Free Genealogy Lookup Posted Queries for February 1998


Researcher: Barbara Richardson
Date posted: Sunday, February 1, 1998

RICHARDSON...I am looking for the names of Julius Miller RICHARDSON's parents. He was born on 4 NOV 1862, possibly in Sugar Creek Twsp and died 27 DEC 1947 at Union Hospital, Dover. His last residence was North Industry, Stark County and he is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, beside his wife, Lena BRICK (29 OCT 1866 -- 27 JUN 1938). JM and Lena were married in Tuscarawas County on 8 JUN 1884, and their children were Gertrude, Clarence, Elizabeth and Catherine. If you can obtain a birth certificate for JM, or anything giving his parents names, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much. Barbara Richardson

Surnames: STEEN, STEIN
Researcher: Mary Davis
Email: Karturk@AOL.COM
Date posted: Sunday, February 1, 1998

FREE LOOKUP REQUEST Looking for birth information on ALMA IRENE STEEN. Her daughter's birth certificate shows ALMA born 2-Sept 1902 in Columbus, Ohio. ALMA'S death certficate shows her born 2 Sept 1902 in Columbus Ohio. Father: SAM STEIN. ALMA'S obit shows born 9-1-1900 but age 28, so 1902 date appears more correct. Born to Samuel and Anna Steen of Columbus, Ohio. I have written both the Columbus and Franklin County clerks and neither one can find a record.

Researcher: Roger White
Date posted: Monday, February 2, 1998

Looking for marrage record for Jesse ENNIS b.sept. 2 1816 to Sarah HOLMES b. may 20 1820 m. date july 30 1837. Lived in Centerville Ohio 1850's Montgomery Cty. Roger

Surnames: BOWLES, SINK
Researcher: Jackie Sink
Date posted: Monday, February 2, 1998

Searching for any information on the SINK family located in Darke County, Ohio. CALEB SINK, b abt 1824,VA, and LYDIA BOWLES SINK, b1820, married 1847 in Loydsville,Belmont Cty.,Ohio. Children as follows: FANNIE - b abt. 1848, WILLIAM - b abt. 1850, JONATHAN - b7/17/1853, MARY L. - b abt. 1855, SUSANE - b abt. 1856, JACOB - b abt. 1858, AARON - b abt. 1860, HENRY - b ?, CALEB - b abt. 1866, JOSHUA - b abt. 1866. 1880 census listed CALEB and also his son JONATHAN & wife MARY ANN and three children, WILLIAM age 4, WESLEY WILSON age 3, AND LEWIS SINK age 1. Jackie

Researcher: James Jacquet
Date posted: Monday, February 2, 1998

Francois JACQUET, b. 1817 in Les Houches, France, d. March 22,1884 in Louisville (Stark Co.), Ohio. Married to Francoise MUGNIER, b. 1813 in Les Houches, France, d. 1872, in Louisville (Stark. Co.), Ohio. Looking for JACQUET, MUGNIER, BALIZETand BOVALOT surnames.

Surnames: TAYLOR
Researcher: Cindy Ford
Date posted: Monday, February 2, 1998

David B. TAYLOR b. 1803 in N.C. wife Susannah b.1804 unsure of county in wich they resided (sorry) had children while living in Ohio: Rueben W. b.1833, Mary I. b.1834, David B. b.1835, Louisa P. b.1840, Thomas T. b.1842. Know they left Ohio after Thomas T. was born had another child Martha b.1845 in ILL. found in Jefferson County IL. census in 1880 this about all the info I have on this family prior to comming to Il. Appreciate any help that can be given.

Surnames: BROOKS
Researcher: Robert Campbell
Date posted: Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Any referrals to mailing lists or look-up helps pertaining to Licking County, Ohio would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation in this regard. Sincerely, Robert Campbell of Long Beach, California, descendnat of Joshua BROOKS of Licking County, circa 1792. He was the father of a Sarah Brooks, born 1792, Licking County.

Surnames: BLANK
Researcher: Judith Jasper
Date posted: Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Frederick Charles BLANK, b. 7 Feb 1880 in Lancaster,Fairfield Co.,Ohio and died 1937(not sure) in Lancaster,Fairfield Co.,Ohio. Father: Jacob BLANK . Address at time of death: Mulberry St, Lancaster, Ohio. Thank you, Judith Jasper e-mail:

Researcher: Barbara
Date posted: Tuesday, February 3, 1998

I'm looking for information on a Robert ROSS born in Ohio (I think Mercer County) approx around 1824. Married Mariah PARROTT in Mercer County on Sept. 22, 1843. A son, John, born 10-3-1844 in Ohio, a daughter, Mary, in 1846, Ohio, They were in Mercer County in 1850 according to the 1850 census. Moved to Iowa, a daughter born (Clara) in 1856. I would like to know any other info on Robert Ross. Thank you.

Surnames: GLAVIC
Researcher: Tina
Date posted: Wednesday, February 4, 1998

I am looking for information regarding my grandfather; FRANK GLAVIC JR. My grandparents married in April 1936 in Ripbury, New York, my father; RICHARD FRANK GLAVIC was born in April 1937. My grandparents divorced in May of 1942 because my grandfather was in prision in Pennsylvania. The last time my father saw him was around 1953-ish in Cleveland, Ohio. He believes that his father lived near 22nd Street. If you could help me in any way I would be very greatful. Thank you in advance. Tina

Surnames: CONERLY
Researcher: Shirley Treadway
Date posted: Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Hello, my name is Shirley A. Treadway, 267 Brookside Dr., Franklin, NC 28734. I would like a copy of my half-sister's death certificate - she died in January of 1934. Her name was Joy Maxine CONERLY, and she lived in Summit County (Akron). Thank you.

