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Clermont County Genealogical Society

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Noble, Asiel, Doct.
Noble, W.
Oliver, Arriminah
Oliver, Caleb H.
Oliver, Elizabeth
Oliver, Samuel
Orr, James
Orr, Jane
Orr, Martha W.
Orr, Robert
Orr, Sarah Johnson
Paxton, Eliza Jane
Paxton, Martha Ann
Pickit, Celian
Potter, Adam
Pratt, Adaline
Pratt, Hammond
Pratt, Infant
Pratt, Windsor
Ramsey, Wilson
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth wife of Jacob
Smith, Ira H.
Smith, James L.
Smith, James L. 2
Smith, Jesse
Smith, Sarah(moved from other property)
Smith, William R.
South, Benjamin
South, Casander
South, Elizabeth (verified by letters ABE and TH, then...
South, Isaac
Stump, Lewis
Sutton, Sarah
Thacker, Catherine
Vandervort, John
Williamson, Samuel M.

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