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TALIAFERRO FAMILY HISTORY 1635-1899. Compiled by James T. Taliaferro. Photocopied pages in booklet form. Donated by Lois Reinheimer.

Tamerus Family And Their Descendants Volume IV, THE. C.2004. Demaris.  Hardcover, index. A record of Heinrich Thamer from 1449 to present. A gift of the author, Furman A. Demaris IV

TARTAN FOR ME. This booklet has suggested tartans for 6,000 names: Scottish, Irish and North American spellings with complete lists of THE DISTRICT TARTANS. Written by Philip D. Smith, Jr., Ph. D. F. S. A. Scots, donated to the Society by Howard Miller.

TARTAN FOR ME! Expanded 2nd edition. Large soft-cover booklet with alphabetica1listing of surnames with district tartans. C 1984. By Philip D. Smith, Professor of Languages and Linguistics at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Donated by Howard A. Miller.

TEACHERS' MANUAL - Fully indexed, every name and most subjects. Names may appear more than once on each page. Spelling as is. Donated by Myra Erion and Barb McCarthy.

TENNESSEANS IN THE WAR OF 1812. ca 1992. Sistler. Hard-cover, 549 p., alpha order of officers and enlisted men. Purchased by the Society.

TENNESSEE, EARLY EAST TAXPAYERS - Creekmore. An excellent substitute for the missing early censuses of Tennessee, these tax lists (1796-1839) are arranged by county.


TENNESSEE, ROSTER OF SOLDIERS AND PATRIOTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION BURIED IN (DAR, 1979 revision.) Alphabetica1listing of all known veterans who came to Tennessee, their vital dates, military service, and family information. Donated by Howard and Helen Miller.

TENNESSEE SOCIETY OF DAR, ROSTER AND SOLDIERS: THE, 1960-1970. Membership list with veteran ancestor, district & chapter histories, ancestors with genealogical information and military service. Donated by Howard and Helen Miller.

TENNESSEE WILLS AND ADMINISTRATION, INDEX TO 1779-1861 - Sistler. A much-needed addition to our library, this volume lists the name of deceased, probate year, county, location of record.

TENNESSEE'S CONFEDERATE WIDOWS AND THEIR FAMILIES. 1992, Wiefering. Hard-cover, 479 pp, index. Abstracts of 11,190 Confederate Widows Pension Applications. Purchased by the Society.

TERRITORIAL PAPERS OF THE UNITED STATES - compiled by Clarence E. Carter. Vol's. II, III: documents on the Northwest Terr. Vol. IV: on the Southwest Terr., (Tennessee). Donated by Orville Jones. [Vol. I is missing. ]

TEVIS FAMILY, THE. C.2oo3. Bell. Hardcover, 502p.. index. Clermont County connection was Reason Tevis, Jr. Donated to the Society by Alma Linn

TEXAS, THE FIRST CENSUS OF 1829-1836, TO WHICH ARE ADDED TEXAS CITIZENSHIP LISTS, 18211845, AND OTHER EARLY RECORDS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS - by Marion Day Mullins, 1959. Most of these earliest lists of Texas residents provide names, ages, and household groupings, but do not give the place of origin. No index.

THE WESTERN UNDERTAKER, EVANS FUNERAL HOME 1888-1922. Soft-cover book. 118 pp. Indexed.  Published by Southern Ohio Genealogical Society. Purchased by The Society

THE SOURCE - A GUIDEBOOK OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY,. Hard-cover book, 786 pp, indexed. Edited by Arlene Eakle and Johni Cerny. Published by the Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. Purchased by the Society.

THE TREE - A COLLECTION OF POETRY AND PROSE. c 1993. Conover. Soft-cover, 50 pp. The author, Marie Osborne Conover was born in West Woodville, OH. At the age of 17 she began a teaching career which spanned five decades, until her retirement in 1969. During those years, while she and her husband raised nine children and farmed land in southern Ohio, she also managed to nurture her own education and to produce a rich collection of poetry and prose. Marie, at age ninety, from her home in Milford, OH continues to write. Donated by Delbert and Evelyn Martin.

