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PAGES OF PAGES AND FARSONS & MASSLICHS. c 1992. Wy1d. Soft-cover, 103 pp., index. PAGE family connections in Clermont and other southern Ohio Counties. Compiled and donated by Elizabeth Masslich Wyld.

PALATINE EMIGRANTS, EARLY EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. Walter Allen Knittle. Donated by Bernice Silcott.

PALLATINES TO AMERICA - THE ANCESTOR CHART PROJECT, VOLUME 2 SPECIAL PUBLICATION NUMBER 4. Soft-cover, 154 pp. C 1982. Published by Pallatines To America, Camp Hill, PA. Donated by Margie Thomas.

PAPER PRESERVATION - Dewayne Lener, (1988). This practical guide, with illustrations, teaches us what to do to preserve documents, letters & postcards, newspaper clippings, maps, old Bibles, and other treasures. It also covers the subjects of paper cleaning, photocopying, inks, humidification, de-acidification, paper repair, transparent protective enclosures, lamination, mounting methods, storage, etc.

PARK, PARKE, PARKS FAMILY MATERIAL. This is a collection of material the donor has accumulated over the years while researching his own PARKS Family. The material in this collection has no relationship to the donor's PARKS Family. Donated 1985 by Mr. R. W. Stiles.

PARK, THE PARK/E FAMILY ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF HELEN J. PARK KING. (No date given). Compiled by daughters of the late Mrs. King; Velma Osborne, Virginia Rusk and Georgia Holland. Softcover, spiral-bound 72p., index.  Surnames also included: JENKINS, VAUGHN, WRIGHT, WILLIAMS, WEST, BUCHANAN and STILL. George Edwin King and Helen Josephine Park were married in Batavia, Clermont, OH in 1922.  Donated to the Society by Georgia Holland

PARKER FAMILY GROUP SHEET EXCHANGE 1983 - 1988. Three-ring notebook, 138 pp. Information from Yates Publishing, P.O. Box 639, Ozark, MO 65721. Donated by Mrs. Karen Rodenkirchen.

PARRISH FAMILY, THE. 1935 (reprint 1988). Boyd. Hard-cover, 413 pp., index. Includes the allied families of BELT, BOYD, COLE AND MALONE, CLOKEY, GARRETT, MERRYMAN, PARSONS, PRICE, AND TIPTON. Donated by E.L. McClelland.

PASSENGER AND IMMIGRATION LISTS INDEX. Editor, P. William Filby with Mary K. Meyer. Hard-cover volumes, page numbers are consecutive. Vol 1, A-G. Vol. 2, H-N. Vol. 3, O-Z. Cumulated supplements; Vol. 1, A-E. Vol. 2, F-K. Vol. 3, L-R. Vol. 4, S-Z. Published by Gale Research, Detroit, MI. Purchased by the Society.

PASSENGER AND IMMIGRATION LISTS INDEX - 1990 SUPPLEMENT - edited by P. William Filby, with Dorothy M. Lower. This new addition to our present series supplies many more thousands of names of U.S. immigrants to the already gigantic list which has been compiled from published sources.

PASSENGER AND IMMIGRATION LISTS INDEX - 1986 SUPPLEMENT. Filby. Hard-cover, 686 pp. Indexed.  Purchased by the Society.

PATRIOT, DAR INDEX. Vol. I & II. Includes supplements.

PATTISON FAMILY. Large volume of material; typed information and charts on this distinguished family of Clermont County. Presented to CCGS for her cousins, Helen Roudebush Lonsdale and Jane Roudebush Bourne, by Ida Roudebush Kennard.

PATTISON AND ALLIED FAMILIES. Folder-bound charts back fifteen generations to 1440. Includes predecessor charts for John Norwood Pattison and for his son, George Edgar Pattison, Prosecuting Attorney of Clermont County, Ohio predecessor and descendants chart. Donated by George Edgar Pattison.

PEAK-DODGE FAMILY IDSTORY. Three-ring notebook, 185 p. index. Contains typed family information plus photos. Some information on HULSE and McKINNEY. Compiled and donated by Marjorie Gladys Aslett Savala.

PELL, JOHN AND NANCY HARRISON PELL OF F AIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, THE IDSTORY AND DESCENDANTS OF. 1989. Edna S. Pell and Genevieve Sewell. Soft-cover spiral book, 271 p. index. John Pell served two years in the Rev. War. He died in Virginia in 1810. In 1816, his widow, Nancy Harrison Pell, and sons & daughters moved to Lewis Co., KY where two of Nancy's brothers, John & Thomas Harrison, had settled earlier.  Nancy died sometime after 1851 and is buried in Lewis Co., KY. Donated by Genevieve and Oliver Sewell.

