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St. Peter's Cemetery, Clermont County, Ohio

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Vornberger, Judith Ann
Vornberger, Stanley A. vet
Vornberger, Stanley
Waggal, Nora
Waggal, Peter J.
Waggal, Rosa M.
Walters, Carl L.
Walters, Ruth G.
Wehmann, Catherine E.
Wehmann, George C. born 1874
Wehmann, George C.
Wehmann, Pauline R.
Weigel, Peter, Sr.
Weir, Edward A.
Weir, Frances B.
Weo, Louis P.
Weo, Sabina
Weo, Theresa, Sabina, Louis
Werner, Agnes
Werner, Ferdinand M.
Werner, Ferdinand
Werner, Frank
Wetzel, Alma I.
Wetzel, James A.
White, Mary Heiny
White, Walter
Wibbels, Conrad and Frances
Wibbels, Conrad
Wibbels, Frances
Wiesenhahn, James A.
Wiesenhahn, Jeanette M.
Willenbrink Lot
Willenbrink, Charles E. born 1866
Willenbrink, Charles E., Jr. vet
Willenbrink, Charles E.
Willenbrink, Clara
Willenbrink, Dolly
Willenbrink, Emma A.
Willenbrink, John
Willenbrink, Joseph C.
Willenbrink, Leo
Willenbrink, Mary A.
Willenbrink, Mary Jo
Willenbrink, Mary
Willenbrink, Velma L.
Willenbrink, Veronica
Williams, Elizabeth Ann
Williams, John Logan vet
Williams, John Logan
Wio, Ferrinias
Wio, J. lot marker
Wio, Katherine
Wio, Maria
Wiot, Theresa
Wirth, Emilie Hartmann closeup
Wirth, Emilie Hartmann
Wirth, Remegaies
Wojnowski, Bernice
Wojnowski, Theodore
Wolf, A.
Wolf, Amelia
Wolf, Annette A.
Wolf, Barbara
Wolf, Charles N.
Wolf, Jacob vet
Wolf, Jacob
Wolf, Louise C.
Wolf, Luella
Wolf, Nicholas A.C
Wolf, Nicholas
Wolf, Rosa born 1867
Wolf, Rosa
Wolf, Valentine
Woodruff ,Helen M.
Woodruff, William A.
Worst, Joseph closeup
Worst, Joseph
Wunsch, John
Yenger, Katherine, dau
Yenger, Katherine
Yenger, Sabastian
Yerger, Jacob
Yerger, Josepha
Yerger, Josephine
Yerger, Nickolas
Yerger, Rose F.
Yerger, Stephen J.
Zitt, John A.
Zitt, Martin
Zitt, Mary B.

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