THE LIBRARY -- A GUIDE TO THE L.D.S. FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY - Cerny & Elliott. Arranged by U.S. regions & by foreign countries, the genealogical data for each is in categories according to types of records & resources. If you are a user of records in the local Mormon Library, or if you plan to travel to Utah to search in the main library, this large detailed volume will be a valuable aid.

THE COLONIAL CLERGY OF THE MIDDLE COLONIES. Hard-cover, 184 pp., alphabetical order. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, MD 1978. Purchased by the Society from Heatherstone.

THEY CAME IN SHIPS. C.1993. Colletta. Soft-cover, 93p. A guide to finding your immigrant ancestor's arrival record. Purchased by the Society.

THIS IS HIS LIFE. c1957. Softcover, 92 p. By George P. Medary, Williamsburg, OH. Published by The Whitaker Letter Shop, Bethel, OH 45106. Donated by Grace Brothers.

TITUS FAMILY, THE in America. George William Hulick. 1934.

TRANSLATION, FOLLOWING THE PAPER TRAIL; A MULTILINGUAL GUIDE. C 1994. Shea & Hoffman.  Hardcover, 241 p. The purpose of this work is to show researchers actual documents in not one but thirteen European languages, and to guide them through the process of unlocking the information held in those pieces of paper. Purchased by the Society.

TREMPER AND JEFFRIES FAMILIES, A HISTORY OF THE. Soft cover booklet, containing charts and other family information by Richard Hayman Tremper with a supplement to same by Allan Jeffries Tremper in 1971.  Donated by Phyllis Jeffries Kelling.

TREMPER AND JEFFRIES FAMILIES, A HISTORY OF THE - by Richard Hayman Tremper, with a Supplement by Allan Jeffries Tremper, 1971. A well-organized genealogy of the Tremper family of N.Y.S. and Ohio. --Daniel Tremper came to our area in 1812 and eventually settled at New Richmond, Clermont Co.  Interesting family stories. Donated by Phyllis Kelling.

TUMBLESON GENEALOGY. 1986. Folder-bound typed information plus family group sheets. Compiled and donated by Marion Tumbleson.

TWELVE FAMILIES-AN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. William F. O'Dell. Hard-cover. Index. Contains Clermont County families, RILEY, SWING, AND ELISBERRY. Donated by the author.

TWENTY CENSUSES - POPULATION AND HOUSING QUESTIONS 1790 - 1980. Softcover, 91 p. October, 1979. U.S. Census Bureau. Reprinted by Heritage Quest, P.O. Box 40, Orting, WA 98360. Donated by Doris Wood.

UNDERGROUND RAILROAD'S BUSIEST ROUTE, THE. C.2004. Paul Young. Softcover, Spiral bound, 195p., no index. The author made and used copies of at least 10,000 items for this book. The focus was on Southern Ohio towns of: Sardinia, Red Oak, Martinsville, and Greenfield. Donated to the Society by Mr. Young's published works contact person: B. K. Braun

U.S. MILITARY RECORDS - A GUIDE TO FEDERAL & STATE RESOURCES, COLONIAL AMERICA TO THE PRESENT. c1994. Naegles. Hardcover, 441p., index. Describes records that are available and where they can be found. Purchased by the Society.

UTAH, Handy Index To The Holdings of The Genealogical Society of. Mary J. Brown, A. G.. Published by Everton Publishers, Inc., 1971.  Donated to the Society by Jan Jones

VAN EATON & ALLIED FAMILIES. Steven E. Coulter. 1974. Donated by Mr.S RR Hunt.

VAN WINKLE FAMILY GENEALOGY OF - 1630-1913 plus up-dates. Donated by Robert Gieber.