PENN, GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE FAMILIES OF STACY PENN AND MARY MIDDLETON, A. Soft-cover notebook, 107 pp. Indexed. Contains photocopies of family photographs and documents, plus many typed pages of information. Compiled in the summer of 1986 by Stacy and Mary Middleton Penn's great grandson, Jon Herman Penn. Donated by John Herman Penn.


PENNSYLVANIA, 1843 HISTORY OF BUCKS COUNTY, (reprint). Small, soft-cover booklet that accompanied the reprint of the 1887 edition of the History of Bucks, County PA.

PENNSYLVANIA, ABSTRACTS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, WILLBOOKS 1-5 (1776-1841). C 1995.  Clossen. Hardcover, 769 p., index. Purchased by the Society.

PENNSYLVANIA, INDEX TO ALLEGHENY CO., WILLS, 1789-1869 - Closson. Name, probate date, reference. Includes 33 men who died intestate.

PENNSYLVANIA AND ADJACENT TERRITORY, GENEALOGICAL DATA RELATING TO THE GERMAN SETTLERS OF. (From advertisement on German newspapers published in Philadelphia and Germantown, 17431800. Hardcover book. 242 pages. Indexed. Edward Hodker. Indexed by Thoms L. Holoowak. The Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. Purchased and donated by Margie Thomas.

PENNSYLVANIA AND OHIO, THE FAMILY OF HENRY ZIMMERMAN OF. Soft-cover. 533 pages. Index of names entering the family by marriage. Written, published and donated by Leo H. Garman.

PENNSYLVANIA, BERKS COUNTY, AREA KEY. Soft-cover booklet, 55 pp. Second edition by Florence Clift, Compiler. C 1976. Published by Area Keys. Donated by Mary Evenshine.

PENNSYLVANIA, BERKS COUNTY, BIRTHS 1710 - 1780. C 1997. Humphrey. Hard-cover, 393 p., alpha order.  Purchased by the Society.

PENNSYLVANIA, BERKS COUNTY, BIRTHS 1781 - 1800. C 1998. Humphrey. Hard-cover, 382 p., alpha order.  Purchased by the Society.

PENNSYLVANIA BIRTHS, EARLY 1675 - 1875. Reprint 1983. Fisher. Hard-cover, 107 p., index. This book originally published in 1947. Mainly church and cemetery records. Purchased by the Society.

PENNSYLVANIA CRADLE OF A NATION. C 1997. The National Genealogical Society. Soft-cover, 488 p. The program syllabus for the National Genealogical Society 1997 conference in the States, which was held 7 - 10 May 1997 in Valley Forge, PA. Donated to the Society by Debbie Geesner.

PENNSYLVANIA DECLARATIONS AND NATURALIZATIONS BUCKS COUNTY, 1802-1906. Soft-cover,65 pp. , alphabetical. Compiled by Frances Wise Waite and Terry A. McNealy. Published by Bucks County Genealogical Society. Doylestown, PA. 1985. Purchased by The Society.

PENNSYLVANIA, EARLY BIRTHS 1675-1875. Soft-cover book. 107 pages. Alpha., arranged. Compiled by Dr. Charles A. Fisher, F.I.A.G., historian and genealogists, Selinsgrove, PA. Originally published in 1947. Reprinted by The Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1975, 1977, 1979, 1983. Purchased by The Society.


PENNSYLVANIA, FAYETTE CO., INDEX TO WILLS, 1783-1900 - Closson. Name, probate date, reference.

PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. c 1986. Schweitzer. Soft cover, 227 p. Contents: Pennsylvania Background. Types of Records. Records locations. Research procedure and county listings. Purchased by the Society.

PENNSYLVANIA, GENEALOGIES OF PENNSYLVANIA FAMILIES. Three volumes. Genealogical Pub. Co. Purchased by the Clermont County Public Library.

PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEERS. Strassburger & Rinke. 2 vol's. Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Listed by ship, we have people's names, ages (often), port of embarkation place of origin (often), captain. Indexes: Passengers, captains, officials & merchants, ships, ports; lists of German Christian names & meanings.

