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LACOR FAMILY, THE. (also spelled Lackore/Lacore/LaCore/Lucore) C. 1970. Hard-cover, 205 pp., indexed. By Mary McCall Middleton Orange, NJ. Printed by Shenandoah Pub., House, Inc., Strasburg, VA. Donated by William J. Ranvenscraft.

LAFAVER FAMILY GENEALOGY. 1995. Leszczewski & Bone. Three-ring binder, large volume of typed & photocopied material. No index. Mrs. Leszczewski's gr-gr grandfather, John A. Huntington was born in Clermont County, Ohio on October 17, 1824. Donated by Ida Mae LaFaver Leszczewski.

LAKIN FAMILY, THE - DESCENDANTS OF ABRAHAM LAKIN AND MARTHA LEE LAKIN OF PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MARYLAND. - by David V. Agricola, M.D., 1989. This easy-to-follow genealogy has references to several Clermont Co. families. Photos; source references; name index. Donated by the compiler.

LANHAM-RICE BIBLE RECORDS. Donated by M/M Orville Jones.

LEGENDARY QUEEN FROM SCOTLAND, THE AND EVENTS BEFORE & AFTER C1988. GLENN.  Hardcover, 216p. Pictorial and written history of the Delta Queen and many of the cities and towns along the Ohio River she has served. Donated by Jerry and Cheryl Lee.

LEMING FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY. Notebook, 78 photocopied pp. Index. Written by Samuel K. Leming, Waldron, Arkansas, 1947. Donated by Harold G. Pfitzer.


LIFE ALONG THE TROLLY LINE - David McNeil, (1989). This is a collection of trolly-related news accounts from Cincinnati newspapers.

LIGHT IMPRESSIONS - ARCHIVAL SUPPLIES, WINTER 1991. A catalog for those genealogists needing fine quality supplies.

LIGHT, DESCENDANTS OF TIMOTHY CONNER AND SUSANNAH LIGHT, THE.  1998. Conner. Folder bound, photocopied group sheets and Bible records on these two Clermont County, OH. Families. Donated to the Society by Della Rorick, Paul E. Conner, and Walter D. Conner.

LIGHT FAMILY - EARLY SETTLERS TO CLERMONT COUNTY. OHIO. 2000. Light.  Theme-folder bound, 45p., no index. Compiled and written by Frank L. Light. and donated to the Society by Frank W. Anders

LINDSEY, HEZEKIAH LINDSEY AND FAMILY. Photocopies of documents, old letters and other papers concerning the LINDSEY family. Papers are not bound. They are placed in the Society's Special Collections Inactive File.  Donated by Richard Scamyhorn.

LINEAGE BOOK, THE - CINCINNATI CHAPTER - Ohio SOCIETY S.A.R 1958. Hardcover, 539 p., index.  Compiled by Charles Hughes Hamlin, genealogist. Published by The Cincinnati Chapter, c 1958. Donated by Mr. Lynn Arnold.

LITTLE, ALICE LITTLE ANCESTERY. 2001. Eltzroth.  Three-ring binder, pedigree chart and several pages of family group sheets. Clermont County, OH Surnames: Little, Thompson, Harris, Grant.  Compiled and donated by Richard Eltzroth

LITTLE/KITTLE FAMILY INFORMATION. 1996. Kittle. Binder bound, 23 p., no index. Includes information on Solomon Kittle, Sr. (spelled Little in the Clermont County, OH Marriage Records). Donated by Joyce Kittle.

Livingston Family Bible Record. 1833-1903. The family of William Chancellor and Olive McCall Livingston of Tate Township, Clermont County, Ohio.  Donated to the Society by Nancy Ehas

LLOYD, REUBEN LLOYD BARKER, THE ANCESTRY OF. 1992. Morgan. Soft-cover, spiral bound, 27p. index.  Includes surnames: Lloyd, Brazier, Dial, Hayes, Ricks, Crawford. Donated by Ruth Barker Morgan.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT RECORDS HANDBOOK. Soft-cover booklet. 39 pages. Indexed. To be used in conjunction with Ohio County Records Manual. Prepared by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio. Revised Edition, 1985. Donated by Clermont County Commissioners.

LOCALITY FINDING AIDS FOR U. S. SURNAMES. Soft-cover booklet, 67 pp. By John F. Vallentine, Professor, Brigham Young University C 1975. Published by The Everton Publishers, Inc. Donated by Mary Evenshine.

LOCATING YOUR IMMIGRANT ANCESTOR Revised edition. Hardcover, 153 pp., partially alphabetized by state. By James C. and Lila Lee Neagles. Published by Everton Publishers, Inc. Logan Ut. 1986. Purchased by the Society.

