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Clermont County Genealogical Society


Birth Records found by Mary Remler at the Anderson Twp. Hist. Soc. They were photocopied then hand copied by Mrs M H Remler and Mrs. N L Sterne. Submitted by Barbara McCarthy. Other records were published in the April 1995 issue #69.

Wm Arthur TURTON b 30 Apr 1900 Fruit Hill, OH s/o Wm Nelson TURTON (b As/oury, OH) & Ann Catherine (nee HAAFF) TURTON (b Rockport, IN) res Fruit Hill

Flora Belle b 29 Jan 1900 Cedar Point d/o Wm (b Clermont Co, OH) & Laura C (nee CLARK) (b Columbia, OH) res Cedar Point

Wilbert Arthur HAHN b 11 May 1900 Mt Washington s/o John Albert HAHN (b Mt Carmel, OH) & Annie E (nee EDWARDS) HAHN(b Batavia, OH) res Mt Washington

Joseph Snider MOORHEAD b 8 May 1900 Newtown, OH s/o Joseph W MOORHEAD (b Felicity, OH) & Jennie A (nee SNIDER) MOORHEAD(b Felicity, OH) res Newtown, OH

Albert Sylvester HAHN b 25 Jun 1900 Cluff, OH s/o Norton HAHN (b Clermont Co, OH) & Rosie (nee CLARK) HAHN (b Cedar Point, OH) res Cluff, OH

Percy SHAW b 21 Jul 1898 Newtown, OH 5/0 Harry SHAW(b Newtown, OH) & Katie (nee Kate BINDER) SHAW (bNewtown, OH) res Newtown, OH

Allan PARRAT~ b 12 Dec 1898 Newtown, OH s/o William PARROTT (b Connersville, KY) & Nora (nee PLUMMERFELT) PARROTT (b VA) res Newtown, OH

Verna SULLIVAN b 28 Jun 1899 Newtown, OH d/o William SULLIVAN (b Newtown, OH) & Dora (nee PHILHOWER) SULLIVAN (b Newtown, OH) res Newtown, OH

Russell LENNING b 20 Jul 1899 Newtown, OH d/o Frank LENNING (b Boston, OH) & Maggie (nee LENNING (b Ridgeway, IL) res Newtown, OH

Clarence LANTER b 4 May 1900 Salem, OH s/o James Newton LANTER (b Harrison Co, KY) & Mary (nee DICKHART) LANTER (b California, OH) res Salem, OH

Authar L SCHLAIKJER b 16 Jul 1900 Newtown, OH s/o Erich SCHLAIKJER (b Germany) & Clara (nee RYSER) SCHLAIKJER (b Switzerland) res Newtown, OH

Infant HAHN b 14 Jul 1900 Newtown, OH d/o James HAHN (b Clermont Co. OH) & Rosa (nee SLOAN) HAHN (b IN) res Newtown, OH

Perry SPRESSER b 7 Aug 1900 Newtown, OH s/o William SPRESSER (b Newtown, OH) & Edith (nee TROY) SPRESSER (b Newtown, OH) res Newtown, OH

Clyde B EDWARDS b 9 Aug 1900 Newtown, OH s/o George S Edwards (b Newtown) & Ruth (nee WALLACE) EDWARDS (b Union Plains, Brown Co. OH) res Newtown

Garrett W BOWEN b 12 Aug 1900 Newtown, OH s/o Albert E BOWEN (b Newtown) & Maggie W (nee PARROTI) BOWEN (b KY) res Newtown

Gertrude DALHEIMER b 21 Aug 1900 Mt. Washington d/o John DALHEIMER (b Anderson Twp) & Ella (nee MADDEN) DALHEIMER (b Salem, OH) res Mt Washington

Louis KEEN b 10 Sep 1900 Newtown, OH s/o George B KEEN (Milford, OH) & Sarah E (nee VANDERGRAF KEEN (b KY) res Newtown, OH

Harry Gervis BETZ b 19 Sep 1900 Anderson Twp, Ham Co, OH s/o  John BETZ (b Anderson Twp) & Agnes (nee  LONG) BETZ (b Sand Hill, Anderson Twp) res Anderson Twp