Surnames: SMITH, WELLS
Researcher: Shirley Treadway
Date posted: Wednesday, February 4, 1998

My great great grandparents were from Marion, Ohio. Is that Washington County? Their names were: William SMITH, born Oct. 31, 1826, d. Jan. 13, 1912 and Mary WELLS, b. Aug. 23, 1828 d. Dec. 15, 1909. They were married June 28, 1847. Their daughter, Mary Ann Smith, born April 20, 1863 was my great-grandmother. If you have birth, death, & marriage certificates, I would be glad to pay for a copy of them. Please let me know.

Researcher: Martha M. Giannetti
Date posted: Wednesday, February 4, 1998

My grmother, Mary (Maria) Sophia PETERS (1865-1918) was born in Cincinnati. Her parents were Heinrich Caspar PETERS (1830-1905) and Sophia Elizabeth LUECKEMEIR (1827-1907), who, according to St. Peters CC Church in Washington, MO. was Prussian. Other siblings were H.William, Fred, Ernst and Lizzy (Elizabeth). All of the family except Ernst, who remained in Cincinnati, moved to Washington,MO. I would appreciate help in learning place of birth of grgrandparents and when they arrived in the U.S. from Germany. Will appreciate any help or advice available.

Surnames: CLARK, LEAR
Researcher: Ana Mathis
Date posted: Thursday, February 5, 1998


Researcher: Larry & Mary Ann Corder
Email: lcorder@altinet.nett
Date posted: Friday, February 6, 1998

Maggie, Thank you for your offer. I am looking for a will or court papers for Joshua MESSER or MERCER. He m. Anna BURR in 1835 in Muskingum Co. Ohio. I have no record of him after that--children were born between 1836 and 1850. There is a possibility he died in 1850 because I find Anna and Children in 1850 in Guernsey Co. 1860 in Noble Co. and 1870 in Vinton Co.--all Ohio. I am thinking that if he died there should be court papers in Guernsey Co. or Noble Co. Children of Joshua and Ann Messer/Mercer: Elizabeth, Mariah, Lydia, Lucinda, Sarah, David, Levi, Samuel and Theodore(b.1850) my great grandfather. Thank you very much for your time and consideration to my request. Mary Mercer Corder

Researcher: Kathy Choma Rassel
Date posted: Friday, February 6, 1998

Hi Maggie, Thanks for offering this. I am very new to this! I am looking for a marriage between Michael CHOMA and Katherine PISZLZAK (PISCZAK) that occurred somewhere between 1914-1919. Sorry I can't be more specific on the date. They came from Galicia(Prezemy l), and came first to Cleveland. They were married there and later moved to Detroit. In addition to the marriage certificate, I would like to obtain the names of the parents of Michael CHOMA. Thanks so much for your help.

Researcher: Betty
Date posted: Friday, February 6, 1998

Could you check on a Henry BALL, born 1808 (from 1850 census) in Virginia. His son Wiliam Henry Ball says he was born in Carroll County, Ohio and that is where I first pick up Henry Ball in the 1840 census. He married an Eliza Jane CAMPBELL in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio in 1832. They next pop us in DeKalb Co., Indiana with children John W., Mary Ann, Margaret, Samuel, Harry, William Henry and Rachel. I am trying to get the parents names so I can go backwards. Thanks so much for any help. I found two Henry Balls in Carroll Co tax list of 1833. Betty

Surnames: HESCHT
Researcher: Terri Cheesebrew
Date posted: Saturday, February 7, 1998

To whom it may concern: I am trying to do a little background into my family's history. I am trying to find out if you have any record of a death of a man named Charles HESCHT. I believe he was from the Steubenville/Toronto area. Thank you for any assistance that you can provide. Terri Cheesebrew

Researcher: Virginia Burke
Date posted: Saturday, February 7, 1998

Trying to determine who the parents were of:
William Arthur BURKE, East Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, b. circa 1882, d. 14 Nov. 1951. Father believed to be named John Patrick BURKE, either immigrated from IRL to or was born in Mechanicville, NY, Saratoga County, name of spouse unknown, fathered 11 children (including William Arthur, Louis, Elizabeth, Nell, Raymond, Flornell SWEENEY, Francis, and Blanch CONSLA) all raised in Cleveland.

I looked in the Cleveland Necrology Index and did not find a William Arthur Burke with the correct death date. I found a John Patrick Ryan who died 6/16/1947. There is no reference to William Arthur in that obit but you never know. If you want the copies just send me a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 N. Drexel Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219.

Also to get his death certificate you will need to send his name, date of death, city & county of death, parents names (if known) to the following agency. I'm sorry I don't know the cost.

Cleveland Vital Statistics
601 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114
For more information on Cleveland and Cuyahoga County go to

Researcher: Sharon Nuss Custer
Date posted: Saturday, February 7, 1998

List of children b. to Sarah Ann ONKST and Jacob BOOHER Martin b. between 1876 and 1892 in (Montgomery County) Ohio, and any other info about family.