VAS YOU EVER IN ZINZINNATI? C. 1966. Hard-cover, 2987 pp. Indexed by Dick Perry. Published by Doubleday & Co., Inc. Garden City, NY. Donated by Al & Dot Lenk.

VEATCH ELLIS, JAMES & MARY - THEIR SONS & OTHER DESCENDANTS. Hard-cover book. 703 pages.  Indexed. Compiled by Ann-Jannette Emerson. 1985. Purchased by Jeanne McClanahan and donated to the Society in memory of her husband Roland N. McClanahan, g g g g grandson of James & Mary Veatch Ellis.




VIRGINIA, ACCOMACK COUNTY, COURT ORDER ABSTRACTS 1697 - 1703 VOLUME 9. C.1999. McKey.  Soft-cover, 184p.,index. This book begins with the court session held December, 1697, and concludes with May 1703. Purchased by the Society.

VIRGINIA, ACCOMACK COUNTY, COURT ORDER ABSTRACTS 1703 - 1710 VOLUME 10. C.2000. McKey.  Soft-cover, 269p.;index. This book begins with the court session held June, 1703 and concludes with March 1710.  Purchased by the Society.

VIRGINIA CENSUS - 1790. Hardcover, 189 pp. Indexed. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, MD.  Donated by Mary Evanshine.

VIRGINIA, CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH - IRISH SETTLEMENT IN. Three volumes. Hard-cover, indexed.  By Lyman Chalkley. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. Purchased by the Society.

VIRGINIA COURT RECORDS IN SOUTHWESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. 1995 Reprint. Crumrine. Softcover, 542 p., index. Purchase by the Society.

VIRGINIA FAMILIES GENEALOGIES OF . 14 Volumes. All large hard-cover books. Indexed. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. 1981-1982. Purchased by The Society.

VIRGINIA GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. George K. Schweitzer. Small soft-cover book. Donated by Margie Thomas.

VIRGINIA, GERMAN NEW RIVER SETTLEMENT:. Rev. Ulysses S. A. Heavener,. Indexed; Genealogical Publishing Co. 1981. Donated by Mary Evanshine.

VIRGINIA, GILES COUNTY CENSUS 1850. Soft-cover, 170 pp. Indexed. Prepared by Ruth G. Blevins - Giles County Historical Society. Published by the Giles County Historical Society. 1986. Donated by Doris Wood.

VIRGINIA, HISTORICAL RECORDS OF OLD FREDERICK AND HAMPSHIRE COUNTIES,. c 1988. Kerns.  Soft-cover, 350 pp, index. A collection of several types of records, including church, business. Donated by Helen & Ed Johnson.

VIRGINIA IN 1740 A RECONSTRUCTED CENSUS. c1992. T.L.C. GENEALOGY. Spiral. 307p. Alpha Order.  Purchased by the Society.

VIRGINIA, INDEX TO ESTATES 1800-1865 VOLUME 3. C.2002. Virginia Genealogical Society. Compiled by Wesley E. Pippenger. Hardcover, 683p., Alpha order. Counties of: Bland, Buchanan, Carroll, Craig, Dickenson, Floyd, Franklin, Giles, Grayson, Henry, Lee, Montgomery, Patrick, Pulaski, Roanoke, Russell, Scott, Smyth, Tazewell, Washington, Wise, and Wythe. Purchased by the Society.

VIRGINIA, INDEX TO ESTATES 1800-1865 VOLUME 4. C.2003. Virginia Genealogical Society. Compiled by Wesley E. Pippenger. Hardcover, 634p., Alpha order. Counties of: Albemarle, Alleghany, Amherst, Bath, Bedford, Botetourt, Fluvanna, Highland, Nelson, and Rockbridge. Purchased by the Society.

VIRGINIA LAND RECORDS. Genealogical Publishing Co. Purchased by the Clermont County Public Library.

VIRGINIA MARRIAGE RECORDS. Hardcover, 794 pp. Indexed. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD.  1984. Purchased by The Society.