George VANDERGRAFT b 7 Sep 1900 Newtown, OH s/o George VANDERGRAFT (b OH) & Blanch (nee SWEENY) VANDERGRAFT (b OH) res Newtown, OH

Elsie EPPLE b 16 Sep 1900 Newtown, OH d/o Benson C EPPLE (b Mt Cannel, OH) & Ella (nee MASTERS) EPPLE (b Mt Carmel, OH) res Newtown, OH

Thomas Moreton MULLOY b 7 Nov 1900 Newtown, OH s/o Thomas B MULLOY (b Clermont Co. OH) & Luevina (nee JORDON) MULLOY (b Clermont Co, OH) res Newtown, OH

Margaret Ruth MERRIOTT b 14 Nov 1900 Newtown, OH d/o William MERRIOTT (b Newtown, OH) & Tena (nee HEEMAN) MERRIOTT (b Milford, OH) res Newtown, OH

Mary Bell BURDSAL b 12 Aug 1900 Newtown, OH d/o Bertram BURDSAL (b Cm, OH) & Fannie (nee NICHOLS) BURDSAL (b Newtonsville, OH) res Newtown, OH

Infant YOUNGER b 7 Jan 1901 Newtown, OH d/o William YOUNGER (b Newtown, OH) & Carrie (nee MADDUS) YOUNGER (b Mt Summit, OH) res Newtown, OH

Martha Edna FEUCHT b 2 Jan 1901 Cluff, Ham Co, OH d/o John Jacob FEUCHT (b Cm, OH) & Eliza Larena (nee RENNINGER) FEUCHT (b Hills/ooro, OH) res Cluff, Ham Co. OH

Herman Andrew Valentine MOTZ b 4 Feb 1901 Cluff, Ham Co, OH s/o Edward MOTZ (b Dayton, KY) & Lillie Barbarba (nee WOOLFER) MOTZ (b Cluff, Ham Co, OH) res Cluff, Ham Co, OH

Lilliam Elizabeth JACKSON b 11 Mar 1901 Cedar Point, Ham Co, OH d/o Geo Henry JACKSON (b CrookmereRoad, Sheffield, England) & Bertha Elizabeth (nee JONES) JACKSON (b Mobile, AL) res Cedar Point

John Francis GARDNER b 27 Mar 1901 Forestville, Ham Co, OH s/o John Edward GARDNER (b Centrevile, OH) & Margaret (nee JEILMAN) GARDNER (b Cm, Ham Co, OH) res Forestville, OH

Howard CROPPER b 7 Apr 1901 3 Mile, Ham Co, OH s/o Vincent CROPPER (b KY) & Mary (nee FEE) CROPPER (b KY) res 3 Mile, OH

Infant b 18 May 1901 California, OH s/o [Illegitimate] (b California) & Emily DAVIS res California

Geo Leslie HOLIDAY b 15 Apr 1901 Newtown, Ham Co, OH s/o Lincoln HOLIDAY (b Ripley, Brown Co, OH) & Bertha (nee ROBINSON) HOLIDAY (b Newtown, OH) res Newtown, OH

Dorothy V BOWERS b 29 Apr 1901 California, OH d/o Alexandria BOWERS (b New Richmond, OH) & Alice (nee BLAGG) BOWERS (b Adamsville, res California

Doras V BOWERS b 29 Apr 1901 California, OH [same as above I]

Norman A BRILL b 2 May 1901 California, OH s/o George BR1LL (b Sweetwine, OH) & Mary (nee TIBBEYI) BRILL (b California) res California, OH

Gladys CLARK b 1 May 1901 Sweetwine, OH d/o George E CLARK (b Pleasant Hill, OH) & Grace A (nee WALKER) CLARK (b MtCarmel, OH) res Sweetwine

W H CAMPBELL b 26 May 1901 Swectwine, OH s/o John CAMPBELL (b Cincinnati, OH) & Iva (nee SHELDON) CAMPBELL (b 9 Mile, OH) res Sweetwine

Jas Henry BLANCHARD b 12 Jun 1901 Sweetwine, OH s/o William BLANCHARD (b New Richmond, OH) & Addie (nee Ida BOYD) BLANCHARD (b Morning View, KY) res Sweetwine, OH

premature b 16 Jul 1901 As/oury, OH s/o John Erwin NORDYKE (b Tobasco, OH) & Iva Maude (nee TURTON) NORDYKE (b As/oury OH) res Cincinnati, OH