Surnames: BRUCE, DAVIS
Researcher: Cathy Wakefield
Date posted: Saturday, February 7, 1998

I am looking for information on Joshua BRUCE. He married a Malinda DAVIS in Gallia County in the 1800's. I haven't been able to find much information. I would like to know when and where Joshua was born and who his father was and where he was born. I found out about site on the free look up. Thank you for any assistance. I wish I could give you more information but I can't find anything.

Researcher: Tamara P. Hammock
Date posted: Saturday, February 7, 1998

This is a request for you do conduct a free search for the surname SPRINGER. I have some information on Earl Don SPRINGER-born in 1890 in Cambridge and died 9/8/1953 in Cambridge but I really need information on Earl Don's father, William F. SPRINGER. All I know on William is that he died on May 23, 1934, and he was married to Ollie DYE SPRINGER. I will be grateful for any information you can provide to me. Thank you very much in advance.

I found and copied William F. Springer's death certificate. If you send me a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 N. Drexel, Columbus, Ohio 43219.

W.F. died in Cambridge, Guernsey County Ohio. Parents are Thomas & Eliz. (Powell) Springer. All were born in Ohio. He is buried in the Northwood Cemetery. (I have yet to figure out where that is.) Informant was Mrs. Wm. F. Springer of 1215 Gambier Ave.

Researcher: Bobbie Landrum
Date posted: Sunday, February 8, 1998

I am trying to find some information on Japhet IRELAN. I know that he was married to Mary LAMBERT or LANBERT and they had a son Lambert L. Irelan born in Cincinnati on April 20, 1818. That is the total of what is known. If you can find any information about either Japhet or Mary I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time. Bobbie Landrum

Surnames: VICKERS
Researcher: Michael E. Vickers
Date posted: Sunday, February 8, 1998

I'm interested in any information of James VICKERS b. 1/15/1784 in VA , he moved to Muskingum County Ohio. Also their children:

Nancy Vickers b. 1807 OH
Elias Vickers b. 1808 OH
Martha Vickers b. 1810 OH
Lorenzo Dow Vickers b. 1813 OH
William H. Vickers b. 1816 OH
John J. Vickers b. 1863
Mary Jane Vickers b. 1821 OH

I am a descendant of Lorenzo Dow Vickers and am also interested in any information of James R. Vickers b. 1838 OH. He has quite a civil war history so I was told. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant of the Eighty-ninth Ohio Regiment.

I 'm looking to include this information in my family history tree. I have this information as a hard copy in a 3 ring binder.I also would like to have a copy of a picture of any of the mentioned above and their descendants.

I would welcome any information thru E-mail
or send hard copies to:
Michael E. Vickers
4004 Dorris RD
Irving, TX 75038

Mike Vickers

Researcher: Andrew M. Hendry
Date posted: Monday, February 9, 1998

Thank you Maggie for your kind response. Maybe this will help. In G Frederick Wright. Supervising Editor. "History of Lorain County" Vol I. pp 118, 119 and 120, it talks about "Carlisle Township" page 119. I don't know the other references made on this page so the reference doesn't help me. It is not the one in Warren County. I have been in touch with them and am satisfied. An archivist at Oberlin College said in a letter to me some years ago, "There was such a community with postoffice in Lorain County from 1826 to 1838 and from 1847 to 1855." Any help you can be will be really appreciated. I have a lot of roots in Lorain but need to verify. Thank you again. Andy Hendry

Researcher: Matt
Date posted: Monday, February 9, 1998

Looking for the death record of Winifred HARTMAN. Info I have stated she was buried in Ashtabula. Maiden name was LAWLESS. I think it would have been after 1908. thank you!

Researcher: Tina Markham
Date posted: Monday, February 9, 1998

My greatgrandparents Harry BECKER and Ida Mae (HOOPER) Becker left Dusseldorf,Germany went to New York first then settled in Sebring,Ohio county Mahoning and gave birth to my grandfather Harold Leroy Becker on May 25 1911. My grandfather lived there intil he was about 21 or 23 left to go to West Virginia married my grandmother Alma Fay (LANG) and moved back to Ohio. This is all I know except I do know that Harry Becker was born in 1870. I need some more info. Thank you, Tina

Researcher: Bennet Tallis
Date posted: Monday, February 9, 1998

Information on the KEDINGTON family. Bennet Tallis

Surnames: THOMAS
Researcher: Nancy Pfeiffer
Date posted: Wednesday, February 11, 1998

I am researching my family history on my mothers side. Birth record for Alberta Violet THOMAS DOB 02/07/1917 Birth record for Albert THOMAS Jan 18, 1883, Woodsville, ohio(Sandusky County). Death record for Albert THOMAS Approx death 1943. Any help you can give me would be greatly appriciated you can Email me back at Nancy Pfeiffer

First birth records in that county can only be gotten by a relative. (grin)IE they would not release the info to me. You need to send to the Sandusky County Board Health
2000 Countryside Dr, Fremont, OH 43420
419-334-6377 or 419-334-6366
to request the birth certificate on Alberta Violet Thomas and to the
Sandusky County Probate Court
100 N Park Ave, Fremont, OH 43420
to request the birth certificate on Albert Thomas.
Another place to check out is the Hayes library as they have a compueter searchable database of what they have (not online but they will look for you). If you find a hit they don't charge an unrealistic amount to send the info to you.

Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center Library and Archives
Librarian, Spiegel Grove
1337 Hayes Ave, Fremont, OH 43420
Fax: 419-332-4952
--Open to the public and free of charge.
--Contains 70,000 volumes, plus newspapers and periodicals, focusing on the years from the Civil War to the eve of World War I.
--Ohio history is of interest, especially Sandusky River Valley and northwest Ohio.
--SANDUSKY (COUNTY), OHIO AREA NAME DATABASE (An obituary and local history name index on computer (over 170,000 names)from major Fremont papers, from 1839 to the present. Also indexes other sources such as funeral home registers, wills, estates, and some history books.
--Limited research by mail and E-Mail requests. Research fee $10.00 an hour ($10.00 minimum deposit required) plus copies (at $0.30 per page copied) and postage/handling.
--Reading Room located on the second floor of the Library/Museum building.
--Library hours: Monday through Saturday 9am - 5pm. Closed: Sundays and holidays.

And now to the death certificate for Albert Thomas. I found three of them that died in 1943 but none were born in 1883. I was not sure if it was the same person so I got copies of the certificates. One died in Youngstown, Mahoning County Ohio, One died in Cleveland Cuyahoga County Ohio, and the last died in Shermon Township, Huron County Ohio (this is very close to Sandusky County Ohio). If you want copies of these send a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 N. Drexel Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219.

Researcher: Joan Enright
Date posted: Wednesday, February 11, 1998

Hi Maggie, I didn't know you had this site, also! Fantastic! My dilemma is: Just recently learned that my GrGrandmother from her 1925 obituary in McFall, Daviess County,MO was born in Columbus, OH. SARA ANN BOYSOL was born October 12, 1843 Columbus, OH to FREDERICK BOYSOL and SUSAN MARCH BOYSOL.

In a History of Daviess & Gentry County, MO there is a sketch of ASA L. SMITH who married SARA ANN BOYCEL on February 27, 1863 (I'm assuming in't have proof)...and in this sketch it states that SARA ANN BOYCEL TAYLOR is a native of Iowa!

Would it be possible for a lookup in the 1840/1850 FRANKLIN COUNTY, OH census for a FREDERICK BOYSOL/BOYCEL family (all various spellings)? If this family is listed, I can continue to concentrate my research in Franklin County, OH for all information concerning the BOYSOL/BOYCEL family. Thank you, Joan

There was no Frederick Boysol/Boycel/Boisol/ect. in the Ohio 1840 or 1850 census. I did find a Jacob Boysel in Pickaway County in 1850. I copied the census and if you want it just drop me a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 N. Drexel Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219.

1850 Pickaway County, Pickaway Township, Ohio Census

John Boysel 50M Miller Pa
Catharine 48F Pa
Mary 19F Pa
Jacob 18M Laborer Ohio
John 12M Ohio
Christinna 12F Ohio
Emanuel 10M Ohio
Peter 8M Ohio
Levi 6M Ohio

Researcher: Nathan Rold
Date posted: Thursday, February 12, 1998

To whom it May Concern, I am looking for cause of death on Bill WHITTAKER who was a resident of Portsmouth , Ohio in Scioto county. Any info would be much appreciated. He died in an industrial accident I believe on 18 april 1994 while on a job in Morehead Ky. Thank you, Nathan Rold

Researcher: Sharon Wiley Hightower
Date posted: Friday, February 13, 1998

Marriage certificate information of Edward WILEY and Violate Philura CUSHMAN, m. Feb 13, 1851, in Marion County?? Want WILEY birth place and parents' names.

Researcher: Gregory P. Himes
Date posted: Saturday, February 14, 1998

Hi, I am trying to locate a birth certificate and or death certificate for George Paul HIMES my great grandfather. I located his name as George P. Himes in the Ohio census of 1880. pg 354d roll 1059-vol 52. I believe he lived in Ravenna Village Portage County. I know of one child Harold Bernard Himes there could be other children. George was married to Belle PLUMMER also of Ohio. Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Thank You, Greg Himes

Researcher: Sandynmk
Date posted: Saturday, February 14, 1998

Trying to find any information on a Floyd Giles TROUPE or TROOP born on 5/17/89 in Mansfield, Ohio. His parents were John A. Troupe (not sure of spelling) and Claire LEINARD. They were married in Richland County, Ohio on Nov. 26, 1895. Also trying to locate information on my grandmother Rosemond HOYE born in Toledo, Ohio - sometime around 1892 - 1895. Her sister's name was Nada KNIESLY who lived in Toledo, Ohio. Any help would be appreciated.

Researcher: Ilene Jones
Date posted: Sunday, February 15, 1998

Casper HUFFERT/HOFFART/HUFFORD/HUFFERD: Who were his parents? Casper b. Aug. 31, 1762, birthplace unk. Md. catharine STIHLE March 23, 1786. Prior to 1817, they emigrated from Rockingham County, VA to Fairfield County, OH with probably all their children: Solomon, b. 1786, Abraham, b. 1788, Elizabeth, b. 1790; Catharine, b.1792; Daniel, b. 1795; Sarah Saloma, b. 1796; Jacob, b. 1798; Susan, b. 1800; Joh, b. 1801; Christopher, b. 1803; Michael, b. 1804; David, b. 1807; Rebecca, b. 1813. They were German Baptists (also called "Dunkers" or "Dunkards" because of their method of baptism. They lived near North Bern, OH., and there is a family burial ground there. I'm trying to connect him to possible Ger immigrants to PA but so far cannot prove.

