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Additional Inscriptions
B TB Footstone
Barr Lizie dau of William & Frances P. Barr, died Oct 17, 1851, aged 10m 30ds
BoulXXX Thomas infant son of Thomas, died Sep 2X, XXXX, 8m 27ds
Carley Abigail dau of Mark & Abigail W. Carley, died June 23, 1847, aged 1y 1m 13ds
Coleman Charles COLMAN, born Feb 13, 1852, died July 26, 1900
CooXer Agnes died Apr, 76 years of age (not sure)
Crouch Mary Lizzie dau of JB & EL Crouch, died Nov 25, 1853, aged 2y 1m 25ds
Dad newer burial - ribbon on arrangement says "DAD"
Edwards Lizie E. dau of FA & EE Edwards, died Oct 25, 1848, 5m 6ds
Edwards Polly B. wife of FA Edwards, died Sep 23, 1848, aged 55y 8m 19ds
Edwards Winifred dau of FA & EE (Eunice) Edwards, died May 11, 1852, aged 1y 7m 16ds
Fallin Frances Ann dau of JS & Sarah Fallin, died Nov 25, 1854, aged 20y 1m
Fallin Sarah late consort of JS Fallin, died Dec 8, 1856, aged 48y 10m
Gibson Caroline D. wife of Dr. M. Gibson, died Aug 4, 1876, aged 44yrs
Gibson Mary dau of Dr. M & EFR Gibson, died June 28, 1859, in her 7th
Goodwin Samuel K. buried (look-up- states 1794-1860
Harman Mollie dau of John & Mary Harman, died Aug 3, 1864, aged 5m 13ds
Hayden Elizabeth wife of Jos. Hayden, died Feb 23, 1879, aged 60y 10m 25ds
Hurley Julia A. wife of Thomas Hurley, died Sep 15, 1893, aged 74y 2m 28ds
Hurley Lizzie J. dau of Thomas & Julia A. Hurley, died Oct 6, 1871, aged 9y 8m 9ds
Hurley Thomas died Oct 3, 1871, aged 47y 10m 21ds
Irwin Ellen Taylor died Oct 23, 1843, aged 2y 7m 20ds
Irwin Samuel Wilson died Oct 18, 1843, aged 9y 1m 18ds
L MEL footstone
Logan John, Sr. died Aug 1, 1864, aged 78y 1m 27ds
McKibben Rachel Flora born Nov 9, 1846, died Apr 11, 1883, aged 36y 5m 2ds
McKibben Rachel Wells born May 28, 1810, died: aged 74years(wife of John)
Miller Caroline N. dau of Lewis & Mary B. Miller, died Sep 23, 1845, aged 24yr
Miller Elizabeth wife of William Miller, died Sep 1, 1853, aged 26 or 28 years 5X
Moorhead Delila wife of TB Moorhead, died Jan 20, 1845, aged 25y 17ds
Moyer Abraham died May 10, 1850, aged 71y 2m 7ds
Moyer Leonidas son of L & S Moyer, died May 27, 1850, aged 5m 13ds
Moyer Lucy dau of L & S Moyer, died Dec 2, 1848, aged 1m 13ds
Moyers Jackson born Oct 22, 1828, died Jan 12, 1854
Owens Susannah wife of Wiatt Owens, died Jan 3, 1855, 66 or 68 yr 10m 22ds
Owens XXXilfred W. H. H. son of Wiatt & Susan Owens broke (before 1850)
Pollard Alfred T. died July 3, 1848, aged 33y 5ms
Pomeroy Louisiana "OY". I believe this stone to be hers. I compared her death year to other stones in the cemetery, as to the type and stone cutter's workmanship. Also, because of the length of her name it would have gone completely across to the edge of the stone.
Reynolds Eliza Mary died July 15, 1835, aged 6y 7m 15ds (with other Reynolds)
Reynolds Eugene died Oct 3, 1833 - 3days
Reynolds William T. died June 24, 1833, aged 2y 7ds
Shriver John H. son of LB & Elizabeth Shriver, died Apr 10, 1850, aged 2y 2m 6ds
Smith D. M. died Jan 14, 1870, aged 30 years
Turner Cyrus son of Jas D. & Lucy A. Turner, died Feb 5, 1847
Vandike Auston died May 11, 1842, aged 80yrs
Wells Laura dau of C & Sarah Wells, died Dec 18, 1852, aged 11m 16ds
Wells Lewis son of James & Sarah Wells, died July 21, 1840, 1m 21ds
Wells Lucinda T. wife of Jas C. Wells, died Nov 7,1909, aged 85y
Wells William T. died Apr 27, 1839
Wise Elizabeth wife of Henry Wise, died May 18, 1865, aged 71y 3ms
Wise Henry died June 28, 1872, aged 78y 8ds
Wise Inez Josephine dau of George F. & Mary Wise, died Nov 7, 1871, aged 1y 11m 26ds
Wise Martha Ann dau of Henry & Elizabeth Wise, died Oct 7, 1872, aged 48y 4m
Wise Nannie D. wife of Charles W. Wise, born Apr 2, 1857, died Jan 1, 1889, aged 31y 8m 29ds
Wise broke "of Henry & Elizabeth (may be Martha) which I could not find