PENNSYLVANIA, GREEN CO., INDEX TO WILLS, 1796-1900 - Closson. Name (alpha. order), probate date, reference. A separate listing of the deceased, with their dates of death. Township map of county.

PENNSYLVANIA, GUIDE TO THE GENEALOGICAL SOURCES AT THE STATE ARCHIVES - by Robert M. Dructor, 1988. This is a description of the various historical collections of records and manuscripts at the archives in Harrisburg, Pa. Advice on how to gain access to them.

PENNSYLVANIA, GUIDE TO THE PUBLISHED ARCHIVES OF - by Henry H. Eddy and Martha L. Simonetti; 1976, 2nd printing. The set of 138 books at the Cincinnati Public Library has a wealth of information from early Pa. journals, diaries, maps, military records, church records, probate records, voters' lists, etc.

PENNSYLVANIA, HISTORY OF BUCKS COUNTY,. Hard-cover book. 1,278 pages. Indexed. Reprint of 1887 edition, with a new index. Published for the Pennsylvania Reprint Society and the Southwest Pennsylvania Genealogical Services, Laughlinton, PA. The Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartan burg, SC. 1985. Purchased by The Society.


PENNSYLVANIA LINE. A Research Guide to Pennsylvania Genealogy and Local History. Donated by Howard Miller.


PENNSYLVANIA MENNONITE HERITAGE. An interesting periodical to add to our church books; pub. Jan. 1983. Donated by Dorothy Steel, CCGS member.

PENNSYLVANIA MENNONITE HERITAGE & MENNONITE FAMILY HISTORY OUARTERLIES JULY 1983 - JANUARY 1986. The focus of the quarterlies is on the historical background, religious thought and expression, culture, and genealogy of Mel1l1onite- related groups originating in Pennsylvania. Donated to the Society by Adele Blanton

PENNSYLVANIA, THE PEOPLE AND TIMES OF WESTERN. Publication #5. Soft-cover, spiral bound, 204 pp., indexed. By Clara E. Duer, 1985. Purchased by the Society from Western Pennsylvania Gen., Society, Pittsburgh, P A.

PENNSYLVANIA, WASHINGTON COUNTY,. A reprint of the 1882 History by L. H. Everts & Co. Edited by Boyd Crumrine. Purchased by the Society.

PENNSYLVANIA, WASHINGTON CO., INDEX TO WILLS, 1781-1900 -Closson. Name (alpha. order), probate date, reference.

PENNSYLVANIA, WASHINGTON COUNTY MARRIAGES, 1780-1857 - Closson. In two lists (by bride & groom), these abstracts provide the names & dates, as well as some information on relatives and residence.

PENNSYLVANIA, WAYNE COUNTY, REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS BURIED IN. Published by Wayne Co., PA. Commission, Court House Honesdale, P A. Donated by Mrs Richard Donaldson.

PENNSYLVANIA, WESTMORELAND COUNTY, - PARISH CEMETERIES. Large 3-ring notebook of photocopied material.  Researched and compiled by DAR Chapters. Donor unknown - please advise.

PENNY ANCESTOR CHARTS. Folder-bound, 26 typed ancestor charts. Clermont names: DUNHAMIDONHAM, FERGUSON, JEFFERS, MARTIN, MOREDOCK, REECE/REESE, TRACY, WORTlllNGTON. Donated by Ms. Robin L. Malernee, Sacramento, CA.

PENSION LISTS, THE OF 1792-1795, WITH OTHER REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION RECORDS. Murtie June Clark. Claims of wounded military men and lists of officers who died or were killed in service. Complete index.

PENSIONS, THE ACT OF 6 APRIL, 1838. THE "LOST" SETTLED ACCOUNTS OF c 1996. Scott. Soft-cover, 374 p., Alpha order. Purchased by the Society

PHOENIX THE PLEDGE MANUAL SIGNA ALPHA EPSLION THE 1962. Hardcover, 264 pp. Index. C 1962. Edited by Joseph W. Walt. Published by the Fraternity. Donated by Albert and Dorothy Lenk.

PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR HERITAGE - Wilma S. Shull, (1988). Written especially for genealogists, this illustrated little book discusses buying a camera as well as using one; --also, films, filters, and other equipment; the copying of photos; and photographing people, gravestones, and heirlooms.

PIKE, THE OLD - AN ILLUSTRATED NARRATIVE OF THE NATIONAL ROAD. c 1971. Searight. Hardcover, 189 p., index. A Fascinating history of the Pike, which was incorporated with U.S. 40 after WWII.