LORD'S SHEPARDS IN THE OHIO HILLS, THE. Stivison. 1987. Spiral booklet, 75 p., index. Contains biographies of 175 ministers and wives of the Southeastern Ohio Conference of the United Brethren and the Evangelical United Brethern Churches, 1901-1974. Donated by David Stivison.

"LOST" PENSIONS SETTLED ACCOUNTS OF THE ACT OF 6 APRIL 1838, THE. C.1996. Scott. Hardcover, 374p.,alpha order. This book is a finding aid to 144 boxes of payment records found in the series entitled "settled accounts for payment of accrued pensions (final payments) found in the records of the third auditor, records of the accounting officers of the Department of the Treasury, Record Group 217, at the National Archives in Washington, D.C." They represent accounts from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, various Indian Wars before 1860, and the Mexican War. Purchased by the Society.

LOVELAND, OF HISTORIC NOTE, VOLUME ONE, NUMBER ONE. Booklet containing two articles: Nina Roberts Dunn by Annaree Benhase and In Pursuit of a Loveland Legend: Thomas Paxton at Fallen Timbers by Audrey Gomes.  Published by The Greater Loveland Historical Society, 1985. Donated by Frances Howes.

LOVELAND - PASSAGES THROUGH TIME. Janet Beller & Maxine Nason. The newest of Loveland histories, this is filled with photos, maps, and interesting text. Some biographies. No index.

LOVELAND PASSAGES THROUGH TIME SETTLED IN 1795.1992. Greater Loveland Historical Society. Softcover, 122 p. No Index. Loveland Ohio is tucked into the comers of three Ohio Counties: Clermont, Hamilton and Warren. Purchased by the Society.

LOYALISTS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, THE - VanTyne. Purchased as a companion volume to the above book, this helps us to have some understanding of the situation. Researchers interested in migration patterns will find valuable information here. Index.

MAKING WAVES IN THE GENE POOL. C. 2002 Bright. Hardcover, 314 p" no index. Features stories of Cleveland and Parma residents.  This book may be of interest to persons-of German heritage. Donated by Carol Vogler Bright

MALOTT FAMILY. Donated by Mary Everhart, Loveland, Ohio.

MALOTT, PETER MALOTT OF MARYLAND AND HIS DESCENDANTS. c 1996. Everhart. Hardcover, 569 p., index.  Covers early Malott Family History in France and up to the eleventh generation in America. Many located in Clermont County, Ohio and surrounding counties. Compiled and donated by Mary Malott Everhart.

MANNING FAMILY: A HISTORY OF THE, NATHAN MANNING SR AND ms DESCENDANTS - by Steven Lee Manning, 1990. This history of an early Clermont Co. family traces the generations to the present day. No document references. Donated by the compiler.

MARKLEY, DESCENDANTS OF JOHN JACOB WHO CAME TO HAMILTON COUNTY, OHIO IN 1804.  1995. Smith. Soft cover, spiral bound, 128 p., index. Many Clermont County connections. Compiled and donated by Ruth Wiley Smith.

MARKLEY, GENEALOGY OF JOHN AND MARY SPRINGER MARKLEY. Soft-cover booklet, 37 pp., indexed. Compiled by Alonzo Markley Johnson. 1924. Donated to the Society by Ruth W. Smith.

MARRIAGE RECORDS OF SQUIRES ISAAC AND JOSEPHF. MAYES. C 1978. Harriss and Wall. Soft-cover, 258 p. Alpha Order. These two Squires, father and son, married thousands of couples in Pennsylvania prior to 1885. Purchased by the Society.

MARTHA'S VINEYARD, HISTORY OF VOLS. I & II. 1911 Banks. Large hardcover volumes. Volume I is general history of Martha's Vineyard, Duke's County, Massachusetts, index. Volume II contains the town annals of same. Index. Donated to the Society by the Clermont County Public Library, Batavia.

MARTIN HOLE-MAN FAMILY, THE 1750-1992. Soft-cover, spiral-bound book, 245 p. plus pictures and index. Includes some information on the Holman Family who lived in Clermont and Brown Counties, OH and Mason County, KY. Donated by Dwight W. Holman.

MARTIN, THE JOSEPH AND REBECCA HOUSE. Booklet. Background report of Joseph Martin and family who cleared the land and established the first farm in the area of present day Newtown, Ohio in 1790. Donated by Maxine Fisher.


MARYLAND, BALTIMORE COUNTY, DESCENDANTS OF GODFREY GATCH OF. Virginia Gatch Markham. Printed by Allen Press, Inc., Lawrence, Kansas, 1972 &c1973. Donated by Dr. Richard B. Miller.

