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As the City of Cleveland annexed more and more real estate, the naming patterns for streets, which were rather willy-nilly, made for confusion. In 1868 some street name changes were done, but the big change was in 1906 when the entire system changed. North-South thoroughfares became streets and most of them were numbered, deleting their names. East-West streets became avenues. Directional designations were given each street, road, and avenue such as 24th Street NE. Later these were dropped for the simpler designation of East or West, such as E. 24th St.

Photos by Laura Hine. Left: street sign. Right: 1906 Cleveland Map from City Directory.


Cleveland passed an ordinance on April 21, 1868 changing the names of certain streets. See the list here:

East Side

Allen St. Kent St.
Canal St. Independence St.
Hill St. (near chemical works) Holly St.
John St. Arch St.
Lawn St. Blair Lane
Linden St. Hayward St.
Mahoning St. Woodland St.
Merchant St. Aaron St.
Park St. (south of jail) Rockwell St.
Park St. (north of Euclid) North Park St.
Rigby St. Hayward St.
Sterling Ave. Hudson St.
Superior Payne
Superior extension Superior
Sterling Avenue Hudson Street
Vineyard Lane South Water Street
Walworth Race St.

West Side

Cedar Hemlock
Cross Flint
Mill (near Tracy) Swiss
Plum Bay
Short Duke
Waverly Ave. Waverly St.

Late Brooklyn

Brainard Road Scranton Ave.
Brand St. Talford St.
Center St. (Ackley's allotment) Empress St.
Center St. (Clark's allotment) Brighton St.
Concord St. Isabella St.
Franklin St. Jefferson St.
Freeman St. Pollock St.
Henry St. Cloud St.
Junction St. Gordon Ave.
Kellogg St. Howard St.
Kelley St. Port St.
Leonard St. Lynn St.
Linden St. Poplar St.
Middle St. Aetna St.
Mill St. Locust St.
Newton St. Professor St.
North St. Queen St.
North St. Aspen St.
Park St. Pelton Ave.
Peach St. Fir St.
Second St. (Barber's allotment) Barber Ave.
Seymour St. (University Hts) Bishop St.
Short St. College St.
Spring St. (Barber's allotment) Auburn St.
Stone Avenue Walton Avenue
West St. Gilbert St.
Wood St. Tremont St.

Late Newburgh

Averill St. Jennings Ave.
Kinsman St. Woodland Ave.
Second Ave. Florence St.
Union St. Jasper St.
Wade Ave. Quincy St.



In 1906 the City of Cleveland decided it was necessary to rename the streets. By doing so, the addresses on the streets also changed. This website will show you the old and new names, as well as providing a link to a publication at the Cleveland Public Library that will allow you to find the correlating old/new addresses of homes on the streets. You may find that where you thought an ancestor moved in 1906 to a new home, in fact, they were still residing in the same home but the address and street name changed. This is also helpful for tracing the history of a home and for property research. Have an old address for your ancestor and want to see what that house looks like today? - Use this site to convert from pre-1906 to post-1906 and you'll be successful! Once you are done, don't forget to do a Google search for the address today and look at Street View to see the house/property as it stands today.

Street Name Changes For the simple way to get just the street names, do this one. It has some nice explanations and other links, too.

Old and New Sreet Numbers is a book of all the house number and street changes in Cleveland. It is on the Cleveland Public Library site.

A Sanborn Fire Insurance Map that was "corrected" for the 1905 to 1907 period shows both house numbers and street names on it. An only copy known is at Western Reserve Historical Society.

In 1906, the city directory for Cleveland included the old and new addresses for every person listed.

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