PILGRIMS, SIXTEEN HUNDRED LINES TO. Lineage Book III, by National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims. Indexed. 1035 pages. Donated by Howard Miller.

PLYLEY FAMILY THE. Ancestors of Raymond Covert Plyley. Compiled by Louise Haupt Plyley.

POCAHONTAS & HER DESCENDANTS. 1887 (REPRINT 1982). Robertson. Hardcover, 84 pp. Book covers through her marriage at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, with John Rolfe, Gentleman. It also includes 38 plus allied families. Donated by Helen & Ed Johnson.

POE . Lineage of Patrick Poe from Philadelphia, PA to Clermont County, Ohio and George Jacob Poe family from Maryland to Eastern Ohio. Includes Adam Poe, Indian fighter. Donated by M/M Walter R McCarley.

POEMS OF CHARLES ROBB. c 1910. Hardcover, 202 p. Edited by M.L. Robb Hutchinson (niece of the author). Published by W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago, IL. Charles Robb was a Clermont County, Ohio poet.  Donated by Grace Brothers. Since the recent donation of this book by Mrs. Brothers, Barb McCarthy has prepared an index for same.

POLLOCK AND APGAR FAMILIES. No year given. Kaye. Three-ring binder. Over 100 pages of handwritten material. Both longtime Clermont County, OH families. Donated by D. Mancini, a friend of the late Mrs. George Kaye

POTTENGER PIONEERS IN OHIO. Folder-bound material. Contains reference to the FAGIN Family of Clermont County, OH. Compiled and donated by Frank R. Steig, Jr.

PRATERS IN WILTSHIRE, 1480-1670 VOL. I. c 1987. Prather. Hardcover, 215 pp, index. Covers the family in England. There are descendants of Prathers (Praters) in several Southern Ohio Counties. Donated by Helen & Ed Johnson.

PRICKETT HISTORY. Matella Prickett Doughman 1944. Some descendants of John & Sarah Robinson Prickett, their son, Josiah and Sarah Van Camp Prickett, their son, Hiram and Jane Carter Prickett. Donated by Mrs. Charles R. DeVoss.

PRICKETT, DESCENDANTS OF HIRAM SR AND JANE CARTER (Served in WW 11917-1920). Compiled by Matella Prickett Doughman. Donated by Jane Harrington.

PURKHISERIPURKISER FAMILY HISTORY. Thirty-three typed pages donated by Mr. Harry R Purkhiser.

PURSLEY FAMILY, THE - MORGAN COUNTY, KY TO CLERMONT CO., OH 1988. Soft-cover, 289 pp, no index. Has many well-known surnames of Clermont County and surrounding counties. A gift of the author and compiler: Phyllis Scott Hull.

QUAKER GENEALOGY INDEX, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN, Hinshaw, Hardcover, 1,155p. Purchased by the society.

QUAKER GENEALOGY, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN VOL. I NORTH CAROLINA. 1994 Reprint.  Hinshaw. Soft cover, 1,185 p., index. Purchased by the Society

QUAKER GENEALOGY, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN VOL II PENNSYLVANIA, NEW JERSEY. 1994 Reprint. Hinshaw. Soft cover, 1,126 p., index. Purchased by the Society.

QUAKER GENEALOGY, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN VOL III NEW YORK. 1991 Reprint. Hinshaw.  Soft cover, 540 p., index. Purchased by the Society.

QUAKER GENEALOGY, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN VOLUMES IV & V OHIO Reprint 1994.  Hinshaw. Large, soft-cover volumes, indexed. They contain marriages, births, deaths, certificate etc., and much collateral information of interest to genealogy, history, biology, and social conditions. Records of all branches are included: Orthodox, Hicksite, Wilbur and Gurney Friends. Purchased by the Society.

QUAKER GENEALOGY. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN VOLUME VI VIRGINIA. 1993 reprint. Hinshaw.  Soft-cover, 1,049 p., index. Records covering monthly and yearly meetings. Also marriage bonds of Bedford and Campbell Counties. Purchased by the Society.

QUAKER MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES: PASQUOTANK, PERQUIMANS, PINEY WOODS, AND SUTIONS CREEK MONTHLY MEETINGS, NORTH CAROLINA, 1677-1800. - compiled by Gwen B. Bjorkman, 1988.  More accurate than the Hinshaw references, these abstracts are a valuable source of genealogical data and may supply info. on some of the Quaker families who came into Ohio. Donated by CCGS member, Howard Miller.

