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St. Marys church

t. Mary's Church.

Rev. Joseph Gerz was appointed the resident pastor of St. Mary's on March 16, 1903. He left around October, 1909.

irby Plat.

The village of Kirby was surveyed by Dr. J.W. Williams and the platt was laid in 1854 by J.H. Williams and M.H. Kirby. It is situated in Jackson and Mifflin townships, Wyandot county. The survey was conducted at the same time the Pennsylvania, Ft Wayne and Chicago railroad was being constructed through that part of the county. Due to speculation, the entire platt was purchased by Judge Mott and George T. Freet for $7 an acre.

Improvements were made with the addition of shanties for the accommodation of workmen employed by the railroad. At the time Kirby was prosperous due to a lumber trade with the railroad.

.E. Maxwell.

D.E. Maxwell was a dealer in grain, seeds, coal, salt, and fertilizers. By 1937 he was ">rounding out 40 years in service to our farmer friends. [He] wish[ed] to thank most heartily for their continued patronage.">

ale Hemmerly.

In 1937, E. Dale Hemmerly (1892-1961), operated a saw mill which was located one-third of a mile from SR37 near Kirby. He was married to Vanetta (Cross) Hemmerly (1899-1977). His son, Paul N. Hemmerly (5 Dec 1925-15 Dec 2007), continued the business as the Hemmerly Family Saw Mill until 1980 when he retired. Dale also had a daughter, Berniece (Hemmerly) Getz.