VIRGINIA, MARRIAGES OF SOME RESIDENTS 1607-1800, VOLUMES I, II. Volume I, hard-cover, 365 pp., indexed. Volume II, hard-cover 348 pp., indexed. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. 1986. Purchased by The Society.

VIRGINIA, MATHEWS COUNTY, LAND AND PERSONAL TAX LISTS 1791- 1800. C.1992. Bradley. Softcover,127p.,index, alpha order. The federal censuses for 1790 and 1800 for Mathews County, VA have been lost. The records in this book can serve as census-substitutes for these years, as well as a continuous flow of information in the intervening years. Donated to the Society by Margaret Guynn

VIRGINIA MILITARY RECORDS. Hard-cover, 1,017 pp. Indexed. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD.  1983. Purchased by The Society.


VIRGINIA, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, - TAX LISTS...A, B & C FOR THE YEAR 1788 - Netti SchreinerYantis, (1972).


VIRGINIA SUPREME COURT, DISTRICT OF KENTUCKY ORDER BOOKS, 1783-1792. - Cook. When the early Kentucky area was a District of the State of Virginia, a Supreme Court was established at Danville "which would have jurisdiction in common law and in chancery litigations, including those involving land titles and criminal prosecutions". These abstracts are from the only court records still existing. Fine reference to residents, prior to Kentucky statehood. Complete name index.

VIRGINIA TAX PAYERS 1782 - 1787. Hard-cover, 142 pp., indexed. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, MD. Purchased by the Society.


VIRGINIA, THE 1787 CENSUS OF C. 1987. Three volumes all hard-cover. Volume I; pages 1 -784, Volume 11pages 785-1482, and volume III Index. Published by Genealogical Books in Print, Springfield, VA. Purchased by the Society.

VIRGINIA VITAL RECORDS. Hard-cover, 835 pp. Indexed. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. 1984.  Purchased by The Society.

VIRGINIA WEST, GREENBRIER COUNTY, BICENTENNIAL MAP OF (VIRGINIA) 1778 - 1978. Shows counties that were once part of Virginia and now West Virginia. Purchased from the Greenbrier Historical Society, Lewisburg, WV and donated by Doris Wood.

Virginia Tidewater Families. By Lee Hutchinson. Time frame extends from the arrival of the George in 1619 to contemporary times covering 373 years. Starting with the earliest colonial settler. The origins of the following Tidewater families. BELL,BINDFORD,BONNER, BUTLER, CAMPBELL, CHEADLE, SHILES, CLEMENTS, COTTON, DEFARNETTE (ATT), DURMAS, ELLYSON, ASHBACK, HAMLIN,HAMMPTON, HARMINSON, HARRIS, HAYNIE, HURT, HUTCHESON, LEE BOSBY, MUNDY, NELSON, PEATROO, PETYFRHN, RUFFIN, SHORT, SPENCER, TALTON, TATUM, TAYLOR, TERRIL, WATKINS, WINSTON & WOODSON. Cloth 8 1/2 X 11 730 pgs. Published by the Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc.

Virginia, Tidewater Families:Generations Beyond.  By Lee Hutchinson Davis. To the forty families in the original V A Tidewater Families, has added eleven more, includes the counties of AMHERST, CAROLINE. CHARLES CITY, DINWIDDE, ELIZABETH CITY, ESSEX, FAIRFAX, FAUQUIER, GLOUCHESTER, GOOCHLAND, HANDOVER, HENRI CO, ISLE OF WRIGHT, JAMES CITY, KING WILLIAM, PRINCE GEORGE, SPOTSYLVANIA, SURRY, SUSSEX & YORK. Published by the Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. 8 1/2 X II, cloth.

WAGEMANS OF OHIO CLERMONT COUNTY, THE. 71 pages. Index. Includes families of HULICK, HUSTED, ROBINSON, WEAVER, WHITAKER. Compiled and donated by Wanda Gonzasles.