RAILROAD WITH 3 GAUGES THE CINCINNATI, GEORGETOWN & PORTSMOUTH RR AND FELICITY & BETHEL RR. (Also with material on the Inter-urban Railway & Terminal Co., and The Ohio River & Columbus RR). Soft-cover 564 pp., indexed. By David McNeil. Published 1986 by David McNeil, 29 Clark Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45215. Printed by Champion Printing Co., Cincinnati, OH. Purchased by the Society.

RAILROAD INFORMATION: CINCINNATI, GEORGETOWN, & PORTSMOUTH, LITTLE MIAMI & OTHERS. Photocopies of schedules, information about railroads incorporated to operate in Clermont County, Ohio but never built. Donated by Eldon Neff.

RAILWAY, NARROW GUAGE IN OHIO THE CINCINNATI, LEBANON AND NORTHERN. Hard-coverbook, 309 pp. Indexed. By John W,. Hauck. Published by Pruett Publishing Co. Boulder, CO. Purchased by the Society.

RANDALL FAMILY HISTORY. Donated by Dorothy Pray Wilson.

RECENSIO '70. Hard-cover yearbook for the Amelia High School, Amelia, Ohio. Donated by AI & Dorothy Lenk.

RECORDS, FAMILY BIBLE BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. 70 pages. Indexed. Most for Southwest Ohio and Southeast Indiana.

REDBOOK, Third Edition, American State, County, Town Sources. Edited by Alice Eichholz PhD./.C.G. Copyrights 1989, 1992,2004. Purchased by The Society.

REPLOGLE/REPROGLE GENEALOGY, THE . Soft-cover book. 519 pages. Indexed. Published 1984. By News Review Pub., Co., Moscow, ill. Compiled by Edith Madeline Replogle Raymond and Paul Hudson Replogle.  Donated by Edith Madeline Replogle Raymond.

RESEARCHERS GUIDE TO AMERICAN GENELAOGY THE - Val D. Greenwood, (1990, 2nd ed.). This updated volume provides excellent information, both on methods of research and on American sources. It was so highly regarded, in the First Edition, that it was used by many groups as a textbook. (Available for borrowing.)

REVOLUTION 1775-1783 THE WAR OF; MUSTER AND PAYROLLS OF THE. 1996 Reprint. Collections of the New York Historical Society for the years 1914 & 1915. Hardcover, 707 p., index. The rolls are arranged on military lines: artillery, continental regiments, line, and militia of respecting states. Purchased by the Society.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR GENEALOGY. George K. Schweitzer. Small soft-cover book. Donated by Margie Thomas.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR, INDEX OF PENSION APPLICATIONS IN THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES.  Bicentennial Edition. Hard-cover, 658 pp. Indexed. National Genealogical Society, Washington, DC. Purchased by the Society from Heatherstone.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR, LOYALISTS IN THE SOUTHERN CAMPAIGN OF THE; VOLUME III. C 1981.  Clark. Hard-cover, 484 p., index. The Loyalists were the Colonists who supported the British during the Revolutionary War. Donated to the Society by Dewey Harden.

REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOTS, ABSTRACT OF GRAVES OF. C 1987. Four volumes. Hard-covers with alphabetical listings. By Patricia Law Hatcher. Published by Pioneer Heritage Press.


Revolutionary War Veterans Script Act 1852, Genealogical Abstracts By Margie Brown.  Genealogical information abstracted from the records created by the Revolutionary War Script Act of 1852, found in Records Administration in 1781 by Legislative Act. V A yielded all her land Northwest of the OH River. These files covered problem warrants, dual claims, interference, proof of higher military rank, death of the veterans in battle. Lost or misplaced warrants, failure to survey, etc. Includes names of the veteran, their children, grandchildren & often Great Grandchildren.  Abstracts contain some birth, marriage or death dates and places in a particular year. Purchased from Willow Books. Soft cover,



RICHEY FAMILY. A looseleaf booklet containing family information plus a Journal of Events by James Richey (1818-1906). Prepared and donated by Jim Richey.

RIDGWAY - RIDGEWAY FAMILY HISTORY - Lelah Ridgeway Vought, (1973).