Ruby JONES b 22 Aug 1901 Cedar Point, Ham Co, OH d/o Edward Caleb JONES (b Mobile, AL) & Lillian Mary (nee JACKSON) JONES (b Sheffield, England) res Cedar Point

Hershell KUHN b 18 Aug 1901 Cluff, OH s/o Henry S KUHN (b As/oury, OH) & Mary Jane (nee BRIDGES)  6 January, 1996 KUHN (b Cluff, OH) res Cluff, OH

Jennie Marie HAWKINS b 1 Oct 1901 Forestville, Ham Co. OH d/o Theodore Thomas HAWKINS (b Forestville) & Ada Annie (nee MATHEWS) HAWKINS (b As/oury, OH) res Forestville, OH

El?a Maro HAWKINS b 30 Nov 1901 Cheny Grove, Ham Co, OH d/o Hezekiah HAWKINS (b Cherry Grove) & Alice Bell (nee KIDD) HAWKINS (b Fruit Hill, Ham Co, OH) res Cherry Grove

_____PARROTT b 4 Mar 1901 Newtown, OH s/o William PARROTT (b Cammelsville, KY) & Nora (nee PLUMERFELT) PARROTT (b VA) res Newtown, OH

Robert ARMSTRONG b 13 Jul 1901 Newtown, OH s/o Eugene M ARMSTRONG (b Newtown, OH) & Alice (nee McGILL) ARMSTRONG (b Newtown, OH) res Newtown, OH

Kate CORNISH b 16 Aug 1901 Newtown, OH d/o Harry E CORNISH (b Newtown, OH) & Ida (nee BOYD) CORNISH (b Newtown, OH) res Newtown, OH

Edwin BURNS b 18 Aug 1901 Newtown, OH s/o Jas BURNS (b Newtown, OH) & Louie (nee YOUNGER) BURNS (b Newtown, OH) res Newtown, OH

Robert L RYAN b 24 Oct 1901 Newtown, OH s/o Robert L RYAN (b VA) & Lenna (nee DENT) RYAN (b Laurence Co, OH) res Newtown

Steven Floren CORBLY b 9 Dec 1901 Cedar Point, OH s/o Byron Justice CORBLY (b Queensvalle, IN) & Martha Elizabeth (nee FISHBACK) CORBLY (b Olive Branch, OH) res Cedar Point, OH

Clare HAWK b 2 Apr 1901 Newtown, OH s/o Ely HAWK (b Highland Co. OH) & Arminta (nee CORNISH) HAWK (b Ham Co, OH) res Newtown, OH

Roy STILLMAN b 3 Dec 1900 Newtown, OH s/o Wesley STILLMAN (b Nicholsville, OH) & Mary (nee MEYER) STILLMAN (b Clermont Co, OH) res Newtown, OH

Harvey BEAKHORN b 21 Feb 1902 California, OH s/o Harvey BEAKHORN (b TN) & Maud BEAKHORN (b TN) res California

Tivinia ROUSE (M & F twins) b 2 May 1902 California, OH M & F twins Z W ROUSE (b California) & Annette ROUSE (b California) res California

LANCASTER twins b 2 Jun 1902 California, OH d/o John LANCASTER & Maud LANCASTER res California

Chas Henry KUHN b 25 Feb 1902 Fruit Hill, OH s/o Josiah N KUHN (b Fruit Hill, OH) & Clara (nee MUDERSLAE) KUHN (b Fruit Hill) res Fruit Hill, OH

Priscilla Elizabeth MARTIN b 1 May 1902 Anderson Twp d/o Sebastion MARTIN (b France) & Josephine (nee BURGER) MARTIN (b Cuminsville) res Anderson Twp

Earl Henry FETZER b 10 Apr 1902 Cluff, OH s/o Jacob Henry FETZER (b Palestine, OH) & Nannie Isabelle (nee COOK) FETZER (b Campbell Co, KY) res Cluff

