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New Market Township, Highland County, Ohio

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Project Guidelines

Please Read First

Please do not email asking for more information. -- all I have is already in the GEDCOM or on the website  - there ain't no more.

It's quite possible that there are errors.  If you find an error or would like to add information please use the post-em feature available on the GEDCOM.  Please do not be nasty.  Nasty postems will be deleted and ignored.

This  GEDCOM focuses on New Market Township only and I use the following criteria to keep this
research somewhat organized.

I use the post-em feature for the following reasons:

#1 It will protect your information from accidental deletion - which has happen with emails.  It will also help eliminate problems with me not receiving your email (which also has happened).

#2.  It makes your information available to the public until the time when I can update the Gedcom.

#3.  For ancestors that left  Highland County I no longer continue to add new information.  So please leave a postem so that you can update your ancestry and others can contact you.

Sometimes,  I will add birth and death information on the New Market ancestor and spouse and include a note listing the children, but if you leave a postem with more information it will benefit researchers.

I do leave your post-em on the Gedcom (which includes your contact information) making it available to interested researchers.  

#4. You are welcome to add a post-em of any information you like but for me to change what I have I must have documentation.  I will not compound one error with another.  Stating that a person is your ancestor just isn't enough verification.

#5. This policy is based on experience with working on this project over the years -- and not just because I'm grumpy  :-)

Project Objective

New Market Pioneers GEDCOM Project is an attempt to link as many individuals as  possible into one community GEDCOM.

The compiler of this database has NO ancestors in the county; and is not encumbered with trying to prove or disprove family folklore and relies entirely on reference materials,  and data provided by people who wish to contribute missing information.

On the other hand, the compiler does not have access to family bibles and other resources that can supply the names of missing individuals.

The base for this GEDCOM is the 1850 Census.

Criteria for this GEDCOM is that a family must be on the New Market Census for 1850  through 1900. Once a family leaves Highland County information is no longer included  about them with the exception of a death date and place of the primary individuals if this  information becomes available.


Federal Census Records 1850 - 1900

Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County
By David N. and Jane N. McBride 1954

Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio 1805 - 1880
By David N. and Jane N. McBride 1962

Death Records of Highland County, Ohio 1867 - 1908
By Genevieve Breakfield, Revised 1993

Highland County Births Volume I and Volume II
By Genevieve Breakfield, 1992
Obituaries from the Hillsboro Press Gazette
and Hillsboro News Herald

Ohio Death Certificates 1909 - 1953
From Family Search Labs

 Submitter Contributed Data

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