WAGEMANS THE, OF CLERMONT COUNTY, OHIO. Related lines include: WHITAKER, HULICK, WEAVER, ROBINSON, HU'STED. Compiled and donated by Wanda Gonzales.

WAITS FAMILY, THE. 1988. Brucer. Three-ring notebook. Index added by Mildred Emmitt. The history covers James & Charles Waits of Brown County, Ohio and other descendants of John Waits, Sr., of Fayette county, Pennsylvania. Both of the above items were Christmas Gifts to the Society from John & Mildred Emmitt

WALDSCHMIDT: HOUSE AND FAMILY 1804.1997. Penrod. Softcover, 103 p., index. The house is located in Hamilton County, at 7567 Glendale-Milford Road, Camp Dennison, OH. When Christian Waldschmidt came to Southern Ohio in 1796, the land was covered with forest. It was then in the Northwest Territory under the supervision of the State of Virginia. Ohio became a state in 1803. Purchased by the Society.

WAR OF 1812 GENEALOGY - George K. Schweitzer.

WAR OF 1812 IN THE NORTHWEST IN MAPS & PICTURES THE. 33 Illustrations maps and pictures compiled by the Anthony Wayne Parkway Board, 150th anniversary 1961-63.

WAR OF THE REBELLION - OFFICIAL RECORDS OF THE UNION AND CONFEDERATE ARMIES. (20 vols. of a larger series; pub. by U.S. Government., 1889.) Reports of military leaders to commanders, sometimes detailing maneuvers, hour by hour. Lists of men killed in action. Name index, not inclusive. Excellent resource for Civil War "buffs". donated by local CCGS member, Aileen Whitt.

WAR OF 1812 GENEALOGY. George K. Schweitzer. Small soft-cover book. Donated by Margie Thomas.

WAR, REVOLUTIONARY BOUNTY LAND GRANTS AWARDED BY STATE GOVERNMENTS. C 1996.  Bockstruck. Hardcover, 608 p, index. Purchased by the Society.

WARD, SOME DESCENDANTS OF JOSEPH AND PHEBE WHO LIVED IN OHIO, INDIANA AND ILLINOIS. 1987. With some omissions and revisions in 1992. Report-folder bound, 23 p. The family was in both Hamilton & Clermont Counties. Compiled and donated by Helen Scholl.

WARTENBE GENEALOGY ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM AND CATHERINE WHITE W ARTENBE OF NEW JERSEY, VIRGINIA AND OHIO. c1987. Hardcover, 210 p., index. Compiled by Mary Esther Ford. Printed by Gateway Press, Inc. Donated by Mary Esther Ford.

WATAUGA ASSOCIATION OF GENEALOGISTS BULLETIN. Volume 9; 1980, No's. 1 & 2. P.O. Box 117, Johnson City, TN 37601. Among other stories, the Bulletin contains a continuation of the biography of Dr. A. S. N. Dobson, which mentions Felecity, Ohio and the DOAK and GIBSON Families. Donated by Mrs. C.L. Fitzsimmons.

WE REMEMBER CARROLL. 1992. Small soft-cover book 64 p. A tribute to Carroll Frances (Mrs. George) McKay Seward (b. 1913 d. 1991). Donated by George C. Seward.

WEAVER FAMILY IN U.S, EARLY MARRIAGE RECORDS OF THE. First edition 1916. Donated by Wanda Gonzales.

WEBER or WESAVER FAMILY HISTORY. Written by Ezra N. Stauffer.

WEDDING AND ALLIED FAMILIES. Folder-bound. Large volume of family group sheets and other typed family information. A supplement to the Wedding Family Book on the Society's Family History Shelf. Donated by L. C. Wedding.