MARYLAND, CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS OF ANNE ARUNDEL COUTY" VOLUME I. Hard-cover book.  215 pages. Indexed. Edited by John Thomas Gurney III. Copyright 1982 by The Anne Arundel Genealogical Society, Pasadena, MD. Printed by Bookcrafters, Inc., Chelsea, MI. Donated by Margaret Gwynn.



MARYLAND GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. ca 1991. Schweitzer. Soft-cover, 211 p. An excellent guide to doing research in the state of Maryland, which was one of the thirteen original colonies. Purchased by the Society.

MARYLAND, HISTORY OF WESTERN VOL. I. 1995 Reprint. Scharf. Soft cover, 788 p. Being a history of Frederick, Montgomery, Carroll, Washington, Allegany and Garrett Counties. Purchased by the Society.

MARYLAND, INDEX TO SCHARF'S HISTORY OF WESTERN VOLUMES I & II. c 1995. Long. Soft cover, 369 p. Purchased by the Society.

MARYLAND MARRIAGES 1634-1777. Tepper.

MARYLAND MARRIAGES 1778-1800. Tepper.

MARYLAND MILITIA IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR, THE ca 1987. Clements & Wright. Soft-cover, 351 p., Index. The term "militia" applies to part time or citizen soldiers to distinguish them from full time or professional soldiers; such as, the Continental or the State Troops. Purchased by the Society.


MARYLAND REVOLUTIONARY RECORDS. 1993 reprint. Hardcover, 155 p., alpha order. The data contained in this publication taken from the applications of Maryland veterans of the Revolutionary War, their widows and their heirs for federal pensions and bounty land. Includes rejected claims, as well as the approved. Purchased by the Society.

MARYLAND, SETTLERS OF 1751-1765. C 1996. Coldham. Hardcover, 367 p., index of tracts. Purchased by the Society.

MARYLAND, WESTERN HISTORY OF VOL. II. 1995 Reprint. Scharf. Soft-cover, 1,560 p. Being a history of Frederick, Montgomery, Carroll, Washington, Allegany and Garrett Counties. Purchased by the Society.

MARYLANDERS TO KENTUCKY, 1775-1825. H.C. Peden. Surnames in alpha. order. These entries contain a wealth of information from pensions, land records, marriage records, cemeteries, newspapers, etc. Source ref. given. Complete name index.


MASSACHUSETIS BAY COLONY, A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE CLARK AND WORTH FAMILIES AND OTHER PURITAN SETTLERS IN THE. A large hard-cover book. Indexed. Carol Clark Johnson. Privately printed 1970. Donated by Ed and Helen Johnson.

MASSACHUSETIS, SOME EARLY RECORDS. Large manila envelop containing: 1) Early Rehoboth Families and events of Massachusetts , Richard Wright 1630. 2) Rehoboth's Book of Laws, 29 Sep. 1658, containing earmark records of 191 persons. 3) Baptism Records, 1733-1739, Christ Church, Boston, Mass. 4) Baptism Records, 1783-1807, West Church, Boston, Mass. 5) Some Massachusetts Wills and other Probate Records from the American Irish Historical Society. Donated by Alma Aicholtz Smith.

MASTERS, A, OF THE DESCENDANTS OF SAMUEL MASTERS OF SUSSEX. NEW JERSEY AND CLERMONT COUNTY, OHIO AND HIS WIFE ELIZABETH WENE. 1997. Watts. Three-ring binder, 106 p., index. This work is a modified version of the material Mr. Watts has collected. Donated to the Society by John R.  Watts, Jr.

MATSON'S, AARON DAYBOOK, INDEX TO 1807-1833.1992. Original daybook (ledger) is over 180 years old and covers Mr. Matson's accounts of his cooper shop and post office in Milford, OH. Prepared and donated by Ramona Moore Bowling.

MATTOX, GENEALOGY INFORMATION ON: MATTOX, BIGLER, QUICKSALL, ABERCROMBIE AND BOONE. 2000. Mattox.  Three-ring binder, large volume of pages - no index.  Donated to the Society by Russell Mattox

MATZINGER, DESCENDANTS OF HANS JACOB MATZINGER 2004. Goodwin. Hardcover, 473p., index. Many connections to Clermont County, Ohio with this surname spelled as MOTSINGER Donated to the Society by the author, Sandra Goodwin

McBee, WILDERNESS, OUT OF THE. Janice Mercer. Deals mainly with the McBee Family. About 4000 McBees listed.  Donated by Evelyn Woods McDonald

McCALL, CAPTAIN JOHN 1726 HIS ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS. Hard-cover book, 213 pp, indexed.  Written by Mr. Clare M. McCall. Donated by Mr. McCall.

