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The News was an independent paper of four pages, sized 24"x35", published every Friday with a subscription of $1.50 yearly. It was established in 1875 by J.K. Lowrie who was both editor and publisher. The paper had a circulation of about 450. At the time the paper was competing with the Hardin county Democrat (ed. D.S. Fisher, est. 1840), the Kenton Republican (ed. A.W. Miller, est. 1847), the Ada Commercial (ed. James E. Fisher, est. 1872), and the Dunkirk Standard (ed. S.B. Davis, est. 1875).

Though we do not have any 1876 papers we do have some information from a January 28, 1876 copy.

  • Marriage notices were 25¢
  • Divorce notices were $7
  • Death notices were free
  • Advertising rates were $8/column/week or $1.44/column/week for 52 weeks
  • County officials were: P.B. Cole, James Watt, Solomon Kraner, W.m. Fleming, Isac Bolenbaugh, G.M. Zugschwert, Q. Wilkin, G.W. Armstrong, John r. Gunn, John Shanks, J.R. Dunlap, John McElree, John W. Elder, D.W. Benton, and F.T. Schrader.
  • Village officials were: S. Fasig, W.L. Rummell, John Heffernan, and J. Monk.
  • J.M. Kelly was pastor of the M.E. church
  • T.J. Cellar was pastor of the Presbyterian chruch
  • Prominent advertisers were: C.A. Stockton, Eugene M. Young, R.O. Wiley, and W. McKean.
  • Alexander Hanna manufactured boots and shoes
  • Alex Shoemaker handled building lumber
  • B.W. McCloskey was a maker of saddles, harnesses, and collars.
  • William Crooks offered livery feed
  • J.T. Mabrey was a dealer in boots and shoes
  • Wilkins & Stockton were a real estate agency
  • S.D. Noel specialized in iron and wood pumps

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