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Farmers & Their Wagons


The photograph of Farmers & Their Wagons near Forest was taken while they were preparing corn for market. The date, specific location, and individuals are unknown. Depicted below they are shown in the order as they appear in the Farmer & Their Wagons photograph.

Front Porch

In the photograph John Higgins Farm, John and Nancy are on their porch with one of their daughters, but who is was has not been verified. A close-up of the individuals on the Front Porch can be seen on the right.

John Higgins Farm.

A derrick and drilling machinery was moved from a well on the Higgins' farm to the Kiblinger' farm. The derrick was half way between both the Higgins' well and the Kiblinger' well. The derrick was set up for working the Forest Gas & Oil Company's well. E.N. Howe took a photograph of the Higgins' well in July, 1892. The photograph was a faithful representation of the scene, showing the derrick, machinery and surroundings, and the great column of water and debris raised high in the air by the force of the explosion. The photograph was 8"x10." There was a "Campbelite church" located on the property. Nothing is known about the church, but a closed, single-story, wooden church located on the south side of CR10 just west of CR183 may be that church.

William & Pete

William Higgins plead guilty to a charge of assault and battery before Justice W.L. Spellman on October 7, 1927 and was fined $100 and costs. The affidavit was sworn out by William A. Mapletoft who had been on the Higgins farm trying to identify hogs that had disappeared from the Mapletoft farm. Higgins punched and kicked Mapletoft while he was there.

John Higgins was the son of William Higgins and Mary Ann Tressel. He was married to Nancy N. Higgins. John and Nancy had at least four children; Willis Higgins, Hattie Higgins, Ella Higgins, and Emma Higgins.


John died on his farm on May 20, 1928. His death was attributed to senility. The John Higgins' home was located 3.5 miles west of Forest on CR20 near CR175. The Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, & St. Louis (Pennsylvania) railroad ran east and west a quarter of a mile or so south of the home. A cyclone also passed over the Higgins farm on the night of May 14, 1886 causing extensive damage.

The Higgins' Barn stood on the south side of CR20 about a quarter of a mile west of the Hueston cemetery.

William Higgins

William Higgins is on his farm (left) with Benjamin Franklin "Pete" Briggs shown in the photograph William Higgins." William raised hogs on his farm The other individuals in the photogaph are unknown.

Oats Barn

Written on the back by Elmer L. Flowers in August, 1958, Old Oats farm before house Burnt down. Below are close-ups of the three buggies found in the Oats Barn photograph. No individuals have been identified.

Close-Up of the Individuals at the Oats Barn