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ig Four Rail Road.

The tracks at the center of the photograph (C.C.C.&FtW.) may be part of the Big Four railroad, the C.C.C.&St.L. The Big Four started as the Ohio & Indiana Railroad Co., incorporated March 20, 1850 and was also known as the Sandusky, Dayton, & Cincinnati railroad.

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Big Four Route
C.C.C. & FtW.

The road was constructed in 1853-54. There was a contest between Kenton and the northern portion of the county, Forest, for the location of the road. It was sharp and spirited, but the people of Kenton let the opportunity pass, refusing to appropriate the required amount until it was too late, ">then they regretted their apathy or want of enterprise." 

The railroad strikes the eastern line of Hardin county on the Section line between Sections 5 and 8, Jackson township; running in a southwest course, it crosses Jackson, Blanchard, Washington and Liberty townships, and enters Hardin county near the southwest corner of Sect. II in the latter subdivision. The stations on the road inside the boundaries of Hardin county were Forest, Dunkirk, North Washington and Ada. In 1856, the Ohio & Indiana Railroad Company was consolidated with the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Company, which operated the line until the advent of the Pennsylvania Railroad. There was a large and long two-story structure at the location of the current Martin market. It was the Gray & White Co. and the structure in the right background may be the location of that company. Also, the shadow line on the brick house on the left indicates that the sun is fairly high overhead. The direction of the shadow line indicates that the sun is high and to the left. If so, then this photograph was taken facing west.

In 1892 W.W. Moler was agent for the C.C.C.&St.L. railroad at Forest.