Wood Hill Cemetery Inscriptions
Akerman C. died Aug 8, 1858, aged 72y (correction)
Barkley Katy C. dau of John Zenobia Barkley, born Oct 19, 1879, died Nov 3, 1884 (correction)
Broadwell Infant infant son of Elizabeth and James Broadwell, 6 months
Buchanan Benjamin A. 1854-1910
Case Martha Emily dau of J & MJ Case, born April 6, 1851, died Nov 17, 1856 (correction)
Chalfant Lafayette W. son of Rob & Eliza E. Chalfant, died Jul 7, 1847, aged 22y 2m, graduate of Augusta and Oxford College (correction)
English Silas Co A. 59 Ohio Inf. Born Apr 5, 1838, died Nov 5, 1898 (correction)
Frey Jno Co. F. 1st OLA
H AH footstone
H HWH footstone
Hall Mahlon S. died Aug 6, 1895, aged 84y 2m 23ds, born May 13, 1811 (correction)
Hamilton Leroy son of A & N Hamilton, died May 23, 1859, aged 6y 8m 1d
Harran Infant dau of M & AA Harran, born and died Nov 26, 1835
Harrison Robert P. son of James & C Harrison, died Jun 15, 1844, aged 7m 25 days
How Wilbur Co. K. 89th Ohio Inf., born Jul 1, 1848, died Jun 2, 1900 (correction)
J PJ footstone
Kaser Luella Tucker Jul 3, 1865 - Dec 16, 1895 (newer stone)
McElfresh William Co. A 59th Ohio Inf.
McNeill Anabelle dau of Thomas and Mary E. McNeill, died May 27, 1861, aged 1y 4m 10ds (correction)
Noland Anna or Adda - dau of GB (George) and SA (Sarah Noland, died Apr 22, 1860, aged 1y 6m 8ds
Porter Maria born Nov 11, 1817, died Feb 17, 1901, aged 83y 3m 6ds (correction)
Prather Caroline A. consort of S.S. Prather, died Sep 9, 1838, aged 26y 1m 15ds (correction)
Reed Joseph son of SA & MJ Reed, died Feb 28, 1880 (correction)
Reno Emma L. no dates
Sargent Caroline dau of JA & ME Sargent, died Dec 29, 1849, aged 17y 3m 14d
Sargent Edward P. born Dec 23, 1823, died Apr 12, 1873
Sargent Mary A. dau of Jno Sargent, died Jul 8, 1859, aged 11m 24d (correction)
Sargent Philenia consort of James Sargent, died Jul 20, 1822, aged 73y (correction)
Simmerman Mary J. wife of John Simmerman, died Mar 28, 1880, aged 22y 6m (correction)
Slack Eva M. dau of JE (James) & SJ (Sarah J.), died Feb 18, 1865, aged 5m and 23ds
Tucker Amelia 1789-1870 (newer stone)
Tucker Catherine 1766-1846 (newer stone)
Tucker Charles W. died 1863 at Camp Fenwick, Virginia, member of Co. F, 89th Reg OVI, son of Wm & Mary A. Tucker (correction)
Tucker Clara 1853 (newer stone)
Tucker Mary J. 1834-1910 (newer stone)
Tucker Rufus J. 1827-1882 (newer stone)
Tucker Stephen 1765-1826 (newer stone)
Tucker Zadock 1792-1867 (newer stone)
Turtin Eratus bornxxxxxx, died Jan 26, 1881, aged 67y 9m 26ds (correction)
Utter Dowty died Aug 22, 1863, aged 71y 10m (correction)
W RW footstone "75"
W SW footstone 1975
Wood Dr. Allen 1805-1885 (correciton)
Wood Eliza P. 1822-1903 (correction)
Wood Horace A. 1863-1898 (correction)
Wood Mary (correction)
Wood William A. 1855-1856 (correction)