verview of the community.

The business community is a shadow of what it was during the "hay days" of Forest. At one time there were eight local doctors and most store fronts were filled with various types of businesses. There were even those who brought their wares from other places for sale in Forest. There were upwards of eight different grocery/meat stores in town. Once a bank was operating there hasn't been a time when Forest didn't have a bank. The Baptist, Methodist, and Episcopalian churches had early starts in Forest and to this day have good memberships. There is no longer a local newspaper printed; Forest relies on the Kenton, Findlay, and Upper Sandusky papers for reading and distributing local news. The quarry is still operating though ownership has changed over the years. Trains no longer stop in Forest. There is no local movie theater. The Food Locker is now a photography studio and the hotels are gone. There are no drug stores or barber shops, but ladies can use the facilities of two in-town beauticians. And there are still two places where you can obtain groceries, one place you can obtain fuel, and two places where you can get vehicle maintenance. There are no schools located inside Forest.