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1807 Butler County Census Records

Last Updated  01/24/2013

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Name White Male Inhabitants Over 21 Yrs  Location
ACRES Abraham 1

Liberty Township

ADDAMS James 1 Milford Township
ADKINS Hampton 1 St. Clair Township
ALEXANDER Samuel 2 Fairfield Township
ALHANDS Daniel 1 St Clair Township
ALHANDS George 2 St Clair Township
ALLEN Isaac 1 Wayne Township
ALMON John 1 Lemon Township
ALSTON Thomas 2 Fairfield Township
AMOS Porthen 1 Ross Township
ANDERSON Silus 1 St Clair Township
ANDREW Adam 1 St Clair Township
ANDREWS Arthur 1 Fairfield Township
ANSPACH Michael 1 Lemon Township
ANTHONY William 1 Ross Township
ARMSTRONG Archibel 1 Milford Township
ARMSTRONG John 1 Ross Township
ARMSTRONG Robert 1 Fairfield Township
ARMSTRONG Stephen 1 St Clair Township
ASHCRAFT Nimrod 1 Ross Township
ASTON John 1 Ross Township
ASTON Samuel 1 Ross Township
ATHERTON Aaron 1 Ross Township
ATHERTON Aaron Sr 1 Ross Township
ATHERTON Benjamin 1 Ross Township
ATHERTON Peter 2 Ross Township
AWBRY John 1 Wayne Township
AYERS Alexander 1 Lemon Township
AYERS Jackson 1 Fairfield Township
AYERS John 2 Liberty Township
AYERS Michael 1 Liberty Township
AYERS Samuel 1 St Clair Township

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