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Leetonia Health Department
Record of Deaths

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Name of Deceased Sex Death Date Social Age Place of Death Place of Birth Father's Name Place of Interment
Berg, Cora A. F 07 Jan. 1908 M 35 yrs. 5 mos. Leetonia OH Louisville OH   Oakdale
Bones, Robb M 03 Feb. 1908 M 68 yrs. 10 mos. Wellsville OH England   Oakdale
Bradley, Infant F 02 Feb. 1908 S 6 hours Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Bradley, Wm. Mt. Calvary
Brady, Catherine F 1-Apr-1908 S 47 years Washingtonville OH Pennsylvania Brady, John Mt. Calvary
Calig, Infant M 18-May-1908     Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Calig, Peter Mt. Calvary
Corbe, Augusta F 10 Aug. 1908 Wd 79 yrs. 2 mos. Cleveland OH Germany   Mt. Calvary
Crowthers, Robert A. M 12-May-1908 S 4 years Leetonia OH Mineral Ridge Crowthers, R. A. Oakdale
Culler, Susan F 07 Mar. 1908 Wd 65 years Washingtonville OH     Oakdale
Degnan, Richard M 07 Oct. 1908 S 37 years Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Degnan, John Oakdale
Eagleton, Thos. M 06 Sept. 1908 S 24 years Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Eagleton, Wm. Oakdale
Ertzinger, Daniel M 11-May-1908 M 75 years Leetonia OH Springfield Ertzinger, John F. Oakdale
Fast, Thelma F 02 Feb. 1908 S 8 mos. 10 days Washingtonville OH Washingtonville OH Fast, Anthony Mt. Calvary
Flowers, Wm. H M 16 Oct. 1908 M 48 years Leetonia OH Middleton Twp. OH Flowers, Washington East Palestine
Garthwaite, Walter M 21 Oct. 1908 M 30 years Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Garthwaite, Harry Mt. Calvary
Gottscalk, John Russell M 6-Jul-1908 S 4 mos. Donora Donora Gottscalk, John Oakdale
Grace, Infant F 24-Jun-1908 S 3 hours Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Grace, Jos. Mt. Calvary
Green, Gertrude G. F 23 Apr. 1908 S 5 yrs. 9 mo. East Palestine OH East Palestine OH   Mt. Calvary
Guareno, Joseph M 11-May-1908 S 20 years Leetonia OH Italy   Mt. Calvary
Halverstadt, Henry M 10 Mar. 1908 M 71 yrs. 1 mo. Salem Township OH Salem Township OH Halverstadt, Jacob Oakdale
Herwend, Sarah F 01 Apr. 1908 Wd 75 years Leetonia OH Philadelphia PA   Austintown
Hively, Lydia F 21 Oct. 1908 M 74 yrs. 8 mos. Marlboro   Ward, Alexander Oakdale
Hoke, Jonas M 14 Apr. 1908 M 73 yrs. 1 mo. Salem Township OH Salem Township OH Hoke, Henry Oakdale
Hynes, Mary F 28 Oct. 1908 Wd 62 years Leetonia OH Ireland   Mt. Calvary
Jacque, James M 23 Mar. 1908 S 49 years Leetonia OH Jefferson Co., OH   Mt. Calvary
Jones, Geo. W. M 28 Nov. 1908 M 77 years Leetonia OH Canton OH   Oakdale
Kelly, John M 22 Jan. 1908 M 61 years Leetonia OH Ireland   Mt. Calvary
Kengle, Henry M 18 Apr. 1908 M 67 yrs. 22 days Columbus IN     Oakdale
Korns, Raymond M 19 Oct. 1908 S 2 1/2 mos. Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Korns, John Holmesville OH
Ludden, John M 15 Aug. 1908 M   Leetonia OH Ireland Ludden, Jas. Mt. Calvary
McCaffrey, Catherine G. F 6-Jun-1908 M 52 years Leetonia OH Emsworth (?) PA Gannon, Martin Mt. Calvary
McCaffrey, Jas. M 11 Nov. 1908 Wd 69 yearrs East Chicago Ireland   Mt. Calvary
McCaffrey, Mary Catherine F 01 Sept. 1908 S 2 days Leetonia OH Leetonia OH McCaffrey, Frank Mt. Calvary
McKeefrey, June Erwin F 25-May-1908 M 24 yrs. 11 mos. Leetonia OH Sewickley Erwin, R. M. Sewickley
McMillan, Catharine F 19-Jun-1908 Wd 82 years Near Leetonia OH Millport OH Fox, Jacob Oakdale
McNully, Mary F 7-Jul-1908 S 7 yrs. 2 mos. Leetonia OH Leetonia OH McNully, Pat Oakdale
Meade, Mary S. F 07 Mar. 1908 Wd 69 yrs. 8 mos. Leetonia OH Centerville OH Wiley, John Mt. Calvary
Monahan, Michael M 17 Apr. 1908 M 73 years Leetonia OH Ireland Monahan, John Mt. Calvary
Mudger, Anna F 16 Dec. 1908 S 2 mos. Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Mudger, John (dead) Mt. Calvary
Mudger, John M       Hubbard     Oakdale
Necoloa, Felix M 07 Sept. 1908 S  17 mos. Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Necoloa, Gilano Mt. Calvary
Peppel, Infant M 05 Apr. 1908 S 5 days Salem Township OH Salem Township OH Peppel, M. O. Oakdale
Pulko, John M 22-May-1908   50 years Leetonia OH Hungary   Mt. Calvary
Reed, Sarah C. F 08 Sept. 1908 M 56 years Leetonia OH S. of Lisbon OH Howell, Geo. Oakdale
Schaffer, Christiana F 20 Mar.1908 M 53 years Cleveland     North of Leetonia
Stahl, Ezra M 15 Aug. 1908 M 74 yrs. 6 mos. Pittsburgh     Oakdale
Stoffer, Mabel F 23 Nov. 1908 S 16 yrs. 1 mo. Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Stouffer, Joe Oakdale
Summers, Wilson   15 Aug. 1908 M 42 years Leetonia OH E. Lewiston OH Summer, Manassus Oakdale
Truesdale, Jas. L. M 13 Mar. 1908 M 65 yrs. 1 mo. Leetonia OH Canfield OH Truesdale, Jas. Oakdale
Unknown M 03 Jan. 1908     Leetonia OH     Mt. Calvary
Veitz, Infant F 17 Dec. 1908 S Still Born Leetonia OH Leetonia OH Veitz, Dominick Mt. Calvary
Voss, Margaret F 02 Apr. 1908 S 1 mo. 13 days Harvey IL Harvey IL Voss, Wm. Mt. Calvary
Williams, Anna F 5-Jun-1908   40 years Massillon Ireland   Mt. Calvary

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