RIGGS, BRANCHES OF A RIGGS FAMILY TREE. Includes related names of AYERS, BIDDLE, CHRISTMAN, DEVORE, FAIRHURST, ELLWOOD, LEWIS, SHARROCK, WEST AND WILLIAMS. Soft-cover booklet, 157 pp., indexed. C 1987. Prepared and donated to the Society by William O. Riggs II.

ROBERTSON, DIAL, WEAVER, FOSTER, RAPER, GENEALOGICAL INFORMATION. Large three-ring notebook of computerized pages listing family history information on the above families who were early settlers in Clermont County. Donated by Joyce Dial Ubl.

ROBINSON FAMILY. Donated by Margaret Burbage. Brief look at the Charles Robinsin Family with many descendants in Brown County, Ohio with help of James Burbage Benson and Charles W. Robinson.


ROSS, RAYMOND E. ROSS POSTAL CAREER. Folder-bound photocopied pages of photos, newspaper articles, and other items pertaining to Mr. Ross's career with the Batavia, Ohio office from Nov 24, 1928 until Ju131, 1970.  Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Ross.

ROSSELOT, HENRY ROSSELOT FAMILY HISTORY THE 1988. Soft-cover, 376 pp. Compiled by Carol Marquett Glover and Virginia Cook Marquett. Donated by Carol M. Glover.


Donated by Ida Kennard.

ROWAN FAMILY, RESEARCH FOR IN MIDDLESEX, GLOUCHESTER, SALEM, ESSEX COUNTIES, NEW JERSEY AND CLERMONT COUNTY, OHIO. 1997. Harden. Binder-bound material, index. Donated to the Society by Dewey Harden.

S & D REFLECTOR. March and June, 1991 Vol. 28, Nos. 1 & 2. The quarterly is published by Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen in Marietta, Ohio. These two volumes were donated by Ida Kennard.

SACRIFICE AT CHICKAMAUGA. C. 2003. Weaver & Fenner. Hardcover,  391 p., index. An history of the 89th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Civil War. These men were primarily from four counties: Brown, Clermont, Highland and Ross. Purchased by the Society.

SAILOR, JOSEPH SAILOR FAMILY. - Paul R Orr, 1990. Continuing his research on the Thomas and Mary (Ball) Brown genealogy, Mr. Orr presents here the descendants of their daughter, Rebecca, and her husband, Joseph Sailor. The Roudebush family of Clermont Co. is related. Donated by the compiler.

SALT FAMILY, THE. Compiled genealogy.

SALT AND CROSWELL FAMILIES, 2003. Croswell. Three.-ring binder, 12 pages of handwritten and typed material plus some photos. England and Clermont County, OH. Donated by Edwin G. Croswell

SARAH ANN THE STORY OF A PIONEER WOMAN. C 1997. Gomez. Hard-cover, 160 p., Index. Sarah Ann Elrod McKinley, the subject of this story, was born on July 28, 1823, in the town of Bethel, Tate Township, Clermont Co., Ohio Donated to the Society by the author, Joseph Lawlor Gomez, Prospect, CT. The Society was pleased to have Joseph and his wife, Lillian, as guests at our September 4, 1997 meeting.

SCHOLEY-SCHOOLEY AND ALLIED FAMILIES. - Marie M. Schooley, 1990. This large genealogy is interestingly presented, providing a great amount of information. It includes pictures and a full-name index.  Donated by the compiler.

SCHOOLEY AND ALLIED FAMILIES - Computer print -out information in the Schooley Family of Clermont County, Ohio & many other well-known families. Compiled and donated by Robert E. Schweiger.


SCOTCH - IRISH INFORMATION. Eight copies of published articles that appeared in print in 1985. Articles written by Dr. James F. Bums, professor at University of Florida. Donated by Dr. James F. Bums.  (Dr. Burns grew up in Mt. Washington, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio).

SCOTTISH-AMERICAN HEIRS 1683 - 1883. C 1990. Dobson, Hard-cover, 165 p., index. This book contains over 2,600 links between Scots and their descendants in North America. Donated to the Society by Dewey Harden.

SEARCHER, THE SURNAME 1984 EDITION. Soft-cover. 91 pages plus 27 page roster. Donated by Virginia Crystal.

SEARCHING FOR YOUR ANCESTORS. Fourth, revised edition. Hard-cover, 212 pp., indexed. By Gilbert H. Doan C 1973. Published by Oxford University Press. Donated by Mary Evenshine.

SEWARD AND RELATED FAMILIES INCORPORATING WE REMEMBER. c 1994. Seward. Soft-cover. 316 p. Index. Donated to the Society by George C. Sewald.

