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A page for Cuyahoga County projects is here to help coordinate the many kind genealogy and history folks who like to do projects. We'll have a list of projects currently under way so we don't duplicate, and suggestions for ones you might like to help with or do yourself.

Following is a list of current projects in the community. Please let us know if you are working on something.

  • Western Reserve Historical Society Genealogical Committee is indexing their church records. Index to be freely available. Assitance is welcome. Contact any Gen. Committee member. Project chair is Sunny Morton.
  • Cuyahoga Probate Packet Imaging by FamilySearch volunteers is happening at the courthouse daily. Many volunteers are needed to get this done. See the CDRT site for a link to more information.
  • 1900 census is still being transcribed by Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society members and going on the GenWeb Census Project site.
  • 1930 Census Indexing by Western Reserve Historical Society Gen. Committee, CAGG, NEOCAG and lots of other societies is near completion. The indexing is done. Those last files just need to be put online.
  • Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society is indexing the Fairview Herald.
  • We are told there is a funeral home project in progress, and we need more info.
  • FamilySearch Indexing is an ongoing project to put indexed records online for free. We have a Cuyahoga Indexing group. If you would like to join, go to and hit indexing. Follow the instructions. When asked what group you want to belong to, it is under North East Ohio Computer-Aided Genealogy Society. Contact the webmaster if you need more information or help getting started.
  • African American Genealogical Society of Cleveland is indexing the Freedmen's Bureau records with FamilySearch. Anyone is welcome to join them to work on this fascinating group of records.
  • Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society and Computer Assisted Genealogy Group - Cleveland are working on indexing teachers from 1845 on from newspapers.

We do invite you to consider submitting any information, i.e. biographies of famous people, databases of vital records, histories etc. that would be of general interest to anyone who visits here. However, we do want to keep this general in nature, rather than information on specific families or specific ancestors. We will have links that provide a place for the more specific information that you may have.

If you or your group has a database or project that you are looking for a home for on the internet and you would like to share it, we would be happy to consider adding it to this site.

A few rules might help. First, we suggest before starting a project that you check with us to see what format is best. We cannot put up gedcoms or personal family trees. A biography of a Cuyahoga resident or someone who influenced Cuyahoga history would be appropriate. We cannot post anything about a living person, and it is best no one in your work be born after 1923. All submissions should be your own work or transciptions of works written by 1923 and out of copyright. Photos must be your own or prior to 1923 and out of copyright. Photos should be of general interest, not just family photos or your house pictures.

If you have transcriptions of obituaries, unless it is a full-blown biography, or records of a specific family, we will be happy to direct you to a better place to post these. We are looking for more full project items like a cemetery transcribed or tax records indexed, or a great book not indexed that you have indexed.

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