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Do you have access to any type of resources or records that are of interest to researchers in Crawford County (such as birth, marriage, death, bible, church or school records etc.)?

Do you have books or other publications pertinent to Crawford County, Ohio, that are in the public domain or beyond the copyright expiration date (which in most cases would be before 1923 unless renewed), or where you have permission to quote or copy from the author? Since 1923, many variables may have changed so be sure to check this out first to avoid copyright infringement problems. (See U.S. GenWeb Project Copyright Information.)

If so, please join in the fun and excitement of helping others in their quest for Crawford County roots. You don't need to reside in or near Crawford County to help. You can help others by doing look-ups for them in the records you already have available to you in your own home. Most lookup volunteers average only a couple of lookups a week. (NOTE: Please do not jeopardize our publication sales by furnishing large amounts of the whole publication. Without our sales, the Society can't afford to prepare additional publications. Thanks.)

Just send an email to the County Coordinator with your name & email address, listing the resources you are able to do lookups in. I will be glad to add you to the following list of wonderful people who are willing to help others in their quest for their ancestors!!!


Your ancestor must have a Crawford County, Ohio connection. We can not be expected to go on a fishing expedition for you.

Please tell us what books you want us to check for you.

We will not run the risk of copyright infringement. Hard (paper) copy requests require a special request to the lookup volunteer. They can only be supplied if the material is not copyrighted, in the public domain, and the volunteer has easy access to a copier or some other means of duplicating the info. Be sure to reimburse the volunteer for copy or mailing costs that might be involved.

Do request information on only one or two people at a time.


You can get our volunteer's email address by clicking on the name of the Volunteer in the left column below.

In the right column is a list of the resources in which people are willing to do general Crawford County Ohio related look-ups.

Terry Smith
Columbus, OH
Occasional lookups in Crawford County Marriages and Cemetery records.
Claire Tisdale
Census of Crawford County 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880.
Cemeteries of Crawford County Vol.2 & 3 and Crestline.
Marriages of Crawford County 1831-1997
1881 History of Crawford County and Ohio
Ken Striker
Dayton OH
1995 CCGS membership cross-reference list of members / surnames
Jim Sens
Brunswick Hills OH
City Auditor's Report, Bucyrus, OH, 1909.
Report of Quadrennial Assessors of the city of Bucyrus, OH, 1910.
List of Real Estate Owners and Valuations as they appear on Duplicate of City of Bucyrus, 1916.
Also: Holy Trinity Catholic Church records, BGSU microfilm MS-424, May 1998.
Norm Steffen
"I have a 1887 manuscript titled "THE KALERS" written by Samuel P. KALER that describes how John KALER and his family left Pennsylvania, stopped in Harrison County OH ended up in Crawford County OH. Some of the names mentioned, however briefly are ARTER, VARLEY, SHUTT, BROWN, ARMSTRONG, CASE, CROSS, E(a)sterline, RUTH, KLEIN. Time period is 1828-1887. If by chance any of those are familiar, I have transcribed the manuscript and would be happy to share it with anyone who is interested."
Brenda Thomas
I have all the census books, marriage book, divorce book, cemetery books, and the 1881 History Book



1. Put CRAWFORD COUNTY LOOKUP on the subject line. This will insure that
your request is not overlooked.
2. Put the TITLE of the resource you'd like searched on the first line of your
message, followed by the name you are looking for.
3. Be sure to INCLUDE the following:
a. Name of ancestor: First & Last
b. Event: birth, death, marriage, etc.
c. Location: which township, village, area, church, school etc.
d. Time frame (when uncertain, give a range within 5-10 years, please)

Again, please include only one or two names in one resource per request.


Try to be specific about the first name and any possible dates/places/etc.
Requests for such things as "All the Smiths ever living in Crawford County" may be met with loud laughter, but probably not an answer!

If you request our help, please be patient. No guarantees on response times but the volunteer will get answers out as quickly as possible. All lookup requests will be acknowledged.

We can only research the books listed next to our name. Remember that these folks are volunteers and it is always polite to thank the volunteer with a note of appreciation after you have received their time and help.

If you find an error in what we send you, it may be a typo on our part or it may be an error within the book itself. A polite note letting us know of the error is appreciated. Denigrating our efforts will not make us anxious to help you in the future.

Please also remember, the amount of details required at the actual time of recording early records was not nearly as comprehensive as it is in modern times. Sometimes the information you need is simply not there.

Failure to follow these simple guidelines could result in your request being overlooked or ignored.

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