erzog Lime & Stone/McVitty Quarry.

Bert Herzog and friends.

The Herzog Lime & Stone Quarry was originally the McVitty Quarry. In the photograph below the viewer is looking west from the bottom of the quarry when it was operated by Bert Herzog. There are no known dates for either of the photographs.

To the left is a photograph of a fishing trip to the City Yacht Basin, Miami, Florida. In the photograph are __, Halley Hines? (mechanic for 40 years), Bert Herzog, Sammy Richardson, and Fred Heinbauge(?). Written on the back is, "Rode with Great Dane in back seat of Lincoln convertable early 40's car. Gordon Fourtny ran the quarry and farms. Has daughter about 62 living. Jap McKee - foreman over men. Fred McKee - brother's Fred also worked for Bert. Might have been a foreman. Tressler ran the gas company. Herzog sold gas co. to Sheldon who is south of Dunkirk on US68."

Herzog Lime & Stone

The workers shown in the photograph below probably worked for the Herzog Quarry. They are shown here during a wood cutting task to obtain fuel for the engine at the quarry. The other photographs are some taken over the years at the quarry.

Herzog Work Crew - Herzog & Lime Quarry, Forest, Ohio
Finished Conveyer & Crusher at McVitty
McVitty Quarry Work Crew
Conveyer & Crusher under construction
McVitty Quarry - Forest, Ohio
Loading Stone at McVitty
Mining at McVitty
Automobiles at the McVitty Quarry
Work Crew at McVitty Quarry
Rock crushers(?) under construction at McVitty Quarry