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Bickmore Lizzie Died July 31, 1855, aged 6 mos.
Bickmore Sedate Died Sept 14, 1842, aged 28ds.
Boyd Eliel S. Footstone
Boyd Sarah Footstone
Clark Corbly W. Footstone
Clark Julianna Died Sep 5, 1843, aged 20yrs 9mos
Clark Mary Melvina Born May 2, 1834, died Sept 6, 1849, aged 15yrs 4mos 4days
Cook Thomas Born May 26, 1779, died Mar 26, 1852, aged 82yrs 10mos
Cowin Hannah Died Feb 1845
Dumford Solomon Died Oct 25, 1843, aged 75years
Foster Polinah Dau of M & Cynthia L. Foster, died Mar 19, 1845
Glancy Amanda Dau of A. G. & P. Glancy, born Aug 2, 1840 or 1846, died Sept 18, 1849
Glancy Infant Infant son of A.G. & P. Glancy
Glancy Jesse Footstone
Golden John Died Mar 2, 1891, aged 82yrs 1 or 11mos 9ds
Golden Rhoda Wife of John Golden, died Jan 29, 1875, aged 63yrs 25ds.
Illegible Lillian Footstone with Cook Family
Illegible First stone of cemetery
Illegible States Oct 30, 1841, age 58yrs, 5ms 2ds
Illegible Broke:  Born Oct 26, 1805, died Sept 10, 1822, aged 16years 11months 16 days
Knott John H. Footstone
Long Emma Name Stone
Long Ida Name Stone
Millspaugh Mary Ann Daughter of N.H. & S.J. Millspaugh, died June 2, 1852, aged 5yrs 1mo 11ds
Moore Anthony Born Mar 13, 1777, died Jan 2, 1849, aged 71yrs 9ms 6ds
Moore Elizabeth Wife of James Moore, died Mar 21, 1883, aged 73yrs 3ms 20ds
Moore James Died Jan 22, 1874, aged 63ys 3ms 28ds
Moore Jane Died April 26, 1854, aged 75 years
Moore John In memory of Moore (illegible)
Moore Joseph Footstone
Moore Lott Son of J & M Moore, died Sept 8, 1856, aged 19ys 1m 19ds
Moore Nancy Wife of Joseph Moore, died Feb 13th, 1824, aged 42years 3months 29days
Moore Nancy Footstone
Moore Phebe Wife of John Moore, died Feb 7, 1858, aged 79ys 25ds
Moore Joseph Died Oct 15, 1847, aged 72years 7months and 7days
Myer Bertha 1873-1951
Myer Joseph 1907-1933
Myer Leopold 1869- date never inscribed
Plout Margaret Between Plout and Rapps, not dead but sleepeth (illegible)
Rapp Addie Footstoone
Rapp Ann Departed April 18, 1843 in the 18th year of her age
Rapp Anna Wife of Benjamin Rapp, born May 28, 1809 died Dec 27, 1890
Rapp Benjamin Born Jan 1, 1809, died Dec 18, 1890
Rapp Daniel A. Died July 12, 1869, aged 36yrs 11mos 2ds
Rapp Eliza Born July 16, 1815, died Sep 22, 1864
Rapp Elizabeth 1828-1912
Rapp Harvey Footstone
Rapp Harvey #2 Footstone
Rapp Illegible Left of Sarah Rapp
Rapp Joseph 1832-1861
Rapp Joseph B 1834-1914
Rapp Lucinda Wife of Joseph B. 1835-1921
Rapp Mary E. 1839-1906
Rapp Mattie "Matties Grave"  buried with Rapps
Rapp Rebecca Wife of John Rapp 1813-1891
Rapp Sally M. Wife of D.A. Rapp, died Apr 21, 1853, aged 32yrs 11mos 10ds
Rapp T. Sidney Footstone
Roberts Clara A. 1887-1932
Smith Elizabeth M. Footstone
Smith J. Footstone
Smith Lewis P. Died Oct 21 or 24, 1876, aged 25years 8mos 12ds.
Smith Mary P. Footstone
Weaver Nancy Wife of John, died Jan 17, 1858, age 22
Williams Ann A.W. Footstone
Williams Ira 1819-1895
Williams Leander Footstone
Williams Mary Mary Glancy wife of Warren Williams 1814-1901
Williams Zebina Z.W. Footstone
Stones we could not locate from DAR records
Bickmore Elizabeth Wife of Ledate Bickmore, born Sept 1, 1761, died Mar 1, 1864
Eberhart Jane Wife of F. Eberhart, d Aug 3, 1856 - 70y 1m 19d
Glancy Joseph Son of Wm. Glancy, d Mar 1839 - 2y
Glancy Wm W. Son of J & E Glancy, died May 5, 1847, 1y 2m 13d
Lawyer Nancy Wife of M. Lawyer - d Sept 9, 1845 - 72y
Rapp Corilla Infant dau of J & R Rapp, d Mar 11, 1856 - 15d
Smith Philip F. d Dec 1, 1860 - 66y 5m 22d
Stone we could not locate that were recorded in 1972
Cook Infant Dau. 1851
Cook John 1820-1849
Cook Ann Illegible
Coon Eleanor 1837
Cowin Eliza 1845, age 10days
Knott John H. 1840 age 28 (we found footstone)
Knott Ruth Illegible
McKinnie Infant 1844, age 9mos
McKinnie Sarah Ann 1840, age 42
Moore James 1856
Mynhier? D.S. 1857-1933 COULD BE Manier, David S. checked Census
Williams Eliza 1841-1922
Williams Albert 1846-1917
Williams Anna 1850-1932