WELCH, MICHAEL WELCH'S FAMILY TREE. 2001.  Welch. Three-ring binder, three sections numbered separately: Descendants of Lebbeus Day, 12p.  Descendants of John B. Roehm, 14p. Descendants of Elizabeth Moyer, 8p. Compiled and donated by Michael Welch


WELLS, THE FAMILY OF ISAIAH WELLS AND PHOEBEE SOPER WELLS. 1996. Burgess.  Theme-folder bound, 41p., of photocopied material.  Local counties: Brown, Clermont and Hamilton.  Donated to the Society by Mary Vogelgesang Burgess

WELLS, ROBERT WELLS OF CLERMONT COUNTY. OHIO AND DESCENDANTS.  2000. Compilers: Several members of the Wells Family. Hardcover. 222p., indexed by chapters. Donated to the Society by Carol Wells Williams.

WELLS, Robert of Clermont County, Ohio, Volume 2, 1653-1753. Printed 2004.  Written and donated by Carolann Wells Williams. Genealogical research and history with sources.

WELLS, WILLIAM 1846-1921 & MARY ANN (SCRUTON) WELLS, 1841-1916, emigrants & their immediate descendants & ancestors. Joseph W. Rogers.

WELTON, BIBLE RECORD, GEORGE HOBERT WELTON. Several photocopied record pages from 1845 Bible. Contains information on Charles Hobart Welton who married Mary Elizabeth Fletcher in Clermont County Ohio. Donated by Elmer Welton Gyurin.

WEST, DESCENDANTS OF ELIZABETH AND HER HUSBAND THOMAS EDMONDS. 1993. WEST & LAUNER Hardcover, 302 p. Index. Includes material on Brown & Clermont connections to the family. Donated by Donal S. West.

WEST, DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM WEST. SR. AND HIS WIFE NANCY. 1993.  West. Hardcover, 202p.,index. Has Clermont County and other local counties.  Donor s name was not included with the book. Please advise.

WEST FAMILY. Group sheets and four generation ancestor charts. Many other well known Clermont County names who married into the West Family. Compiled and donated by Donal S. West.

WEST, HANNAH WEST BECK AND ELIZABETH WEST BENNETT. West, Robertson & Launer. 1991. Hardcover, 69 p., index. Contains charted information on WEST, BECK and allied families in Clermont Co., OH and elsewhere.  Donated by Joel L. Edwards.


WEST, SOME ANCESTORS, AUNTS, UNCLES AND COUSINS OF ELEANOR ELLEN. Notebook containing family information. Eleanor was the daughter of John & Eleanor Edwards West. She was the wife of Samuel D. Bayne. Prepared and donated by Donal West.

WEST VIRGINIA, GENEALOGIES OF WEST VIRGINIA FAMILIES - from The West Virginia Historical Society Quarterly, 1901-1905. Each chapter is a separate family. Illustrated; complete name index.

WEST VIRGINIA, OHIO COUNTY INDEX VOLUME 4 INDEX TO COUNTY COURTORDER BOOKS (PART 4) 1777 - 1881. C.1999. Craft. Softcover, pages 743 through 1,014. 'Personal Time Line' index page I thru CXXVIII.. Listing of civil lawsuits handled in the county court covering individuals, banks, firms and corporations, as well as, miscellaneous entries recorded on a broad range of topics. Purchased by the Society.

WEST VIRGINIA BLUE BOOK 1937. Hardcover, 912 pp, general index. Compiled and edited by Charles Lively, Clerk of the Senate, Charleston, WV. Donated by Albert and Dorothy Lenk.

WEST VIRGINIA CIVIL WAR ALMANAC VOLUME 1. C 1998. McKinney. Hard-cover, 581 p., alpha order by county. There are 12,683 names of Union Veterans in the volume. Purchased by the Society.