Ellien SELLERS b 11 Jun 1902 Forestville, OH d/o Clifford SELLERS (b Williams/ourg, OH) & Bertha (neeSUGELAGE) SELLERS (b Williams/ourg, OH) res Forestville, OH

Mildred DONLEY b 6 Jul 1902 Forestville, OH d/o Henderson DONLEY (b Barwill, Brown Co, OH) & Ethel (nee SELLERS) DONLEY res Forestville

Lowell Wilbur DALLAS b 15 Aug 1902 Forestville, OH s/o Frank Wm DALLAS (b Owensville) & Flora (nee SELLERS) DALLAS (b Williams/ourg, OH) res Forestville

Ada Elma BRIDGES b 4 Oct 1902 Cluff, OH d/o Henry Franklin BRIDGES (b Cluff, OH) & Elizabeth Jane (nee MATHEWS) BRIDGES (b Anderson Twp) res Cluff, OH

James Allen KESTLE b 7 Dec 1902 Mt Washington, OH s/o Asa James KESTLE (b Charololstan, Prince Edward Island, Canada) & Lela Irene (nee BENNETT) KESTLE (b Withamsville, OH) res Salem, OH

J K BRIDGES b 15 Oct 1902 Five Mile, OH s/o J W BRIDGES (b Hamilton Co, OH) & Bird (nee LENNING) BRIDGES (b Hamilton Co, OH) res Five Mile, OH

John Edward BERTE b 20 Oct 1902 California, OH s/o Edward BERTE (b Newport, KY) & Rose BERTE (b Newport, KY) res California, OH

Loretta Elizabeth Cecelia BURDSAL b 19 Nov 1902 AndersonTwp, Ham Co, OH d/o Frederic Chas BURDSALL (b St Peters, IN) & Caroline (nee MILLER) BURDSALL (b Canaldover, OH) res Anderson Twp

Ruth KUHN b 10 Jan 1903 Fruit Hill, OH d/o Frank L KUHN (b Fruit Hill) & Elsie May (nee HAWKINS) KUHN (b Forestville,OH) res Fruit Hill

George Benjamin BURDSALL b 19 Jan 1903 Fruit Hill, OH s/o George Martin BURDSALL (b Fruit Hill, OH) & Germima (nee COMBS) BURDSALL (b Stone Lick, Clermont do, OH) res Fruit Hill, OH

______ ______ b 29 Jan 1903 California, OH s/o William CULLEN (b California) & Belle CULLEN res California, OH

Valley Belle b 1 Feb 1903 Salem, Anderson Twp, OH d/o Thos Benton (b Lick Run, Anderson Twp) & Rosa Belle (nee SPERLOCK) (b Pendleton, Ci n. OH) res Salem, OH

Nellie May JACKSON b 11 Mar 1903 Cedar Point, OH d/o George Henry JACKSON (b Crooksmore, Shieffield, England) & Bertha Elizabeth (nee JONES) JACKSON (b Mobile, AL) res Cedar Point

Wm Melvin BAKER b 5 Apr 1903 As/oury s/o Laueon BAKER (b Alexandria, Campbell Co. Ky) & Sallie (nee CLARK) BAKER (b Campbell Co, KY) res As/oury

Elliott Nelson HANCOCK b 7 Apr 1903 As/oury s/o Walter Scott HANCOCK (b New Harmony, Brown Co, OH) & Anna D (nee AREWEIVE) HANCOCK (b Hamilton Co, OH) res As/oury

Wm SEIG b 27 May 1903 California s/o Peter SEIG (b Germany) & Tihie SEIG (b Cincinnati) res California

Beatrice Anna MARTIN b 13 Jun 1903 Anderson Twp, Ham Co, OH d/o Sebastian MARTIN (b France) & Josephine (nee BURGER) MARTIN (b Cumminsville, OH) res Anderson Twp

Archie LANTER b 5 Jun 1903 Anderson Twp, Ham Co. OH s/o James Newton LANTER (b Harrison Co, KY) & Mary (nee DICKHARDT) LANTER (b California, OH) res Anderson Twp

Lorena LIZER b 18 Aug 1903 Cluff, Ham Co, OH d/o Joseph LIZER (b Ham Co, OH) & Matilda (nee YEAGER) LIZER (b Stonelick, Clermont Co, OH) res Cluff, Ham Co, OH

