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    On June 16, 1891 Woodside Cemetery was organized and with the General Corporation laws of the State of Ohio under the style of The Woodside Cemetery Association of Middletown, Butler County, Ohio filed on June 23, 1891 with the office of the Secretary of State at Columbus, Ohio articles of incorporation.  As required by law, five trustees were elected to conduct the business affairs of the association.  The original five trustees of the organization were W. H. Johnson, James Lawrence, T. A. Dickey, M.D., V. C. Hatfield and William Caldwell.

    The original tract of land was purchased from Dr. T. A. Dickey and embraced one hundred (100) acres.  The land was originally known as "Winton Farm".   Subsequent purchases of land increased the acreage to one hundred thirty-five (135).   

    The first person to be buried in Woodside Cemetery was George Lawrence on December 31, 1891.  Since that date, more than 34,500 interments have been made.  Many persons prominent in early development of the community have found their last resting place at Woodside Cemetery.  Veterans of all Wars including the Civil War rest in plots designed especially for them.

    There are over fifty (50) acres not yet developed.

    Paul John Sorg (1840-1902) and John Eugene Harding (1877-1959) are noted Ohio Politicians buried in this cemetery.
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