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rants Village.

Originally known as Grants instead of Grant the village is located approximately 5 miles south of Forest. In 1891 Ida Feets closed a very successful term of school there. This was probably the closing of a normal school year. The Grants church was papered in June. Sickness was rampant in August. It hadn't been that bad in a number of years.

In June, 1891 John Hamilton had his hand badly mashed while coupling cars for the Big Four. This too was probably in the village of Grants. By 1899 Grants was known as Grant. Just when this occurred is unknown.


Rev. Tope was the preacher at Grants church in 1903.

Edward Utz failed a vision test in August, 1907 for the Big Four railroad. He exhibited a color defect and if proven would be dismissed from the company.

In November, 1928 E.R. McDaniel and Harry Peart formed a partnership to service Chevorlet cars. McDaniel had been at the Beagle garage for some time and associated himself with Harry who had conducted the garage in the rear of Dunham's gas station. They rented the Mapletoft garage (second door east of the post office) which had been conducted by Ralph Fernbaugh.

Nothing is known about Long's garage, but Grant had a population large enough in 1932 to keep Long's garage operating since one of it's employees, with 19 years of experience, was advertising for a management position.

When the Grant Methodist church was first organized, it was known as the Pleasant Grove Methodist Episcopal church. A class was started in the house of Issac Osborn, it is believed about 1838-39, by Rev. Enos Holmes, with the following members:

M.E. Church.
  • Enos Holmes & wife
  • Phoebe Wilson
  • Isaac Osborn
  • Margaret Osborn
  • Asher Letson & wife
  • B. Letson
  • Jane Letson
  • John Letson
  • Fidelia Letson
  • Paul Castor
  • Eleanor Castor
  • David Cloud & wife
  • Agnes Cloud
  • Samuel Holmes & wife
  • John McCann & wife


They held services in private houses and in the school houses until about 1858, when they erected a frame church, whcih was dedicated the same year, by Rev. J. Wesley Wells.


Some of the early ministers were: Rev. Enos Holmes, Rev. Fetchley, Rev. J. Wesley Wells, and Rev. Henry Close.

Sabbath School.

A Sabbath School was early organized, and it continued in quite a prosperous condition. It was kept up the year through, in the winter as well as in the summer.


In 1883 the membership was about seventy. At that time the class leaders were Samuel Sccott and S.H. Corathers; the pastor was Rev Jason Young; the Superintendent was Samuel Scott.

New Building.

In 1906 the present building of the Grant Methodist Church was erected on almost the same site as the first frame church. This was accomplished under the church members and friends of the community by their donations and hard work. The church was dedicated on May 19, 1907, and it was redecorated in 1948 under the leadership of Rev. Deihm. The church membership has now grown to one hundred fifteen. Some of the former ministers were: Rev. Markley, Rev. Herd, Rev. Owens. The present minister is Rev. Roger Rounds.

By Albert Oates
Superintendent of Sunday School.

Forest Centennial Float

The church was represented during the Forest Centennial of August 8-12, 1954 as seen in photograph Forest Centennial Float. Knute Hofins is riding on the float. The other individuals in the photograph are unknown. If you have any information about any of the individuals in this photograph please send an email via the Society link at the top of this page.

The Greenwood Grange at Grant will hold a big ice cream social at the Grange Hall Thursday evening Aug. 11th [1921]. Two pure-bred Gilt Pigs will be given away at this social. 1 Duroc and 1 Chester White. Everyone is cordially invited.

H.A. Beagle ran a garage which sold Cresent Glare Shield making night driving safe in 1921. It was ...made of the best grade of aluminum procurable and any auto headlight.

R.D. Webber operated the Webber Drayer & Moving business.

Currently Grant's population is so limited that it doesn't get listed on the national census like its neighbor, Patterson, five miles north. Patterson's population was 137 in 2000.