_____ HUDSON b 11 Sep 1903 California, OH s/o Charles EHUDSON (b England) & Alice (nee TURNER) HUDSON (b California, OH) res California

Francis JONES b 24 Oct 1903 Cherry Grove, OH s/o Wm F JONES (b Cherry Grove) & Kate Bell (nee TURTON) JONES (b As/oury, OH) res As/oury, OH

Robert Glen WILFERT b 21 Oct 1903 Fruit Hill, OH s/o Franklin WILFERT (b Cincinnati, OH) & Aline Jeannett (nee MARKLEY) WILFERT (b Fruit Hill) res Fruit Hill

Eugene Leroy FISCUS b 22 Nov 1903 As/oury, OH s/o Benjamin FISCUS (b Withamsville, Clermont Co, OH) & Lottie (nee SAUN) FISCUS (b As/oury, OH) res As/oury, OH

Ray HOLLIDAY (no date) Newtown, Ham Co, OH s/o Lincoln HOLIDAY (b Ripley, Brown Co, OH) & Bertha (nee ROBINSON) HOLLIDAY (b Newtown) res Newtown, OH

Stanley DEERR b 15 May 1903 California, OH s/o William DEERR (b OH) & Nettie (nee BURLEW) DEERR (b California) res California

______ MILLER b 24 Jul 1903 California, OH d/e Jacob MILLER (b US) & Bessie (nee CAVALE) MILLER (b US) res California, OH

Mauritt SLATTERN b 6 Sep 1903 As/oury, OH d/e James E SLATTERN (b Ky) & Anabel (nee WHEATLY) SLATTERN (b As/ouiy,OH) res As/oury, OH

Wm DEVORE b 23 Aug 1903 California, OH s/c Wm DEVORE (b OH)& Martha (nee HAHN) DEVORE (b California, OH) res California

Mary Bell HARDEY b 28 Aug 1903 As/oury, OH d/o John HARDEY (b KY) & Edith (nee WHEAThY) HARDEY (b As/oury) res As/oury, OH

Margarett MUDERs/oACH b 29 Aug 1903 4 Mile, OH d/o John MUDERS BACH (b OH) & Rachel MUDERs/oACH (b OH) res Four Mile

______ PARTIS b 4 Oct 1903 Three Mile, Anderson Twp, OH d/e Moses PARTIS (b KY) & ______ res 3 Mile

Laurence A BRILL b 7 Oct 1903 California, OH d/o George BRILL (b OH) & Mary (nee TIBBEYI'S) BRILL (b OH) res California

Mable B TROY b 7 Oct 1903 Five Mile, OH d/o Walter TROY (b OH) & Maud (nee ABEL) TROY (b England) res Five Mile

Della B BEARD b 29 Nov 1903 Five Mile, OH d/o Elmer BEARD (b OH) & Bertha (nee HALLER) BEARD (b OH) res Five Mile, OH

_____ CARNES b 15 Nov 1903 California, OH d/o Walter CARNES (b KY) & Mary CARNES (b KY) res California

Lillian Maria STROUSE b 20 Dec 1903 Five Mile, OH d/o Wm J STROUSE (b Sweetwine) & Luella (nee BENNETT) STROUSE (b Clough, Anderson Twp) res Five Mile

Harold Adolph SILVERS b 26 Dec 1903 Cluff, OH s/o Frederick SILVER (b Oldenburg, Germany) & Amelia Elenora (nee WEBER) SILVER (b Cincinnati) res Cluff, OH

Nicholas ARNOLD b 8 Jan 1903 Sweetwine, OH s/o Nicholas ARNOLD (b Germany) & Mary (nee TOWELLE)  ARNOLD (b US) res Sweetwine

Theodore KUHNS b 15 Jan 1903 Five Mile, OH s/o Wm KUHNS (b OH) & Hildegard (nee TRINSDORF) KUHNS (b OH) res Five Mile

____ LANTER b 26 Jan 1904 California, OH s/o Wm LANTER (b OH) & Jennie (nee FAGAN) LANTER (b OH) res California

Herman BOWERS b 29 Jan 1904 California, OH s/o Alex BOWERS (b OH) & Alice (nee BLAGG) BOWERS (b OH) res California