West Virginia, Loyal 1861-1865, By Theodore F. Lang Describes events & personalities responsible for WV formation from the initial outcry of opposition to V A 1861 succession.  Ordinance to the organization of a separate providential government and eventual statehood midway through the war. Primary attention focuses on military operations involving WV & its soldiers who remained loyal to the Union.  Skirmishes & bitter fighting at such places as Philoppe Rich Mountain, Moorefield, Harpers Ferry, and Droop Mountain and major battles at 2nd Manassas, Antietanm, Vicksburg, Chattanooga in the Shenandoah Valley and Appomattox.  Published by Blue Acon Press. Hardcover with dust cover, 450 pgs, 63 photos. Regimental Index.

West Virginia, SIMS INDEX TO LAND GRANTS IN. C.2003. Sims. Hardcover, 882p. This is a comprehensive guide to pre-1900 land records in West Virginia.  Purchased by the Society.

WEST VIRGINIA, SOLDIERY OF - Virgil Lewis. The names of men are listed in their military units, from the French and Indian War through the Mexican War. Additional information relates to John Brown's insurrection (1859), the Civil War, and the Spanish American War. No index.

WESTERN UNDERTAKER, THE, EVANS FUNERAL HOME, HILLSBORO, OHIO 1888-1897. Soft-cover,54 pp. Indexed. Prepared and published by The Southern Ohio Genealogical Society, Hillsboro, OH.  Purchased by the Society.

WESTERN SKETCHES, by John McConald. Published by D. Osborn & Son, 1852, Dayton, Ohio. Book contains information about early settlers in the Western Country: biographical information sketches of Gen. Nathaniel Massie, Gen. Duncan McArthur, Capt. William Wells & Gen. Simon Kenton. Donated by Penelope Ough.

WESTERNER, THE 1975. Hard-cover yearbook for the Western Brown County High School, Mt. Orab, Ohio.  Donated by Al & Dorothy Lenk.

WESTWARD, FACES. Donated by Nellie Peterson, Gilbertsville, KY.

WHALEY & MILLER Compiled and donated by John Wells and Mildred Homan Emmitt.

WHO'S WHERE IN YOUR GENEALOGICAL RECORDS? -by J.R Gobble, 1963. Organization of information is vital to all genealogists. The author suggests a workable filing and "finding" system. Donated by CCGS member, Dorothy Steel.

WIENER GENEALOGY ca 1805-1993.1993. LAKEMAN. Two large 3-ring notebooks regarding the ancestors and descendants of Ludwig and Susanna Mueller Wiener from Gertyamos, Hungary to the U.S.A. Many Clermont and Hamilton County connections. Donated by Josephine Rundo Lakeman.

WILDCAT, THE - 1975. Hard-cover yearbook. 136 pages. Williamsburg high School, Williamsburg, Ohio.  Donated by Albert and Dorothy Lenk.

WILDCAT THE 1958. Hardcover yearbook for the Williamsburg High School, Williamsburg, OH. Donated by Mrs. L'Vern Seipelt.

WILFORD - WILLIFORD FAMILY, TREKS INTO AMERICA. Written by Eurie Pearl Wilford Neel. 1959.  Large hard-cover book. Donated by Georgia Wulker.

WILLIAMSBURG TIMES, Williamsburg, OH 11 Oct 1935 thru 05 Oct 1976. Microfilm Roll.

WILLIS FAMILY. GARRISON. Folder-bound, typed and photocopied pages concerning the first generation in Clermont County, OH., Philip and Hannah Hutchinson Willis who resided in New Richmond. Both died there, Hannah in 1919 and Philip in 1920. Compiled and donated by Kathleen L. Garrison

WILMINGTON YEARLY MEETING, 1891-1991. A gift from the Cincinnati Friends Meeting (by way of CCGS member, Pollyanna Gregg), this history of the Quakers in southwestern Ohio and eastern Tennessee is most interesting and informative. It describes the beginnings & growth of the movement here, plus the missions & schools. Histories of individual meetinghouses; outstanding members; many photos.

WILMINGTON YEARLY MEETING 1891-1991. 1991. Knight & McNemar. Softcover, 76 p., partial index. One hundred years of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Southwest Ohio and Eastern Tennessee. Donated by Pollyanna Gregg.

