Dull & Chase

ull & Chase.

The Dull & Chase store was photographed around 1890. It was located just west of the I.O.O.F. building on the south side of Lima street. For many years there was a house located at the spot of the Dull & Chase location so the building holding Dull & Chase was probably torn down before 1900. That house was razed before 2010.

Around the photograph are close-ups of the individuals seen in the photograph. No information about these individuals is known.

afer Barbershop.

"Whitey" Hafer is seen in these photographs while painting the outside of his barber shop. The shop was located on the north side of west Lima street where the current post office is now located. Whitey sold his business later to George Buxton who ran the shop for many years. George was considered to be one of the best barbers around.

Whitey Buxton
Painting the Shop

At one time, Lolo (Witzer) Jaquith ran a millinery shop at this location. Lolo was the wife of R. "Bert" Jaquith, the editor of the Forest Review. Whitey must have closed his barber shop during the time of this photograph because the sign written on the window indicates that the "shop is closed" and has moved to the other side of Lima street.

Whitey's Barber Shop

oyd's Drug.

Dick Boyd's drug store on the north side of Lima street, later the Style Shop can be seen below in a circa 1953 photograph with Hempy Appliance. The two automobiles seen in the photograph are a 1946 and a 1950 Chevorlet.

Boyd's Pharmacy (c1953)
Dick Boyd with Reva Stauffer

Above are Dick Boyd and Reva Stauffer when they were photographed standing in front of the new Boyd's drug store on the south side of Lima street sometime around the time of his new opening in 1955. The two photograhs below left show Boyd's new drug store on the south side of Lima street. It was formerly Harris furniture, Lutz variety, and Forest Variety. The variety store was owned by Glenn March. These photographs were also taken in 1955.

The brick house to the left of the drug store was used as the Zimmerman dentist office and at one time a funeral home.

chott's Dress Shop.

Earl Schott & Ethel Schott owned the Schott Dress Shop seen in the photographs below. The shop was in the same location as the Dull & Chase store. The Pfeiffer Clothing and shoe store is to the far right in each of the three photographs.

Schott Dress Shop
Texaco Gas Station

exaco Gas Station.

The gas station was on the south side of Lima street just east of Martin's meat market. The individual in the photograph is unknown. The date is after 1946 when The Forest-Review office burned.