McCLAVE, DIARIES OF JESSE TAYLOR (1842-1931), -FOR THE PERIOD OF FEB. 20,1863 TO SEPT. 7, 1867. - transcribed by John C. Wright, (1984). McClave, a resident of Loveland area in Clermont Co., wrote of his experiences during and after the Civil War, mentioning many local people he had known. (Donated by John C. Wright.)

MCCLUNG, THE ANCESTRY OF DR. FRANKLIN B. MCCLUNG, C1999. Guilford Hardcover, 760p. index. The author of this volume is the daughter of the late Dr. F. B. McClung, Joan S. Guilford, Ph. D, who traced her father's ancestry from Europe into America. The following Ohio surnames are: LEMAIRE, MCGILLAN, and PEARSON.  A gift to the Society from the author.

McConnaughy, WILLIAM MC CONNAUGHY I ELLEN BERRY, AND DESCENDANTS. - Thelma Elliott. (2nd ed., with supplement.) Presented on microfiche, this genealogy includes a McConnaughy family of Highland Co., Ohio.  The contents are typewritten pages, along with copies of original hand-written records and letters, and photos of people & gravestones. The ancestral charts of Ellen Berry go back to 420 A.D. Several indexes. Donated by the compiler.

MCDONALD, MCDANIEL RECORDS. Presented to the Society by Alma Smith for RN. McDonald.

McELFRESH FAMILY, OUR. 1990. Brannon & Tatum. Soft cover, spiral bound, 98 p., no index. Over 300 years of the McElfresh Family History.

McELFRESH, RICHARD McELFRESH, THE THIRD GENERATION: 1724 - 1808. No date given. Moylan. Soft-cover, 55 p., plus Appendix A-D. Book is about the family's westward migration. Donated to the Society by Charles E. Moylan, Jr.

MCMURCHY, JAMES DIARY - 1864. Binder. Photocopied pages of McMurchy's Diary, which he recorded while a prisoner at Andersonville during the Civil War. James McMurchy was from Bethel, Clermont County, OH.  Pedigree charts and other family information is also included in the binder. Donated by Timothy Lee Crawford.

McNICKOLAS HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK 1980. Hardcover, 136 pp. Published by the students of McNickolas High School, 6536 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45230. Donated by Albert and Dorothy Lenk.

MENNONITES IN EUROPE. 1995. Horsch. Hardcover, 427p.,index. Originally known as the Swiss Brethren, and Anabaptists by their enemies - they later became known as the Mennonites because of one of their leaders in Holland – Menno Simons.  Donated to the Society by Margie Thomas.

MERANDA FAMILY HISTORY - Chart, group sheets and other information. Typed and folder bound. Compiled and donated by Margaret Burgage.

MEYER, GENEALOGY OF THE MEYER FAMILY. Hard-cover book. 131 pages. Written by Henry Meyer, 1890. Printed by Laur & Mattill, Cleveland, Ohio. Donated by Dorothy L. Silcott, Southern Pines N.C., in memory of her sister, Mae Bernice Silcott.

MIAMI VALLEY COUNCIL ON GENEALOGY AND HISTORY, THE - JULY 20, 1989. Three-ring notebook, 388 pp. A copy of the syllabus of the Harvest of History 1987, a Conference For All People. Disbursement Committee: Fred West, Chairman, Phyllis Miller, Joanne Caffrey, Joan Baxter, and Bob Janes. Donated by the Clermont County Public Library, Batavia, OH 45103.


MIGRATING WEST & BACKTRACKING EAST. Finnell & Johnson. Booklet containing migration maps.  Purchased and donated by Doris Wood.

MIGRATION, EMIGRATION, IMMIGRATION -PRINCIPALLY TO THE UNITED STATES AND IN THE UNITED STATES. Soft-cover, 278 pp. Indexed. By Olga K. Miller C1974. Published by The Everton Publishers, Inc., Logan UT. Donated by Mary Evanshine.

MILFORD SCHOOL YEARBOOKS 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923. The yearbooks belonged to the late Herbert E. Williams, Newtonsville, Ohio, who was a 1923 graduate of Milford High School. Donated by Ruth Osterwisch Williams Long.


MILLER FAMILY, THE. Descendants of Thomas Miller (ea 1831), Vincent Grant "Ben" Miller (1861), Hennan Miller (1893) Xeroxed & bound material donated by Aileen M. Whitt.

