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odney Burk Letter to F‐AHS.


Rodney Burke

(no date)

To the Forest-Area Historical Society,

Lehman grocery ad

Food is one of the necessities of life. Some people obtain their food from their own gardens while many others purchase their food from grocery stores. I can recall at least eight grocery stores in Forest prior to 1960 plus two meat markets.

Mick & Cline store

The photograph of the Mick & Cline building is the only known image of this building.

The Society would like to obtain photographs, or copies thereof, of this building.

Mick & Cline (1931)

Mick & Cline operated in the two-story brick building located on west Lima street between Mad River on the west and Patterson on the east. It was one of the larger stores in town. The second floor, at one time, was used by a lodge. The first floor was higher than the streeet level so stone steps were provided at the front door and rear entrance.

Lehman grocery ad

A stairway at the rear gave access to the room above. Newt Mick and Ralph Cline, Sr. were the proprietors assisted by Chirrel Mick who later became Mrs. Herb Hawhome. Ralph Cline opposed chain stores and sold Hello World coffee to support the anti-movement. On a trip to Kenton in his Hupmobile Ralph's car went air-borne at a bridge and struck a tree. Ralph was killed in that mishap. Mick & Cline was a General Store selling work clothes, shoes, boots, household itmes, sundries, and foods.

Corner Market
Kachley Store, c1896

The Corner Market was located on the SE corner of Lima and Gormley streets in the old Dickelman building. The store featured a pot-bellied stove around which customers could chat and keep warm. P.D. Lehman (Pal) did not smoke but he did chew - unlit cigars! He had a large number of "charge accounts." The store later was owned by John Rabberman and again, later, by Lloyd Harford. P.D. had two sons; Robert and David.

Kachley Ad

An addition to the Kachely home on Gormley street was built for the store. It was along the first alley south of the Dickelman block and just south of Dr. Holtzmuller's office. It was operated by Charles and his wife Hattie assisted by daughters Margaret (Baum) and Mary (Thompson).

Delivery Truck

The Clover Farm Store owned by Mike Weiss featured a delivery service using a pickup truck (painted green and cream to match the store) fitted with an enclosed cabinet. Rodney Burk drove the truck and clerked in the store. The store was located in the former Curtin & Monce clothing store at the corner of Lima & Patterson streets. The store was sold toMel Hissong.

Kroger Grocery

KROGER's opened a store in or near the building now housing the Post Office, then moved east on Lima street to the room just west of the Shield's Drug Store. Leonard Harman was the manager and, later, John Rabberman.Cleone Tuourrey was a clerk. This was the first chain-operated grocery store in Forest. It was highly competitive with local stores.

Forest locker & Food Service was the beginning of Forest's first "super store" - a grocery owned by Jason Miller who later added an ice cream bar in the old electric generating plant building located jsut west of the store and operated by Jason's family. This was among the first stores to open for business on Sundays.
Rodney H. Burk