Surnames: LUCAS, YOUNT
Researcher: Derald Lucas
Date posted: Sunday, February 15, 1998

Dear Maggie: I am looking for the parents of David LUCAS born in the Montgomery Co.,VA area he married Rachel YOUNT in Montgomery Co.OH., on Jan 16,1806. Everything we have found leads his father as being a John Lucas. We know nothing about his mother or siblings,but have a lot of info from David on. Always glad to share.You have a very good page hope we can help you too. Derald Lucas

Researcher: Eva Lee Clanton
Date posted: Sunday, February 15, 1998

Nicholas FLESCH: Born 10-18-1880 Died 8-1964 Buried in E. Liverpool SS#232-10-1800 Married Eva STONE Died 4-1937 Certificate # May be 23567 (I haven't viewed it). Family were potters. Eva Stone's parents: Henry Stone who was a civil war vet. Born 10-1849 Died 10-2-1911 Buried at Riverview Location Sec#18&34 E. LiverpoolLot 191 Section 2 North Block No:2 Grave No:10 (Info from Graves Registration Card) and Myrtle Stone who also died in E. Liverpool.

I would like information on the Stone's if possible starting with Eva. They all were from around E. Liverpool and buried in E. Liverpool. Any information would be appreciated since my search is just beginning. Thank You. Eva Lee Clanton

I got the death certificates on Eva Flesch and Henry Stone. If you would like the copies send a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 N. Drexel Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219.

Eva Lee Flesch died of cancer of the stomach and liver. DOB April 30, 1884 in East Liverpool, Ohio to Henry Stone (born Toronto, Ohio-->This is in Jefferson County, Ohio on the river just across from Hancock County, WV) & Myrtle Bennett (born Steubenville, OhioThis is in Jefferson County, Ohio on the river just across from Brooke County, WV). The informant was Mrs. Clara Anderson of East Liverpool Ohio. She is buried in Riverview Cemetery.

Henry Stone died 10-2-1922 in East Liverpool of Peritonitis. He is listed as a Potter but the parents both say "don't know". His DOB is listed as Oct 1849 in the US. The informant was Mrs. Henry Stone of East Liverpool Ohio. He is also buried in Riverview Cemetery.

Surnames: WETZEL
Researcher: Helen K. Wetzel
Date posted: Monday, February 16, 1998

Looking for any information on a John M. WETZEL. Thank you. Helen K. Wetzel

Researcher: Pat McGarry
Date posted: Monday, February 16, 1998

Peterseim, Petersime, Petersimes (All other related spellings- Petersein, Petersine, Petersione, (Anything that sounds or looks close) etc.) Stickney (Around the Franklin County Area-Henry Bascomb Stickney and wife Louise Angree-James Willis Stickney) White (Charles and Martha Parks Chapman White), Andrews (Around Fairfield County-Millersport), McGarry (Around Hamilton and Montgomery County), Russell (Around Hamilton and Montgomery County), McGary, Meeker (Around Hamilton and Clermont County) Leuderalberts, Rodaheffer, Fedt, Bang (Levi Bang- around Darke and Miami County)Hartle (Andrew J. Hartle, and wife Anne Peterseim Hartle- around Darke and Miami County) Keiser (Came from Pennsylvania-Adam Keiser or 'Kiser'-Around Darke and Miami County) Kiser, Herzog, Hatzo, Burt (Around Guernsey County), Fetters, Boeckman, Castle, Kreider, Shandy, Boyd (Elizabeth "Lizzy" Radabaugh Boyd-), Radabaugh, Haney (Around Muskingum County), Long and Lang (Around Muskingum County-Both names), Urpman.

Researcher: K. Grossn
Date posted: Monday, February 16, 1998

Thanks for any help. Looking for any information on family of Rebecca EDSALL b. June 29, 1835 in Xenia, Ohio, Green County. She married Harvey Allen COSLEY b Jan 29, 1827 in Parkersburt W VA, Wood County on March 9, 1852 in Xenia, Ohio. Children Rosie Bell Cosley b 1859, Thomas Washington Cosley b Apr 30, 1861 in Lawrence Kansas. Andrew Emile, Josephine, and Albert Clinton also believed born in Kansas. If its possible to get a copy of marriage certificate, let me know what I need to do.....Also would like to know about parents or siblings. Thanks!!

Researcher: Tek120
Date posted: Monday, February 16, 1998

I'm trying to find information on: Reuben HUDSON, born in New York in Erie County I believe. He married a women named Harriett AYERS who was born in 1820 ...I think. They had a child also named Rueben Hudson. He was born in 1842 in New York where then his family moved to Adams county Ohio. His mother soon died. P.S. thank you for your work. So many of us truely don't know who we are.

Surnames: COOPER
Researcher: Janie Cooper Russell
Date posted: Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Who: Charles Allen COOPER
What: looking for parents or siblings
When: Born 1955
Where: Republic County, Liberty township, Ohio (info from 1880 Kansas soundex card)
Married: Brown, Arminda>16 Sept 1975>Oskaloosa, Iowa (have marriage license)
Lived: Galena, Cherokee county, Kansas (Ka census)
Occupation: Miner-sons miners also
Died: Kellogg, Idaho in 1922 (Unproven)
Parents: Born in Penn (accding to 1900 Kansas Census)
Very much appreciate your help!!!