SHAW, RUSSELL AND IDS KIN. Three-ring notebook. Contains genealogical and historical information regarding Russell, Peter, Asa, & Anthony Shaw V who migrated west from Rensselaer County, New York to what is now Brown County, Ohio ca 1800. Anthony Shaw I immigrated from England to America in 1648. Donated by Cheryl Grierson Lee, who is a 4th gr. granddaughter of Russell and Johanna Reynolds Shaw, founders of Russelville, Brown County, Ohio.

SHENANDOAH VALLEY PIONEERS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS. - Cartmell. The result of meticulous research work, this book focuses on the histories of nine Virginia counties, and their people. Many biographies; complete name index.

SHERWIN FILES, THE. 1995. Garst. Soft-cover, 259 p., index. Large volume of family history dedicated to Mrs. Garst's late sister, Marguerite. Compiled and donated by Genevieve Sherwin Garst, Fort Collins, CO.

SHOOTS - A GUIDE TO YOUR FAMILY'S PHOTOGRAPIDC HERITAGE. Thomas L. Davies. Soft-cover. 76 pages. Donated by Maxine Fisher.

SHUMARD DESCENDANTS. Soft-cover lineage book. 103 pages. Covers five Shumard Brothers who came to Clermont County, OH between 1797 - 1815. Compiled by Lois Henderson, Spokane, W A. Donated by Aldred B. Coodling.

SIBCY, ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF JOHN NELSON SIBCY WHO CAME TO HAMIL TON COUNTY, OHIO IN THE EARLY 1800's. 1995 Soft-cover, spiral bound, 131 p., index. Compiled and donated by Ruth Wiley Smith.

SIDDALL FAMILY INFORMATION. 1998. Siddal.  Three-ring binder, pages not numbered, no index.  Compiled and donated by Gerald P. Siddall

SIPPLE FAMILY, THE - DEEP ROOTS II - compiled & donated by Edith R. Sipple of New Richmond, Ohio.  This large genealogy contains valuable info. on the Sipples and their Ky. connections. Photos, charts, coats of arms.

Slone, WHAT MY HEART WANTS TO TELL. Soft-cover book (paper back) 140 pages. Indexed. About the Slone Family of the mountains in Kentucky. Vema Mae Slone, 1979. Harper & Row Publishers. Donated by Albert and Dorothy Lenk.

SMITH, BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF THE SMITH-WALKER FAMILY IN MADISON COUNTY Mary Ellen Smith; --also, LINEAGE OF ELBRIDGE LEONIDAS SMITH - Geraldine Smith Lane. Compiled by two sisters, these manuscripts in one volume describe their family members on both sides, including Grandfather E. L. Smith who was born in Clermont Co. in 1837. (Donated by the compilers.)

SMITH, DESCENDANTS OF JOHN, REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER LIVED IN BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO. October, 1989. Soft cover, 179 p., index. John Smith was a brother to Absalom Smith who lived in Clermont County, Ohio. Compiled by Sarah Louise Gillespie Smith and Ruth Wiley Smith. Donated by Ruth Wiley Smith.

SMITH, THE FAMILY TREE OF LESLIE ANN. A large volume of material in a notebook. Some local connections are the Fishers, Hawkins and Lindseys. Compiled and donated by Leslie Ann Smith.

SOLDIERS OF THE GREAT WAR. Three Volumes - World War I soldiers who were killed or died. Donated by Elenore Peak and Nancy Ehas.

SOME TALK ABOUT A COPPER MINE. c 1990. Bogart. Hardcover, 230 p. A history of Bagdad, Arizona.  Bagdad Copper Corp., was the last modern day independent copper mine that maintained its independence for about 90 Years. Author, Robert C. Bogart who was born in New Richmond, OH, rose to the rank of General Manager of the mining corporation. He retired in 1981 after 39 Years of service. Donated by Robert C. Bogart.

SOURCES, RESEARCH - FROM MARYLAND TO INDIANA. Booklet. Contains alpha., listing of persons born in Maryland who migrated westward. Compiled by Vera Mae Ginder Moudy.



SOUTHERN OHIO AND ITS BUILDINGS. Hard-cover book. 440 pages. Indexed. Compiled under direction of The James O. Jones Association. Donated by Myrtle Heid.