MILLER - NEWKIRK FAMILY HISTORY AND RELATED FAMILIES. c 1995. Whitt. Hard-cover, 192 p. comprehensive index. Twenty years of research was put into this well-written history. Donated by Aileen Miller Whitt, New Richmond, OH in memory of: Aurelia Cook, Richard Donaldson and Virginia Duvall.

MILLER, RICHARD BATEMAN MILLER, Ph.D. COLLECTION. Prior to Dr. Miller's death on Oct. 21, 1986, he designated the Clermont County Genealogical Society as one of three places to receive his lifelong research material. The material that CCGS received has been processed and is now part of the Society's Inactive Collection.

MILLS, HISTORY OF THE SIMON MILLS FAMILY - BOOK II. C 1982. Hard-cover, 495 pp. Indexed. Contains the 8th & 9th generations. Compiled and donated by the late Katie R Mills and nephew Ralph E. Mills.


MISSOURI, EARLY SETTLERS OF AS TAKEN FROM LAND CLAIMS IN THE MISSOURI TERRITORY American State Papers, ed. by Walter Lowrie, (1834, reprinted in 1986). This valuable source of information provides dates, descriptions of settlement conditions and problems, the size and location of each land claim, and some data on the claimant and his family. A complete index is added.

MISSOURI GENEALOGICAL RECORDS & ABSTRACTS, VOL. I: 1766-1839 - by Sherida K. Eddlemon, 1990.  A substitute for the non-existing early censuses, the volume is a collection of a variety of early records, covering 34 counties and the State as a whole. Index provided.

MISSOURI GENEALOGICAL RECORDS & ABSTRACTS, Vol. 2: 1752-1839. - Sherida K. Eddlemon, 1990.  This wide variety of genealogical records should be helpful in tracing early Missouri residents. (We already have Vol. 1.) Surname index.

MISSOURI MARRIAGES BEFORE 1840. 1986. By Susan Ormesher. Hardcover, 317 p., index by Robert and Catherine Barnes. Published by The Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Donated by Patricia Donaldson.

MOCKBEE FAMILY ROOTS IN MARYLAND, KENTUCKY, OHIO AND THEIR DESCENDANTS, THE.  1988. Hardcover, 555 p. index. Written and donated by Shirley June Mockabee Ames.

MOCKBEE IT'S GREAT TO BE A. Indexed. Compiled by Shirley Ames.

MONOCACY AND CATOCTIN VOLUME I. c 1985. Schildknecht, Editor. Hardcover, 465 p., index. Some early settlers of Frederick and Carroll Counties, MD and Adams County, PA, also Descendants c. 1725-1985.

MONOCACY AND CATOCTIN VOLUME II. c 1989. Schildknecht, Editor. Hardcover, 684 p., index. Some settlers of Western Maryland and adjacent Pennsylvania and their descendants 1725-1988.

MOORE FAMILY, HISTORY OF THE. By Donald R. Steelman. Three-ring notebook, 157 p. index. Mr. Steelman started researching in 1954 and continued for many years. The material covers some of the family in Scotland & Ireland and their life in America. Some of the Moore family settled in Clermont County, Ohio and the surrounding area. Donated to CCGS by The Clermont County Historical Society. Mr. Clifford Hughes, who is a member of both Societies, made the presentation.

MORFORD HISTORIAN THE . Introductory issue of a quarterly news letter devoted to Morford Family. Mrs. Harold L. Adams.

MORRIS-BEHYMER CONNECTION, A WALK IN THE PAST:. 2002 Iorio and Hazelwood. Spiral Bound, numbered with indice. A large volume family history with text and photos. Donated to the Society by Sharon Iorio, and Shirley Hazelwood

MORRIS THOMAS, LIFE OF. Edited by son B.F. Morris, 1856. Donated by Clare Holthaus.

MORRIS, THE LIFE OF THOMAS: PIONEER AND LONG A LEGISLATOR OF OHIO AND U.S. SENATOR FROM 1833 TO 1839. Hardcover, 408 p. Edited by B. F. Morris, son of Thomas Morris. Donated by Grace Brothers.

MOSS FAMILY, ONE 1613 - 1993.1994 Griffith. Hardcover, 74 p., Index. From the outskirts of London, England to Virginia, Kentucky, and beyond. Donated by Dorothy Moss Loving.

MT. ORAB NO. 291 & WHITE OAK NO. 292 LO.O.F. LODGE 100m ANNIVERSARY 1855-1955. Paper program booklet for July 17, 1955 anniversary celebration. Booklet has brief history of these Brown County, Ohio Lodges. Donated by Mrs. Russell Fisher.

