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2011 'Disappearing Delaware County' Calendars

For the past five years, members of the Delaware County Genealogical Society (DCGS) have made an effort to remind us all of what is disappearing in Delaware County by publishing the Disappearing Delaware County Calendar series. In past years they have featured significant homes, barns, school buildings and even disappearing outhouses.

This year, for the 2011 Disappearing Delaware County Calendar series, the DCGS staff is focusing on one of the first structures that early pioneers raised after building their homes churches Of the 12 churches featured in the 2011 calendar, only one, Condit Presbyterian Church (September), is still used as a church building today.

Disappearing Delaware County calendars are available for $8 from the Delaware Genealogical Society, located at the Delaware County District Library, 84 East Winter Street, Delaware, or for $10 at the Myers Inn, 45 S. Columbus Street Sunbury.

You may also purchase by mail by adding $2 postage to the price and mailing your check to DCHS/DCGS, PO Box 1126, Delaware, OH 43015-8126.