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August 18, 1912 was the last meeting of the M.P. church. The building was to be repaired for school purposes.

H.H. Longenecker was pastor of the Baptist Church in 1924. The photo postcard of the Baptist church was postmarked April 23, 1927. In 2004, the church was hit by lightening causing a fire for which the Forest-Jackson Twp. fire department responded in time to save all but the roof of the bell tower. It was replaced later that year.

Methodist Protestant.

The Baptest church fire incident made national headlines as the building was struck just after the preacher had asked for a sign from God. One of its stained glass windows, possibly the one shown here, was solicited from the G.A.R.

1965 Addition.

H.E. Genheimer was pastor of the Methodist Protestant Church in 1924. "One Hundred Years of Methodism in Forest" was produced by the Forest Methodist Church at the centennial year of 1959. These are the pages:

Presbyterian Church

On the grounds of the M.P. church stood the sheep shed or the boys gymnasium. Students played basketball in the shed and attended classes at times. The shed was torn down in 1936 to make way for a new high school. It was torn down in 2005. James S. Freeman was pastor of the Presbyterian Church in 1924.

The Presbyterian photograph was taken from a postcard which was postmarked June 23, 1910.

Presbyterian Youth Choir

The Presbyterian Youth Choir taken in the early 1950's. Known are:

    Front Row
  • unknown
  • Lorena Seebach
  • Virginia Hempy
  • Susan McFarland
  • Marilyn Hempy
  • unknown
  • unknown
  • Shirley Trissler
    Back Row
  • unknown
  • unknown
  • unknown
  • unknown
  • Jim Bunnell
  • Don Rabberman
New Pipe Organ

The photograph New Pipe Organ was probably taken c1910. A new pipe organ was installed in the church that year. The organ was a two manual tracker built by the Han Wangerin Organ Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is still in use today.

United Methodist Episcopal.

H.S. Worthington was pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1924.


Samuel Weik sent for some information about church bells for the Methodist Protestant church in 1880.

The United Methodist Episcopal church is located at the southwest corner of Dixon & Gormley streets. The main entrance faces Gormley. An addition was approved and constructed in the 1960s. The church's new addition foundation can be seen in the photograph 1965 Addition taken during the summer of 1965.