Earl TURNER b 17 Feb 1904 California, OH s/o Casper TURNER (b California) & Effie (nee MONTIETH) TURNER (b Clermont Co,OH) res California

Royal BARTH b 25 Jan 1904 Union Town, Anderson Twp s/o Pete BARTH (b Campbell, KY) & Mary (nee KUNIZ) BARTH (b AndersonTwp) res Uniontown

Emma Ruth KUHN b 1 Apr 1904 Cluff, OH d/o Henry S KUHN (b As/oury, OH) & Mary Jane (nee BRIDGES) KUHN (b Cluff, OH) res Cluff, OH

Alvettie [spelling in question] CLARK b 7 Jul 1904 Mt Summit, OH d/o (Dont Know) & Clara Annettie CLARK (b Campbell Co, KY) res Mt Summitt, OH

John Homer LANG b 26 Dec 1903 Anderson Twp s/o Griffith LANG (b Anderson Twp) & Lulu (nee EDWARDS) LANG (b Withamsville, OH) res Anderson Twp

Chas Linmeman MAXWELL b 13 Apr 1904 California, OH s/o Thos MAXWELL (b US) & Anna T (nee LINNEMAN) MAXWELL (b California, OH) res Hyde Park, OH

Marie E BERTE b 9 May 1904 California, OH d/o Edward BERTE (b KY) & Rose (nee TIEGLEIN) BERTE (b KY) res California

BAILEY b 24 May 1904 Sweetwine, OH d/o Wm BAILEY (b OH) & Lizzie BAILEY (b OH) res Sweetwine

_____ FOSKA b 13 Jul 1904 East Columbia, OH d/o Henry FOSKA (b US) & Elizabeth FOSKA res East Columbia

John CAMPBELL b 29 Jun 1904 Four Mile, OH s/o John CAMPBELL (b OH) & ____ (b OH) res Four Mile

Bernice Fay CLARK b 17 Jul 1904 Sweetwine, OH d/o George CLARK (b OH) & Bernice Grace (nee WALTHAM) CLARK (b OH) res Sweetwine

Jessie CURTLEY b Sep 1904 California, OH 'i/o James CURLTEY (b TN) & Margaret (nee REYNOLDS) CURTLEY (b California) res California, OH

Harry William MADDEN b 7 Dec 1904 Mt Washington, OH s/o William Thos MADDEN (b New Palestine, OH) & Mary Jessie (neeANDERSON) MADDEN (b Campbell Co, KY) res Mt Washington, OH

Marion Chermien SPINNER b 3 Feb 1905 Cedar Point, OH dlo Charles E SPINNER (b Cm, OH) & Catherine (nee SPELLBRJNG) SPINNER (b Cincinnati) res Cedar Point

Mary STRICKER b 1 Oct 1904 3 Mile, California, OH d/o Franklin STRICKER (b California, OH) & Mary (nee CARY) STRICKER (b California) res California, OH

Florence CLIFT b 6 Oct 1904 California, OH dlo Charles CLIFT (b Cincinnati) & Maggie (nee PETERS) CLIFT (b Cm, OH) res California, OH

Virginia Maud FLORIDA b 2 Dec 1904 California, OH d/o William FLORIDA (b Canada) & Sidney (nee REYNOLDS) FLORIDA (b KY) res California

Frances M R MEYER b 9 Oct 1904 California, OH d/o Franklin MEYER & Agnes (nee KOEHLER) MEYER (b California) res California

Geo Edwin BOUTON b 17 Dec 1904 California, OH s/o Henry BOUTON (b California) & Sallie (nee LACY) BOUTON (b California, OH) res California

Edwin GOHON b 24 Dec 1904 California, OH s/o Edward GOHON (b Hills/ooro, OH) & Annie (nee BROGON) GOHON (b Portsmouth, OH) res California, OH

Arietla Maria EILERS b 13 Dec 1904 Cluff, OH d/o Frederick EILERS (b Germany) & Amelia (nee WEBER) EILERS (b Cm, OH) res Cluff, OH

Virginia Estec JOHNSON b 23 Jun 1905 Sweetwine, OH d/o Este W JOHNSON (b Fruit Hill, OH) & Minnie (nee FIJNSDAZ) JOHNSON (b Columbia, OH) res Sweetwine

