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Alexander Brown, and wife, of Minneapolis, Iowa, accompanied the remains of Major Oliver to the place. Mr. Brown is a native of Goshen twp. and a son of Commissioner Brown, deceased. He is one of the survivors of the terrible and destructive explosion of the Sultana steamboat while conveying the released Union prisoners from Andersonville to Cincinnati, of whom he was one. After floating 5 miles in the seething, boiling waters of the Mississippi, he fortunately grasped the branch of an overhanging tree to which he clung all night until found and released the next day.

Clermont Sun

17 Feb 1886

p1 c5



The case of Mrs. Carter against her husband, John Carter, for the custody of their 15-months old child was heard in the Probate Court Thursday and decided in favor of the father. It was clearly proven that the mother is not a suitable person to care for the little one. Carter’s mother has always looked after the child and promised to do so as long as she lived.

Clermont Sun 20 Jul 1887 p8 c1




One of the most sensational marriages occurred here on Sabbath morning, 31st ult. The groom being one Elijah Cummins, the bride one Mollie Norris. About one year ago Mr. Cummins lost his first wife. Since then he has paid but little attention to the fairer sex, but a few days ago he accidentally saw a girl, she living in the family of on of our farmers. The girl left the family where she was at work on Saturday evening, the 30th ult. to stay all night with a widow woman who lives next door to the said MR. Cummins. Here for the first time, the girl laid eyes upon Mr. Cummins and there seemed to be a mutual affection struck both at the same time. He called on her on the same evening and they must have become engaged on the same evening for on Sunday at precisely 10 o’clock a.m., they were united in marriage, Rev. M.P. Zink officiating. She left the family where she was working at 4 p.m. on Saturday and at 10 a.m. on Sunday she was married, less than 24 hours she was courted, engaged, and married. We think this is the quickest marriage from the first time the parties met as strangers on record in the county. If it can be beat, let the same be known. Much joy to them is our wish.

Clermont Sun 03 Nov 1886

p1 c6



H. Friedman will visit his native land, Russia, in a few weeks. He goes direct to Petersburg, the home of his mother. He will also visit the Holy Land before returning. His mother will accompany him home.

Clermont Sun

30 Nov 1887 p1 c5



She Wants Ten Thousand Dollars – The Postmistress of Loveland Sues Her False Lover for Breach of Promise

(originally reported in the Enquirer) 

A sensational breach of promise suit will be instituted in the Common Pleas Court by Frank M. Gorman, the attorney, in behalf of Mary E. Gilbert against Charles C. Jones.  The plaintiff has been agent of the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Road at Loveland and postmistress of the village for some years. In her petition she will allege that Jones, who was a dashing young farmer with a residence at Evendale, near Loveland, had paid her marked attention for a long time, and finally, under promise of marriage, seduced her. As an evidence of this fact she is ready and willing to produce a fine healthy baby which she gave birth to a few days ago. She only asks that Jones fulfill his contract of marriage, or failing to do so, pay over to her $10,000 damages, which her good name has sustained in being a mother but not a wife.  It is more than probable that Jones will do neither, when he found matters were becoming interesting he decamped, and is now said to be enjoying the climate of Colorado or California.  

Miss Gilbert has the sympathy of all who knew her at Loveland, where she has hitherto ranked as an exemplary young woman. Jones has property which he doubtless placed where it would be beyond the grip of the law before his departure.

Clermont Sun

07 Jul 1886

p8 c5


Myrtle Hancock 

Wanted, information as to the whereabouts of Myrtle Hancock, who was left by her widowed mother at the County Infirmary several years ago, and was afterward placed with some family. She has light hair and blue eyes, age 9 years old. Persons knowing anything of her will do the mother a favor by communicating any facts to A. Goff, Monterey, O.

Clermont Sun 26 Jan 1887 p8 c3


Found His Sister in Jail

(originally reported in the Cincinnati Enquirer) 

A few days ago Belle Higgins was committed to the [Hamilton] county jail for grand larceny. yesterday a well-dressed stranger, giving his name as John Higgins, put in an appearance and requested of jailer Billy Williams permission to see her. The woman was brought down stairs into Mr. Williams private office and there an affecting scene followed. She was a long lost sister of the gentleman, having left home some ten years ago. He is a well-to-do farmer in Clermont Co. and had lost all trace of his sister until apprised of her whereabouts through the papers.

Clermont Sun

22 Sep 1886

p1 c5



Whereas Margaret Hill, my wife, has left my bed and board without just cause or provocation, all parties are hereby notified not to trust her on my account, as I will not pay any such debts contracted by her after this date.              James A. Hill 

                     Goshen, Ohio, Feb. 7th, 1887

Clermont Sun

09 Feb 1887 p8 c5



William Humlong of Toledo, visited relatives here last week. Mr. Humlong is a native of Ky., and found many friends of his boyhood days among the colored folks here whom he knew and played with in the days of slavery, his father owning some of them.