Researcher: Pat McGarry
Date posted: Tuesday, February 17, 1998

You mention something on the Miami County Email List about lookups for a Ohio Index. That must be something new, or are you meaning the Ohio Historical Society Death Certificate Index (Which is online). I am requesting lookups for any: Peterseim, Petersime, Petersimes (All other related spellings-Petersein, Petersione, Petersine, etc.), Eikenberry (Jacob W. 1878-?, and wife Susie Florence), Kreider (Ucal, and whatever else ones you find, if not too many), Hatzo, Herzog, Leuderalbert, Urpman.

Also, in your Franklin County page, you said you could do errand copies at the Ohio Historical Society, of Death Certificates, (Also can you do Census Indexes [meaning Census that list all family members, and are in county books at the Society Library], like the 1880 Mercer and 1880 Allen County, for Peterseim's (All look-like spellings), and 1870-1860 Allen County Census for same name[Martin Peterseim is listed in index, and want to find if have children]) for $.25.
I am requesting Death Certificates for Henry B. Stickney (D. 1915, and listed in index), Andrew Hartle (D. 1919, in Miami County), Charles Fessler (D. 1923), and if you ever have time (I know you probably do not work there, or volunteer, but maybe, [a genealogist name Jean Collier work there, and helped me years ago on my Peterseim family], a lookup for all Peterseim (All related spellings-Petersime-etc.) you find listed in each microfiche Index-1907-1944, so I can decide which ones I would ask for next time.

I thought that they would have 1907-1947, now, because isn't by law, once it has been 50 years from a date, a state or historical society can have access to it. 1944, was the last date, I think, when I was there about four or five years ago, that they also had then too?

They do have a website, with an index of 1913-1917, 1918-1922, 1923-1927, and 1933-1937, but it seems to be incomplete, because I know that a Great-Great-Grandmother of mine, I had found listed when I was at the Historical Library, died in 1927, but is not listed in Website index, and many others I know that died in Ohio in those years are not listed.

I guess I will give you my address next time, and see how I will get a payment to you. Thanks for whatever you can do. Let God Be With You.

Researcher: Linda Britzius DeHaven
Date posted: Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Hi, just discovered my gr2 grandfather, George BRITZIUS was born in Tuscarawas County, OH November 4, 1845. I'm trying to track down the correct names and pertinent dates for his siblings. Also, any solid information on his parents, Theobald BRITZIUS and Christina Elizabeth MAURER, both from Germany(?). Thanks, Linda Britzius DeHaven

Researcher: MS Pap
Date posted: Tuesday, February 17, 1998

I'm looking a birth cert for Bridget Delia DERRICK to find the last name of her mom. Dad: Patrick Derrick (DERRIG) Mom: Daisy or Dorsay. Delia was born around 1850 in Carthage, Ohio in Hamilton County. She died 11-10-1892 I think in Springfield, Clark County or Yellow Springs, ?Greene County?. She married Michael GAFFNEY in Springfield, Clark County on October 27, 1875. Thank you for your help.

Researcher: Mark & Susan Norrell
Date posted: Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Hello, My maiden name was MCCONNELL and I am researching the genealogy for my father's side. Mygr-gr-great grandfather was James McConnell who was born in Pennsylvania in 1793 and became the postmaster and constable in Berlin, Ohio. He was married to Catherine HINKLE (HENCKEL/HENKEL) who was the daughter of Peter Henckel. Their youngest son was George Deardoff McConnell who changed his middle name to "Washington". George was born August 19, 1838 at Berlin, Holmes County, Ohio. This is everything I have on these two McConnells. Could you find out when James and Catherine where married? How many children they had? Who James' parents were? Where in Pennsylvania he was born? Did he have a will? If I have asked for to much - please excuse me. I am new at this. Thank you so very much for any help. Best Regards, Susan A.M. Norrell Pocatello, Idaho

Susan, I had been saving your request for a trip to Holmes County. Well I was down there a couple of days ago and found no marriage there. I am going to look around some more but thought I would update you.

Researcher: Sandy Thompson Bollhorst
Date posted: Wednesday, February 18, 1998

CALHOUN and LONGCOR Maggie, I am trying to help my son in law find his family of Calhouns who came from Ireland or Scotland in the late 1700's possibly 1760. John Wesley Calhoun m: Jiminia WEATHERHOLT in Gallipolis, Ohio. They had at least one child > J.C. Calhoun B: December 1850 D: 1925 Gallipolis M: Elizabeth NEAL B:June 1850 D: 1908 Gallipolis. They came to Lucus Township, Effingham CO. in 1870. Both are buried in Elliotstown Cemetery, Effingham County, Illinois They had at least one child Zeptha Reuben Calhoun B: Lucas CO, or Lucas Il 1884 and D: 1947. M: Lulu Mitchell B: Mason Illinois 1885 and D: 1968. They had a son John Clark Calhoun B: 1922 and D: 1973 he married Millie Lucille MCVICKER B: 1925 D: 1985 They were the parents of three sons and one daughter one of whom is my son in law Steve. They are related to 1st. Lt James Calhoun who was married to General George CUSTER's sister Margaret and who died in the Battle of the Little Big Horn and to John C. Calhoun B: 1782 D: 1850 these are the approcimate dates of John. anyone with any little bit of information would be most welcome. And I have additional information that I will share from John Clark Calhoun to the present.