Geo Michael Woolfer MOTZ b 18 Jun 1905 Cluff, OH s/o Edward MOTZ (b Dayton, KY) & Lillie B (nee WOLFER) MOTZ (b Cluff,OH) res Cluff, OH

John Louis KUHN b 28 Apr 1905 Forestville, OH s/o Frank L KUHN (b Five Mile) & Elsie Mae (nee HAWKINS)? HAWKINS (no place given) res Forestville, OH

Mildred YOUNG b 15 Feb 1905 Cluff, OH d/o Frank YOUNG (b Cluff, OH) & Emma (nee BARTARNMUS) YOUNG (b Cincinnati) res Cluff, OH

Carl HEIS b 4 Jul 1901 Cluff, OH s/o Dan HEJS (b Cluff, OH) & Hattie (nee WEMAN) HEIS (b Cincinnati) res Cluff, OH 

William CARMICAEL b 17 Feb 1905 Cluff, OH s/o Timothy CARMICAEL (b VA) & ____ (nee PATINVILLE) CARMICAEL (b VA) res Cluff, OH

Florance Emma KUNTZ b 16 Oct 1903 Cluff, OH d/o Adam KUN'FZ (b Cluff, OH) & Kate (nee EBERLY) KUNTZ (b Cluff, OH) res Cluff, OH

Joseph THIERANY b 31 Mar 1905 California, OH s/o Geo THIERANF (b Bavaria) & Martha (nee HINZ) THIERAUF (b Germany) res California

Lillie BLAIR b 30 May 1905 Cluff, OH d/o William BLAIR (b Clermont Co, OH) & Mary (nee CRAYCRAFT) BLAIR (b Clermont Co, OH) res Cluff, OH

Lillie May BRIDGES b 11 May 1905 Asbury, OH d/o Saml BRIDGES (b Cluff) & Eva (nee TURTON) BRIDGES (b As/oury) res Asbury

Francis DAHLHMEIER b 30 Mar 1905 Uniontown, Ham Co, OH s/o Val DAHLHMEIER (b Uniontown) & Lizzie (nee McCULLUM) DAHLHEIMER (b Clermont Co) res Uniontown

Elizabeth Anna PALUS b 12 Sep 1904 California, OH d/o Frank PALUS (b Bohemia) & Anna (nee HINES) PALUS b Germany) res California

Jenette CLEMENS b 11 Sep 1904 Uniontown, OH d/o William CLEMENS (b Germany) & Harriet (nee BRIDGES) CLEMENS (b Cluff, OH) res Uniontown

Herman YOUNG b 31 Dec 1904 Cluff, OH s/o Otto YOUNG (b Cluff, OH) & Fanny (nee BOGART) YOUNG (b Cluff, OH) res Cluff, OH

Leonard BRIDGES b 12 Jul 1904 Cluff, OH s/o William BRIDGES (b Cluff) & Lucy (nee YOUNG) BRIDGES (b Cluff, OH) res Cluff, OH

George Corrol MARTIN b 9 Jul 1905 Salem Pike, OH s/o Geo Edward MARTIN (b Montgomery, OH) & Anastasia (nee CARROL) MARTIN (b Covington, KY) res Covington, KY

Gertrude BRIDGES b 11 Aug 1905 Cluff, OH d/o Elisha BRIDGES & Ida (nee POTTER) BRIDGES (b Nine Mile) res Cluff, OH

Geo Baldi LANG b 14 Apr 1905 Mt Washington, OH s/o Griffith LANG (b Mt Washington, OH) & Lulu (nee EDWARDS) LANG (b Withamsville, OH) res Mt Washington, OH

Geo YOUNG b 10 Aug 1905 Cluff, OH s/o John Edward YOUNG (b Amelia, OH) & Esther Ruth (nee LAYMAN) YOUNG (b Cincinnati) res Cluff, OH

Wm Jacob WEHNER b 1 Sep 1903 Cluff, OH s/o Jacob WEHNER (b Cm, OH) & Katie (nee ROTHINBUCHER) WEHNER (b Bavaria, Germany) res Cluff, OH

