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Pioneers Families of Franklin County


Pioneer Families of Franklin County, Ohio was established to pay tribute to those pioneers who were in Franklin County by 1830. Each year a banquet is held to honor these ancestors and install their descendants as new members. The application fee is $20.00 plus FCGS membership (plus the cost of the dinner/luncheon later) . Members receive a pin and a certificate. Applications  for membership are accepted all year long. If you can prove that your ancestor was in Franklin County by 1830, you are eligible and invited to apply. Call or write (E-mail is O.K.) to request your membership and application forms or print off  the membership form from the link on the Home Page and Pioneer Family Application by following the links at the bottom of each page. Assistance is available if you do not wait until the last minute. Get your application in early!

The application for Pioneer Families of Franklin County, Ohio sponsored by the Franklin County Genealogical and Historical Society has been placed on-line for your convenience and a cost saving to us. The application covers eight generation. Some applicant's will only need 5 or 6 but eight generations are provided for the occassional grandparent who would like to have a grandchild registered in Pioneer Families.  You will need to print out each generation separately to get make sure each page contains all the information necessary. Be sure you have printed enough generations to get you or whoever to 1830 and your pioneer ancestor.

Send your completed application, proof and check to:

The Franklin County Genealogical and Historical Society

3378 Park Street, Suite D

Grove City, Ohio 43123-2630


Our deadline for submitting your application for induction is December 31st for induction the following May, but applications for membership are accepted all year long.  The FINAL acceptance of your applications to be eligible for admission into Pioneer Families for the each year’s program is 31 March, of that year. The sooner you get your application in the more help we will be able to give you. If you do not get accepted in time for the that years program your application will be considered for the next year. When you get accepted early, you can make your plans in advance!