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Kroger Co.


Leonard Harman was one of the managers of the Kroger grocery store in Forest. We do not know his tenure with Kroger Co., but he was manager at the time of the Dickelman fire on July 20, 1927.

He was listed on the January, 1920 federal census working the family farm. His father, William T. Harmon and his mother Molly E. Harmon lived in Washington township at that time. He had a 20 year old brother, Milford Harmon, who might have been a twin, and a sister, Blanche E. Harmon, 16 years old.

On 20 Jul 1927, Leonard was injured when pelted with bricks from a burning wall near the Dickelman Manfacturing Co. He and others were in the process of trying to put out fires started when an eastbound Pennsylvania freight left the tracks igniting a car of benzoil. It took about 6 hours to get the fire under control and he was the only person hurt in that incident.

Leonard Harmon

He was listed on the 1930 federal census living on Lima street next door to the widow, Annie P. Herzog (b. 1874, Canada). At that time he was 29, married, and managing the Kroger Grocery & Baking Co. His wife, Lillian M. (Aurland) Harman, was a year younger than he. Lillian didn't work. They had no children at the time of the census. Leonard was born in Ohio, December 15, 1901. Lillian is listed in the social security death index as born in Indiana, but it may have been Ohio. She was born June 30, 1903.

Leonard died in Kenton June 29, 1952. At the time he was an auctioneer's clerk. In addition to being an auction clerk, he had been a sales clerk for a Findlay firm. Among the survivors were his widow, Lillian, and his mother, Mollie, both of Kenton. The Price funeral home was in charge of his burial.

There is no other information about Leonard or Lillian. The society would be interested in obtaining any photographs of him or his wife and any photographs showing the Kroger store he managed.