Theodore KNOTT b 15 Mar 1905 California, OH s/o Thomas KNOTT (b IN) & Cane (nee KNOTh KNOTT (b OH) res California

Cyril Aloise MARTIN b 4 Oct 1905 Anderson Twp s/o Sebastian MARTIN (b France) & Josephine (nee BURGER) MARTIN (b Cin, OH) res Anderson Twp

Hellen b 15 Apr 1905 California, OH d/o Walter (b NY) & Margaret (nee SULVIN) (b Hyde Park, OH) res California, OH

Howard BECKER b 25 Jun 1905 California, OH s/o George BECKER (b Germany) & Elizabeth (nee PORTER) BECKER (b MI) res California

Bernard H STRICKER b 22 Sep 1905 California, OH s/o Martin STRICKER (b California) & Anna (nee TONKER) STRICKER (b Newport, KY) res California

Eloid TOIN b 18 Aug 1905 California, OH s/o Isaac TOIN (b Grcencastle, MD) & Sallie (nee GIFFORD) TOIN (b Adams Co, OH) res California

Edward WALRIVEN b 30 Aug 1905 California, OH s/o Edward MALRIVEN (b California) & Rosa (nee RUHOFF) MALRIVEN (b Cm, OH) res California

______ JOHN b 16 Dec 1905 Asbury, OH s/o Emmit L JOHN (b Asbury) & Lizzie (nee HERSHMAN) JOHN (b Alexandria, KY) res Asbury

Eva Maria OATLEY b 25 Oct 1905 Five Mile, OH d/o William R OATLEY (b Batavia, OH) & Anna Maria (nee BLAND) OATLEY (b Cincinnati) res Five Mile, OH

Alice BRIDGES b 5 Dec 1905 Five Mile, OH d/o Edward BRIDGES (b Newtown, OH) & _____ BRIDGES (b OH) res Clough, OH

Olive BRIDGES b 22 Jul 1905 Five Mile d/o Wesley BRIDGES & Bertha (nee LENNING) BRIDGES (b OH) res Five Mile, OH

Agnites CUDA b 16 Apr 1905 California, OH s/o Joseph CUDA (b Italy) & _____ (b Italy) res California

Nette CUBERTSON b 29 Apr 1905 California, OH d/o Frank CULBERTSON (b KY) res Cincinnati & Margaret (nee WHEATLEY) CULBERTSON (b Asbury) res Asbury, OH

Gordon BOWERS b 18 Dec 1905 California, OH s/o Alex BOWERS (b California) & Alice (nee BLAGG) BOWERS (b OH) res California

Infant REHG Twins b 12 Mar 1905 Five Mile s & d /o Henry REHIG (b OH) & Kate REHIG (b OH) rcs Five Mile

Ester Elizabeth WITTMEYER b 23 Oct 1905 Cluff, OH d/o Charlie G WITTMEYER (b Plainview) & Emma Pauline (nee BAUMANN) WITTMEYER (Becchwood, Clcrmont Co) res Cluff

William MADDUX b 13 Jan 1906 Mt Summit, OH s/o N R MADDUX (b Mt Summit) & Anna Caroline (nee MERZ) MADDOX res Mt Summitt

Mary REINAN b 25 Dec 1905 Forestville, OH d/o James REINAN (b Hamilton Co) & Minnie (nee ZUGLER) REINAN (b Hamilton Co, OH) res Forestville


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Early Deaths from Clermont Sun 1855
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Quadrennial Census, Batavia, 1847

Quadrennial Census, Batavia, 1855

Incidents in The Early History of Clermont County
Stonelick Historical Notes
Vacation of a Road in
Union Township

Brown and Clermont County Families Mentioned
in the 1880 Clinton County History
Day Book For Clarke & Frambes Mills 1838
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Old Bethel Church and Cemetery

History of Old Bethel Church 1868

Calvary Church and Cemetery Washington Twp
Edenton Church 1861


Perin Mills in 1863
Goshen- Land Of Milk and Honey

First Settlers of Jackson Township

Legal Voters of Goshen Township 1855

Batavia in1847
Poll Book Goshen Township 1853
1840 Account Book, Laurel Ohio

Edenton School # 4 Pupils


Pensions 1890

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Ohio Pioneers That Moved to Texas

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