael D.
Craig, Michael
Craig, Mildred E.
Craig, Robert M. vet
Craig, Robert M.
Craig, Susan K.
Cramer, Elizabeth C.
Cramer, Elizabeth
Cramer, Floyd
Cramer, Harold L.
Cramer, Infant
Cramer, Jas., O. G.
Cramer, Ora J.
Cramer, Scena C.
Cramer, Zellah
Craver, Glenna R. top
Craver, Glenna R.
Craver, Irma
Crawford, Garland N.
Crawford, Infant
Crawford, Laura Gail
Crawford, Nancy Theresa
Creager, Betty Lou Ross
Creager, Emmett R.
Creager, James Arthur vet
Creager, James Arthur
Creager, Lulu G.
Creager, Nora J.
Creager, William H.
Creekmore, Glenis J.
Creekmore, Toni B.
Crone, George F.
Crone, Jennie
Crone, Lillie
Crone, Rebecca
Crone, Sarah
Crooker, Frank T.
Crooker, Robert J.
Cross, Celesta
Cross, Elizabeth
Cross, F. Burdett
Cross, Harley C.
Cross, I. D. (Issac)
Cross, Isaac D. and Elizabeth closeup
Cross, Isaac D. died 1922
Cross, Isaac D.
Cross, James P.
Cross, Jessie
Cross, John
Cross, Lettie M.
Cross, Maggie
Cross, Mary F.
Cross, Stella May
Cross, William
Crow, Lennie
Culbertson, Charles R.
Culbertson, Elzie J.

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