MYRES, ETTA CAROLINE KING MYRES. Folder-bound pedigree charts and family group sheets, which included information on families: KING, MYRES, VINCENT, THOMAS, WADKINS/WATKINS, RAMSEY, BOYD BERRY, JARVIS, COOPER, MADDEN, ROSE, MASTERS, MCSPEDDON, SAVAGE, MCCLENAN.  Donated by Mrs. John M. Myres.


NAPIER FAMILY A SHORT HISTORY OF THE. Compiled by Malvery Roberts Begley and Linda Sible. 1980. 16 pages. No Index. Has related family SIZEMORE.

NAPIER FAMILY, A SHORT HISTORY OF THE. Typed. Folder-bound. Compiled by Malvery Roberts Begley, and Linda Sibley.

NASH - BECKETT BIBLE RECORD. Folder bound. Contains photocopied pages of the Bible Record plus other items concerning some of the people in the record. Donated by Cliff Hughes.

NATIONAL DAR LIBRARY CATALOG, VOL. I: FAMILY HISTORIES AND, GENEALOGIES, 1982. A rearrangement of the books in the Washington, D.C., library prompted this new publication. 3 sections: family books, author index, surname index. A valuable reference for researchers. Donated by local C.C.G.S. members, Howard and Helen Miller.

NATIONAL ROAD, THE - IN SONG AND STORY. c1940. Compiled by the WPA, State of Ohio. Softcover booklet, 48p. This booklet marked the centennial of the completion of the "Old Pike or National Road". Both items were Christmas Gifts to the Society from Helen Johnson.

NATIONAL DAR: LOCATED GRAVES OF SOLDIERS AND PATRIOTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION; (reported 1974-1977). Arranged in annual listings, by States, the graves of veterans are enumerated by name of each individual, giving dates of birth & death, cemetery, and military service. Donated by Howard and Helen Miller.

NEABEL, FAMILY TREE THE - THE NEABEL GENERATION 1943. Three-ring notebook, 60 pp. Original by Ray Erion.  Includes information on the families of ERION, METZGER, TROUTMAN- JOHN, TROUTMAN-PETER, MANN, HENRY, and BROTHERS plus the surnames of their descendants prior to 1943. Recopied from the original on March 10, 1989 and donated by Jane Rea Brothers White.

NEEDHAM AND SPRAGUE FAMILIES IN CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio. 1997. Curtis. Three-ring binder.  Large volume of ancestor charts, family group sheets and other typed information regarding these families.  Donated to the Society by Patricia Maley Curtis, Bull Shoals, AR NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. Schweitzer.

NESBIT FAMILY INFORMATION. Taken from a genealogy of the NESBIT, ROSS, PORTER, TAGGART FAMILIES - PENNSYL VANIA, by Blanche T. Hartman. Folder-bound, photocopied pages from the original at the Chester County, PA Historical Society.

NEW ENGLAND, GENEALOGICAL REGISTER OF THE FIRST SETTLERS OF. 1998 Reprint. Originally published: Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1829. Farmer. Additions and corrections by Samuel G.Drake. Hardcover, 355p., alpha order. Purchased by the Society.

NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER THE. Softcover quarterly. Copyrighted.  Published by The New England Historical and Genealogical Register.  Donated by Doris Wood.

NEW ENGLAND, FIRST SETTLERS OF, A GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF FOUR VOLUMES. Clothcover, 2,541 pp total, indexed. 1986. Published by and purchased from the Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD.

NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER, THE.  (A quarterly). Vol. 151, OCT 1997 #604 thru Vol. 154. IAN 2000, #613. (OCT 1999 missing). Donated to the Society by Ruth Nester

NEW ENGLAND, IMMIGRANTS TO NEW ENGLAND 1620-1633, THE GREAT MIGRATION BEGINS" Vol. 1, A-F. c 1995.  Anderson. Hardcover, pages 1-717. This book consists of sketches of more than nine hundred families or unattached individuals who came to New England before the end of 1633. Purchased by the Society.

NEW ENGLAND, IMMIGRANTS TO NEW ENGLAND 1620-1633, THE GREAT MIGRATION BEGINS, Vol. II G-O. c 1995.  Anderson. Hardcover, pages 719 - 1,363. Purchased by the Society.

NEW ENGLAND, IMMIGRANTS TO NEW ENGLAND 1620-1633, THE GREAT MIGRATION BEGINS, Vol. III P-W. c 1995.  Anderson. Hardcover, pages 1,365 - 2,386. Purchased by the Society.


NEW JERSEY, ABSTRACTS OF ESSEX COUNTY, PARTITIONS AND DIVISIONS OF ESTATES, 17931881, RECORDED AT NEWARK, N.J. - Brown. Abstracts similar to the above, but with the addition of accompanying maps & drawings. Name index.