Clermont Sun

27 Jan 1886

p1 c4



From Poverty to Wealth – An Inmate of the County Infirmary Receives a Handsome


There came to the County Infirmary about 3 weeks ago from Pierce township a lady by the name of Rebecca Kidd, who was formerly a Potter. Mrs. Kidd is a widow, whose husband having served faithfully in the war died a few years ago in Cincinnati.  A pension was applied for by Kidd away back in the sixties, but he died long before it was granted and never had the pleasure of enjoying the usufrct [sic]. The widow and her two children, after the death of the husband and father, had a hard lot. Poverty stared them in the face. Being poor, many of their friends and relatives forsook them and some even went so far as to treat them with scorn and contempt. Mrs. Kidd finally became sick and unable to provide for herself and her two little ones, so that it became necessary to place the unfortunate family in the infirmary. But matters have changed now. Mrs. Kidd, instead of walking the poverty vale, can now purchase for herself a comfortable home.  Instead of being despised and forsaken she will have a host of friends who sill be ready and anxious to render assistance of any and all occasions. Why this change? Why so many friends in so short a time?  The questions can be answered in a few words. The U.S. Government has granted the widow and her children a handsome pension, she receiving $4119.68 back pay and $12 per month during the rest of her natural life, providing, of course, she does not marry again, while each of the children will get $2 a month. It is needless to say that Mrs. Kidd and family are not now inmates of the Infirmary.

J.J. Armstrong has sold his palatial residence on Main Street to Mrs. Rebecca Kidd for $1600.
Clermont Sun 29 Jun 1887

p8 c2 


Clermont Sun 27 Jul 1887 p1 c4 




James Long of Bethel, having been arrested for rape, had his trail last Saturday before Mayor Prather. He was found not guilty but was immediately re-arrested, charged with bastardy. He gave bond for his appearance at next term of court.

Clermont Sun
13 Oct 1886
p8 c2



Mrs. Perry Moore, who was recenlty divorced from her husband, was married last
Wednesday night to Madison Dumford, of Owensville, Rev. Straus officiating.
Clermont Sun 13 Apr 1887 p8 c3

A Missing Man 

The police are looking for Peter Ross, a cooper living at No. 141 Wade street, who has been missing for some time. He is about 5 feet 5 inches and weighs about 160 pounds. He is 34 years of age and has a sandy mustache. It is feared that he is insane, as he was sunstruck several years ago. His wife, who lives at Amelia, Clermont county, is much distressed over her husband’s disappearance.  

(originally reported in the Cincinnati Times-Star)

Clermont Sun

31 Mar 1886

p5 c1



A Child Recover by Writ of Habeas Corpus Last Week 

Jacob Schooner resides at Milford, this county. In April 1884, his wife was taken sick and died, leaving a little 3 months old babe. The mother, upon her dying bed with the consent of her husband, gave the child to the protection and care of Elizabeth Cable, the husband’s sister. Ever since the mother’s death the sister has been caring for the child and has become very much attached to it.  

All has not been peace and harmony for the past few weeks between the sister and brother and the latter applied to the Probate Court that his offspring might be restored to him. The case came up for hearing before Judge Swing last Friday, who held that as the contract between the sister and brother was only a verbal one it was not legally binding, and decided that the father should take the child. The foster mother upon hearing this decision was very much affected, and prayed God to take care of the little child. 

Clermont Sun

29 Sep 1886

p1 c6


The will of Lois A.D. Skiff of Loveland was set aside by the Court of Common Pleas in proceedings of contest brought by W.J. Skiff, a son of the deceased.  The will was made in KY and written by the deceased, it not being necessary in such cases to have the will witnessed. She afterward sold her Kentucky property and purchased land in this county near Loveland. The court held that the will was null and void because it was not made in compliance with the laws of this State.

Clermont Sun 20 Jul 1887

p8 c3




“Uncle Joe” Staton, colored, age 91 years died at the Infirmary on Saturday evening last after a short illness. In his palmy days, he owned a good farm in southern Clermont, well-stocked, and enough of this world’s  goods to take life easy, but in dotage he met with reverses until he was finally sent “over the hills to the poor house.” Mrs. Louis Van Antwerp and sister, Miss Mary Clenny of Cincinnati, to who the deceased belonged when a slave in Kentucky, came up Monday and placed the remains in charge of Sterling & Moore, who interred the same in Pt. Pleasant Cemetery yesterday.

Clermont Sun 17 Nov 1886 p8 c2




Charley Watson, formerly of Felicity, was arrested in Cincinnati last week by Miss Anna Pribble on the charge of being the father of her bastard child. He being committed to jail in default of bond, concluded to extricate himself by entering into the bonds of matrimony.
Clermont Sun 13 Jul 1887 p8 c1

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