WILSON ANCESTOR CHARTS AND GROUP SHEETS. Several typed pages. These are Wilsons of Brown and Clermont Counties, Ohio, plus allied families of WlNTER(S), PARRISH, WHITE, BLACK, SADLER, FARLEY, PAYNE, CHOWNING. Compiled and donated by Jerald A. Wilson.

WILSON AND THE ALLIED FAMILIES OF FOOR, TATMAN, CHAPMAN, FENTON, MORRIS AND OLIVER and THE JOHN CLAUDUS (CURLEY) WILSON FAMILY. Soft-cover, 51 pp. Written by John Franklin Vallentine, PH. D. 1986. Privately published by the author., A gift to the Society by John F. Vallentine.

WINCHESTER SESQUICENTENNIAL, 1815-1965. W. M. Sellman. (Reprint) By the Adams Co. Genealogical Society.

WINSTEL & SCHMIDT. 1995. Langlois-Nye. Large 3-ring binder. Charts and other information on these families with connections to Newport, KY & Cincinnati, OH. Donated to the Society by Patricia Donaldson-Mills

WITHAM FAMILY. Eleven pages of material on Witham Family. Photocopied and donated by Harold G. Miller. Original material from Margaret Porter.

WOLF, DESCENDANTS OF JOANNES JACOBUS WOLF, 1999 Breller. Three-ring binder with several typed pages of information. Also includes charts and photos. Donated to the Society by Gary Breller.

WOODRUFF - RARDIN FAMILIES.  Woodruff/Rardin. Three-ring binder. Large volume of typed information. w/indice. Some of the Rardin Family were in Clermont County, Ohio in the early 1800's. Donated to the Society by Harriet Rariden

WOOLDRIDGE, THE DESCENDANTS OF JOSIAH AND KEZIAH AND THEIR ANCESTORS. C. 1973. Hardcover, 221 pp. Indexed. Does not contain information on Clermont Co., Ohio families or surrounding counties.  Published by Wright W. Frost. Donated by Head Librarian of the State of Ohio Library, Columbus, OH.

WORK FAMILIES, THE OF ADAMS, BROWN AND CLERMONT COUNTIES, OHIO 1997. Hamann. Softcover binder, three sections numbered and indexed separately. Includes many well-known surnames of these three counties. Donated to the Society by Allen Hamann.


WRIGHT FAMILY DEATH, CEMETERY & PROBATE RECORDS BEDFORD COUNTY, VIRGINIA. C.1999. Grant.  Hardcover, 23p.,index. This book is an appendix to a larger work titled - SORTING SOME OF THE WRIGHTS OF SOUTHERN VIRGINIA.  Please advise donor. Information missing when submitted. Thanks.

WRITE IT RIGHT. A manual for writing family histories and genealogies. Soft-cover book. 124 pages. Indexed.  Copyright 1983. Donald R. Barnes & Richard S. Lackney. Donated by D. R. Barnes.

YOUNG, BOOK OF YOUNG ANCESTOR CHARTS & FAMILY GROUP SHEETS. 1997 Albu.  Softcover, spiral-bound, 190p., indice. Local counties: Adams, Brown, Clermont and Hamilton.  Donated to the Society by Margie Thomas

YOUNG, BOOK OF YOUNG ANCESTOR CHARTS & FAMILY GROUP SHEETS VOLUME IC1998.  Albu. Softcover, spiral-bound, 134p., indice.  Donated to the Society by Margie Thomas

YOUNG, BORN YOUNG NEWSLETTERS 1989-2000. Three-ring binder. Donated to the Society by Margie Thomas

YOUR GENEALOGY, (A PRACTICAL GUIDE) - Larry D. Schenck, (1989)

ZIMMERER FAMILY STORY, A . c 1994. Zimmerer. Hardcover, 118 p., index. The family has been a part of Cincinnati, Ohio for the past 150 years. Donated to the Society by Paul Zimmerer.