SPECIAL LISTS - NUMBER 19 - LIST OF CARTOGRAPHIC RECORDS OF THE GENERAL LAND OFFICE.  Soft-cover book, 202 pp. Indexed. Compiled by Laura E. Kelsay. Ordered through National Archives and Records Service. Purchased by The Society.

SPRAGUE FAMILY OF CLERMONT COUNTY, OHIO AND ALLIED LINES. Folder-bound. Compiled and donated by Ilene Crenshaw.

SPRAGUE, DESCENDANTS OF TRISTRAM SPRAGUE. 1997. Curtis. Three-ring binder, large volume of pedigree charts, partial index. Some other Clermont names: NEEDHAM & SHUMARD. Donated to the Society by Patricia Maley Curtis.

SPRINGER, DESCENDANTS OF DENNIS AND ANN PRICKETT. Notebook containing family information and also Springer & Prickett Newsletters. Prepared and donated by Florence Smith, et al.

SPRINGER GENEALOGY, A.. 1989. Folder-bound material containing information on the origin of the Springer Family, as well as, up-to-date family information. Compiled and donated by Mrs. Florence M. Springer Smith.

ST. CLAIR AND WAYNE TRAILS, THE - Toni T. Seiler, 1989. Tracing the early military routes northward from Fort Washington (Cincinnati), the author takes us, by photos and descriptions, to the various early fort sites as far as Fort Industry on the Maumee River in northwestern Ohio. Emphasis is placed on Greenville and the treaty made there. Some biographical sketches. Donated.

STIERS, MEMOIRS AND FAMILY HISTORY OF ELLEN STIERS CARROLL. Hardcover, 81 plus pp. Index. C 1988.  Ellen is a gr. gr. gr. granddaughter of Jacob Stiers, whose family came to Clermont County ea 1800. Published by Shumway Family History Services, 1308 Cozy Terrace, Anaheim, CA 92806. Written and donated by Mrs. Ellen Stiers Carroll.

STEVENS - DAY GENEALOGY. Folder-bound 16 photocopied typed pages by Richard Carl Stevens, 1 Jan 1954. An history of Eliphalet and Margaret Day Stevens who lived in Hamilton Co. OH and later in Indiana.  Donated by Georgia Boyle.

STOCKADES IN THE WILDERNESS - Scamyhorn & Steinle. Detailed descriptions of the frontier defenses (stations) and settlements of southwestern Ohio, 1788-1795. Well researched; maps, illus. Recommended.

STONE, GREGORY GENEALOGY OF CAMBRIDGE MASS. 1. Gardner Bartlett. Donated by Robert Dole.

STONE UPON STONE - THE HISTORY OF HARTWELL. Soft-cover booklet. 16 pages. This is a condensed history of the community of Hartwell from 1791 - 1982. Hartwell was annexed to Cincinnati November 1912.  Compiled by Peggy Read White in 1982. Donated by Jeanne McClanahan.

STONES RIVER, THE BATTLE OF. 1991. Eastern Acorn Press. Softcover, 55 p. Also includes a map of the Stones River National Battlefield.

STONES RIVER, EYEWITNESSES AT THE BATTLE OF. 1989. David R. Logsdon. Soft-cover 82 p. Index.

STUART/STEWART & BAY MATERIAL. Folder-bound ancestor charts, group sheets and typed family information. 49 pages. Partially indexed. Information on Stuarts, Debruler and Buchanan families of Clermont Co. Ohio. Donated by Nancy Wright Scholz.

SUMTER, THOMAS, THE DRAPER COLLECTION PAPERS CALENDAR SERIES VOL. 5. c 1986.  McDowell. Hardcover, 603 p., index. Purchased by the Society.

SURNAME SEARCHER, THE 1975-76 Edition. Southern California Genealogical Society. Donated by Emily C. Leslie.

SWARTZ FAMILY. Group sheets. Donated by Genevieve Sewell.

SWEARINGENNAN SWEARINGEN AND RELATED FAMILIES. C 1992. Revised 1995. Whyte. Spiral bound, 164p., index. Covers twelve generations. Donated to the Society by Mary Swearingen.

SWEM, JESSE SWEM, THE LEGACY OF - PATRIOT SOLDIER - OHIO PIONEER 1756-1837. 1991. Spiral-bound booklet. Jesse's wife was Mary Lindsey, daughter of Hezekiah Lindsey. Jesse died in Ohio Twp., Clermont County.  Compiled and donated by RC. Franz, Captain, USN in memory of Dr. Lyle Crane Franz, M.D.