NEW JERSEY, BERGEN COUNTY, TAXPAYERS, 1777-1797. Arranged in an over-all alphabetical listing are 31,000 entries of taxpayers. Each line provides: name of person, township, tax year. This county (in NE comer of N.J.) and its neighbors were origins of early Ohio settlers.

NEW JERSEY BIOGRAPHICAL AND GENEALOGICAL NOTES. - William Nelson, 1916. The volume contains valuable info. (arranged by surname) from the N.J. Archives, with additions and supplements by Nelson.  Index.


NEW JERSEY GENESIS, THE. Quarterly newsletter which contains genealogical and historical data of Early New Jersey. Large 3-ring notebook contains newsletters from October, 1957 through January, 1964. Donated by Alma Aicholtz Smith.

NEW JERSEY, GUIDE TO FAMILY HISTORY SOURCES IN THE STATE ARCHIVES - by B. Barker, D. Jones, & K. Niederer, 1987. This helpful guide describes genealogical records, 1675-1925, on file in the State Archives at the State Library Bldg., Trenton, N.J. Also: advise on obtaining information and where else to search.

NEW JERSEY, HEIRS TO ESTATES, MIDDLESEX COUNTY 1780-1870 -Brown. Abstracts of partitions of properties, listing the heirs to the deceased. Many of the surnames are those who settled in Clermont and Hamilton Counties in Ohio. Name index.

NEW JERSEY IN 1793. James S. Norton 1973. An abstract and index to the 1793 Militia Census, State of New Jersey.

NEW JERSEY, INDEX TO HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF. Soft-cover, small. Library of Congress Card Number 86-70164. Indexed in 1986 by Barbara Hankins Martin. Donated by Mrs. Edith Jackson Hankins.

NEW JERSEY, OFFICIAL REGISTER OF THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF NEW JERSEY IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR. Stryker. (2 Vol's.) Continental troops, state troops, and militia (listed by county); also express riders, men in the naval service, etc. Surname index.

NEW JERSEY, OLD SUSSEX COUNTY (N.J.) FAMILIES - Stickney. Family histories with genealogical data and sketches of homes. --A wealth of information on some families that later came to SW Ohio. Name index.

NEW JERSEY, RECORDS OF THE TOWN OF NEWARK" (1666-1836) -N.J. Hist. Society. Complete records of the Town Meetings. Names of residents include many who are familiar to us in Ohio: Crane, Peirson, Ward, Harrison, Kitchell, Riggs, Morris, etc. Index.

NEW JERSEY, UNDER 4 FLAGS. Ralph K. Turp. Donated.

NEW LEAVES ON OLD BRANCHES - A SUPPLEMENT TO LEAVES FROM THE TREE. 1997. Hutchinson. Binder, 62p., no index. Much additional information relating to the Hutchinson, Paxton, and Roosa Families that were previously donated by Jack Hutchinson. Donated to the Society by Jack Hutchinson.

NEW LOYALIST INDEX, THE - Bunnell. Many American colonists, who were sympathizers with Britain during the Rev. War, were forced to move from their homes to other places. This alpha. listing of Loyalists gives us name, source, personal info. if any, residence, where moved, military info. if any. Index to persons within the texts. An important source.


NEW YORK, 10,000 VITAL RECORDS OF WESTERN 1809-50;...OF CENTRAL NEW YORK, 1813-50;...OF EASTERN NEW YORK, 1777-1834. F.Q. Bowman. Names in marriages and death notices, from newspapers.  Some events were in distant locations. Complete index in each volume.




NEW YORK, GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES IN THE NEW YORK METROPOLITAN AREA - edited by Estell M. Guzik, 1989. Local government. offices, libraries, and the National Archives branch are described, for N.Y.C. and northern N.J., --with valuable information on Jewish sources. Arranged according to boroughs and counties.  Application forms for vital records.

NEW YORK IN 1800. Edited by Phillip McMullin 1971. (Index to the Federal Census of State of New York with other aids to research.

NEW YORK LAND TRANSACTIONS, WESTERN 1804-1824. K.E. Livsey. Index of first purchasers in the area west of Rochester: names, dates, locations, type of record, and ref. in documents. Complete name index.

NEW YORK "N" SOUNDEX 1900 - N 000 THRU N 150 LULO. A Microfilm Publication. The National Archives of The United States. Donated by Orville and Ruth Jones.

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, PROBATE RECORDS, (Vol. 1). G. Anjou. Abstracts of wills, administration records, and inventories, (1663-1829), translated from the Dutch;--plus valuable genealogical and historical notes.  Complete index.

