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The prime objective of this organization is to identify and honor the early settlers of Franklin County, Ohio. In so doing we hope to make known their influence on the community that they helped develop by illuminating their societal contributions, which includes the leaving of descendants.
Any member of the Franklin County Genealogical and Historical Society proving they are a direct descendant of an individual(s)  who settled in Franklin County, Ohio by 1830 may join the Pioneer Families of Franklin County, Ohio (PFFCO).

A one time application fee of $20.00, covering as many ancestors as the applicant wishes to prove; sufficient proof of descent: and a five generation chart, showing the name(s) of every ancestor claimed, must be submitted along with this application.

A brief biographical sketch for each settler claimed would also be appreciated, but it is optional. Such a sketch could include the following items: the person’s occupation, residence, church and school affiliations, political and civic activities, migration pathway, interesting family stories, physical description and any other details that would help develop a better image of this person and their lifestyle. Also include an autobiography. With new histories not being written, this might be your only chance for posterity. Applicants who have had their descent approved will be honored at the PFFCO Annual  Program and will be presented a membership certificate and pin.

Please type or hand print all known information within the spaces provided. We realize that you may not have all the required information to fill in every blank. However, please try to complete the blank with as much information as known.

It is necessary to prove each step of descent by submitting copies of various supporting documents (see HELPFUL HINTS below). For filing purposes, do not submit application and proof of descent in a three-ring notebook. After completion, mail the application form, fee and five-generation chart (or however many generations it will take to get to 1830), along with all supporting documents to the mailing address, which appears on the cover sheet.

All proof of descent should be sufficient to clearly demonstrate that the applicant is indeed directly descended from the pioneer ancestor(s) named on page one of this application form. Acceptable forms of proof are as follows:
1. Birth records                                                                                8. Church and Bible Records
2. Death records                                                                                9. Cemetery Records
3. Marriage records                                                                       10. County Histories
4. Wills and administrations/Estate Records                            11. Family Genealogies (written over 50 years ago)
5. Guardianships                                                                             12. Census Records
6. Land deeds                                                                                    13. Newspaper Clippings
7. Military Pension Applications
Proof of residency may be provided using any of the above documents in addition to tax records and poll lists. Be sure to include a complete reference (volume, page, year, type of record, and location) for each document submitted. When submitting proof taken from a book, enclose a copy of the original information and a copy of the title page of the book from which it came. Copies of original documents should be photocopied. Hand copied or typewritten copies must be certified as “True copies” by an official of the courthouse, library or office where the data was found. Name changes through marriage within a line of descent should be well documented. Marriage records are usually the best means of proof in such instances.
All evidence submitted will become the property of  FCGHS.