I am also looking for information on Peter Longcor B: 17 July 1774 in NJ, and M: Abigail HAINES on Feb. 26, 1797 in Sussex CO> NJ. They had at least one son Anthony Longcor B: June 21, 1818 in Athens CO> Ohio. He married Mary HUGHES B: April 18, 1818 in Pocahantas CO. VA. They married in August 29, 1839 in LaGrange CO. IN. She died 29 June 1906 in Dumas, Clarke CO. Missouri. They had at least one son Peter Sylvester LONGCORE B: 30 April 1848 in Adams CO, IL. Married Mary Susan ( we have several spellings on the middle name Susana, Susanah etc)WILLIAMS B: 20 May 1870 or 71 in Belfast, Lee CO, IA. or(January 10, 1852 at Rock Island, Illinois this is what his granddaughter, my Aunt gave me) They had 10 children Ida Belle Longcor B: August 26, 1871, Nathanial B: Oct. 3, 1873, John Hughes B: September 23, 1875, Alice May B: Dec. 30, 1877, Nellie Amelia or Amedia B: Jan. 25, 1880, James Anthony B:June 15, 1883, William Erick B: Argyle, Ohio November 9, 1885, My grandfather, Lilly Anna B:October 14, 1888, Mary Ellen B: November 3, 1890 and Lida Louella B: November 28, 1892. Some of Peter Sylvester's siblings were Elizabeth Jane B: 1840, George B:1842, Priscilla Ann (Cecelia) B: 1844 or 46, Peter Sylvester B: 1848, Mary Abigail B: 1850, Nancy Catherine B: 1852, Theresa Lousinda B: 1854, William Anthony B: 1856 D: 1857, Eliza Angelia B: 1859. The children were all born in IA and IL. Any little bit of documented information on these families will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and trouble. I also want to say what a great website you have Sandy Thompson Bollhorst 505 W. 3rd. Street St. Elmo, Illinois 62458 (618) 829-5011

Researcher: Patricia Morrison
Date posted: Wednesday, February 18, 1998

Need uncertified copy of Death Certificate for Mary (SOMERS) HARPER, died in Jackson Co., OH 9 April 1924. Info from the on-line OGS Death Index: Volume #4435, Certificate #22635. The Jackson Co. Health Dept. could not locate the record.... Thanks for your offer! It's much appreciated.

I have her death certificate. The copy on the microfilm looks like the original went through the wars. If you send me a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 N. Drexel Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219 I will send the copy off to you.

Mary E. Harper died April 9, 1924. Married to William Harper. DOB May 6, 1832 in Nova Scotia. Parents listed as unknown. Informant looks like Stanley Harper of Jackson, Ohio. Buried in the Fairmount Cemetery.

Surnames: SINKLER
Researcher: Judy Hice
Date posted: Wednesday, February 18, 1998

I am looking for a land record for George SINKLER who I believe, according to the 1850 census, was living in Windham Township, Portage County, Ohio. He and his family must have been there from about 1844 to about 1851 according to the births of their children. They later moved to Berrien County, Michigan. Maggie, does Portage County have any earlier birth records, such as from 1844? Thank you, Judy

Researcher: Laura Owen
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

Looking for any information about the parents of Rosabelle SAUNDERS, b.8May1890 Petersburg, Jackson Co., Ohio, d. 11 April 1965 Elkhart, In., dau. of Thomas and Mary CLARK SAUNDERS. All we have is that Mary CLARK SAUNDERS d.1893 and the children were put up for adoption after Thomas was put in prison for stealing to feed his children. Siblings of Rosabelle's that we know of; Calvin, Elizabeth Mae. Rosabelle m. James Ervin WITHAM in 1909. We tried the adoption home, but there was a fire and all records lost for that period in time. Thank you, Laura Owen

Researcher: Laura Owen
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

Looking for help in locating information on Harry WITHAM and Peomelia YATES WITHAM, both born somewhere in Ohio, parents of Thomas WITHAM, b. 21April 1851 Indiana, d. 24 June 1917 Nappanee, Scott Twp., In. Thank You, Laura Owen

Surnames: WARRELL
Researcher: Janice Bivens
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

Am looking for ancestor named Samuel WARRELL, DOB approx. late 1800's, early 1900's....married to Catherine (?) ________. Can you point me in the right direction for research. His son, Richard Allen Warrell, born in Springfield, OH (abt. 1920?), was my father. Any help will be appreciated! Richard Warrell,, Flower Mound (near DFW), TX

Researcher: M. K. Perry
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

I am looking to confirm the death dates of John MATTHEWS (Nov 14, 1856) and his wife Margaret GRUBB MATTHEWS (May 30, 1854) in Montogmery Co., Ohio. If you could look these dates up for me please I would be most grateful. Many thanks. MK Perry

Researcher: RLovell838
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

Looking for information on a James LOVELL married to a Mary GIBSON found one child a Washington Malon Lovell born Dec 30, 1828 Clermont County Ohio records in Batavia Oh, not sure of birth, marriage on where abouts of his parents.

Surnames: DUNHAM
Researcher: Jeri Shangle
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

Ira DUNHAM, b. 1828 Ohio, d. 06 Sep 1873, Townsend Twp., Sandusky Co. Ohio .. Looking for parents of Ira DUNHAM ... found him in 1860 Ohio census in Townsend Twp., Sandusky Co., Ohio married to Rebecca Golden (m. 03 Feb 1850 in Sandusky Co., Ohio)w /children Mary A. b 1852, Ira Jr. b 02 Jul 1855, and Amanda J. b 1858 all born in Ohio. Don't know if death certificate lists parents but that would be the only clue I would know of in finding his parents. I will gladly pay whatever fees are required for information locating his parents. Thanks.

