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"Lost and Forgotten Cemeteries"

The Ohio Genealogical Society is heading off "Lost and Forgotten Cemeteries" to report additional burial sites for inclusion in the next statewide book and database (and hopefully website) of cemeteries by name and geographic location.

The actual burial site might have come under cultivation, converted into a housing development, etc. However, by tracing the land ownership records back, it is possible to determine at what time and in a specific section and township a particular family lived, died, and buried their loved ones.

We, as researchers, need to recognize that the written documentation of a site needs to be available for the next generations, therefore, this is not to be confused with restoration or preservation of historical burial sites - -but documentation and research.

That is why OGS is asking for your help - - do you know of a family plot or individual stone in someone’s backyard - - or would you be interested in the detective aspect, researching deed records and local histories – then OGS would appreciate your assistance. Enclosed is a form for "Lost and Forgotten Cemeteries" if you know of a cemetery then complete the enclosed form and return it to OGS at the address listed at the bottom of the form. If you would like to help research or help delegate help in any of the 88 counties then please contact Lolita Guthrie, Cemetery Chair, 123 North Grove Street, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402; phone (419) 352-4940 or email at

Lolita Guthrie

Cemetery Form


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