NEW YORK, ULSTER COUNTY, PROBATE RECORDS. - Anjou. (Vol. II). Valuable abstracts of 40 records of Dutch and English families, many members of whom came to southwestern Ohio. Name index.

NEWCOMB, THE DESCENDANTS OF JOSEPH AND ESTHER DUDLEY. C 1995. Justesen. Hard-cover, 357 p., index. This book has a listing of3,176 descendants for nine generations covering the years 1765 - 1994. We are unsure who donated this book to the Society; possibly the author, Elaine Justesen.

NEWSPAPER, WEEKLY RECORDER, CHILLICOTHE, OH. April 24, 1818 - December 27, 1820. One microfilm roll. Index by headlines, etc. at end of volumes. Readex Microprint Corp. New Canan, Ct. Given to the Society by American Antiquarian Society for privilege of copying our WESTERN AMERICAN NEWSPAPER.

NEWSPAPER, WEEKLY RECORDER, CHILLICOTHE, OH.  July 5,1814 - Apri117, 1818. One microfilm roll. Index by headlines, etc. at end of volumes. Readex Microprint Corp. New Canan, Ct. Given to the Society by American Antiquarian Society for privilege of copying our WESTERN AMERICAN NEWSPAPER

NEWSPAPERS, EARLY AMERICAN ON 35 MM MICROFILM CATALOG. Soft-<:over 40 pp., with alpha and chronological index. Based on history and bibliography of American Newspapers 1690- 1820, with selected newspapers carried past 1820. Published by Readex. Donated by Al and Dot Lenk.

NEWSPAPERS, PIONEER Ohio 1793-1810. Hard-cover book. 383 pages. Indexed. Karen Mauer Green.  Abstracted from: The Centinel of NW Territory, Nov. 1793- June 1796. Freeman's Journal, July 1796- Oct. 1799.  The Western Spy & Hamilton Gazette, May 1799 - Dec 1810. Freeman's Journal & Chillicothe Advertiser, Oct. 1800 - Dec 1810. Published by Frontier Press, Galveston, TX. Purchased by The Society.

NEWSPAPERS, Weekly Recorder, Chillicothe, OH. 05 Jul1814 thru 27 Dec 1820. Microfilm Roll.

NEWSPAPERS, GUIDE TO Ohio 1793-1973. - Gutgesell. Some 3,500 Ohio newspapers are listed here, with the spans of years they were published, the dates of existing issues, and their present library locations.

NEWSPAPERS, WESTERN AMERICAN, Williamsburg, OH 29 Jul 1814 thru 07 Sep 1816 with index.  Microfilm Roll.

NICHOLS, OUR FAMILY TREE. c.1994. Soft-cover, 191 p., no index. Large volume of family information; photocopied photos, documents etc. Compiled and donated by Kathleen Lipsmeyer Nichols.

NIXON-ELLISON GENEALOGY. Hard-cover book. 203 pages. Indexed. Privately printed 1970 in Cincinnati for the author Robert H. Nixon, Cincinnati, Ohio. Donated by Jerry and Cheryl Lee.

NO BETTER PLACE TO DIE - THE BATTLE OF STONES RIVER 1990. Peter Cozzens. Soft-cover, 291 p. subject index.

NORRIS FAMILY THE. A large volume of NORRIS Family information, typed, folder-bound. Copied and donated by Rita Alma Dormey Norris.

NORTH AND SOUTH CAROLINA MARRIAGE RECORDS. 2002 Reprint (C.1927). Clemens. Hardcover, 295p., alpha order. From the earliest colonial days to the Civil War. Purchased by the Society.





NORTH CAROLINA, AN ABSTRACT OF WILLS, (1760-1800) - Olds. Although many early Wills have been lost, this volume lists those still available. Arranged by county, and then by surnames, probate date, name of deceased, heirs. No index.

North Carolina, Guide to Research Materials in the State Archives. Section B:  County Records. Seventh Rev., Edition. Printed by the Cultural Resources Div., of Archives and History Archives and Records Section. Printed 1979.  Donated to the Society by Jan Jones

NORTHERN KENTUCKY AND SOUTHWESTERN OHIO-MEMORIES OF CATHERINE LEGNER SEIFERT 1902-1986. C.2003. Kaiser and Berger. Hardcover,41 p., plus additional pages of endnotes and photos.  Mrs. Seifert was born in Newport KY. Her family moved to Clermont County, OH when she was young.  Donated by Mary Kaiser

NORWOOD - Her Homes and Her People. 1894. Ren Mulford, Jr. & Werter G. Betty. Reprint. Donated by Jean McClanahan.