Surnames: WEST
Researcher: Jeri Shangle
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

Philip WEST, b. about 1815 in NY., 1840 & 1850 census indicates Newfield Twp., Tompkins Co., NY w/wife Sally, Children Irvin b. 1838, David L. b 20 Oct 1840, Milo b 1844, Alice A. b 1847, Elnathan b 1848, Mary b 1850. 1860 census indicates moved to Ohio ... Hamilton Co., Ohio, #758, 4th Ward Cincinnati, Ohio, however, I am unable to read the microfilm! If you have a book that lists death records for Ohio or census info for 1860 Hamilton Co., Ohio, I believe he and Sally would be listed in the 1860 census and died sometime after 1860 in Ohio. Any information indicating death date or parents would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Teri Frazier
Date posted: Thursday, February 19, 1998

Trying to locate any information on Noah COLEMAN Jr. who was born about 1824 in NY. He was married 16 July 1849 in Seneca Co. OH to Eunice CARR (nee ALLEN). Family is listed on 1850 census for Venice Township, Seneca CO (Noah, Eunice, her child Edwin Carr from a prior marriage, and their son Jason H. Coleman. really would like to identify his and Eunice's parents.

Researcher: Oldnay
Date posted: Friday, February 20, 1998

I am looking for James OLDHAM who married Elizabeth WARDEN 31-Dec-1844 in Guernsey County, OH. Do you have any information on their parents or siblings? E-Mail me at

Surnames: CONDON, SHAW
Researcher: Katherine M. Condon
Date posted: Friday, February 20, 1998

Edward CONDON, b. abt 1779 d. July 7, 1869, Knox County, OH want to know anything about him -- what was his wife's name, how many children did he have, I know of at least 4 sons. When did he arrive in Knox County?

Harrison A. CONDON b. abt 1825-1826 OH (?) d. Colorado Married Ann Elizabeth SHAW on June 9, 1847; Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., They left Ohio during the Civil War. Is there a birth record for Harrison A. Condon? Was he born in Knox County? He is the son of the above Edward CONDON. Is there any other information about him?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me on these two individuals. Sincerely, Kat Condon

Surnames: KNABB, LEE
Researcher: Roberta Nelson
Date posted: Friday, February 20, 1998

Looking for information on HENRY M. LEE and wife, HESTER KNABB LEE. They lived in Ohio from 1849 to 1860s. One daughter, Bessie Lee, was born in Ohio in about 1849-50. They came to Ohio from PA. There are other children in the family. Anything you can find will be more than I have now. Many thanks, Roberta Nelson

Researcher: Cheryle Vore
Date posted: Friday, February 20, 1998

Michael KURTZ b. 1816
George MENGER b. 1818
Elizabeth BECKER b. 1820
Francis Johnson COTTERMAN b. 1858
William Harrison ROOF b. 25 Jun 1858
Alfred Ferdianand FREY b. 13 Mar 1859

Researcher: Tina Ross
Date posted: Friday, February 20, 1998

Hello to any Sickafoose researchers, This is my family, and I need help on this family. The name has several spellings, (Zigenfus, Ziegenfuss, Sickafoos). I have Lester Sickafoose born June 22, 1919 died Aug. 17, 1995 married Betty R. Bible born Dec. 17, 1924 still living.

Lester's Father & Mother are below
Benjamin H. Sickafoose born Jan. 20 1895 in Magnolia, Ohio died in Canton, Ohio ?? married Naomi R. Smith born Feb.16, 1898 in Mineral City, Ohio died in May ??

Bejamins father was O'Perry Sickafoose Lived around Canton (Stark) Ohio Ancestors would have been around Stark county, Magnolia Ohio. Appreciate any information.

Tina Ross

Researcher: Mary
Date posted: Saturday, February 21, 1998

Maggie, I am researching the names LOCKE, GRAY, HOWARD, HIATT, FITCH. From Adams , Brown and Pike county Ohio. Fredrick county , Va. Mason county, Ky.

Thank you,

Surnames: WILSON
Researcher: Donna Amsden
Date posted: Sunday, February 22, 1998

WILSON, George W. Born about 1859 in So. Ohio. Died 2/27/08 in Wellston. m Martha E Darling Saunders Wilson Children: Rosa, H. Otto, Delpha, Earl, Willard, William, Elden, Edna, Georgia. Could you get me a copy of the death certificate and/or birth certificate? I believe he was the son of Joseph and Mary Wilson from England. Joseph was hung by Morgan's Raiders about 1865. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


I will have to go down the way of Jackson County Ohio to get his death certs but I found a note in the "Wellson Sentinel", Thursday 2/27/1908, page 1, column 1:


"Geo. Wilson, who back was broken by a slate fall in Superior mine No. 3 several years ago, and who has had six different operations performed, is in serious condition at his home. He cannot live long, it is feared."

Researcher: Darrell B. Thompson
Date posted: Monday, February 23, 1998

(Fayette Co., OH) James THOMPSON (1758-1835)b. PA, m.Mary Ann JACKSON (1761-1835 PA) John M. THOMPSON (Fayette Co PA) (1788-1856)m. Ann FRAME (1793-1820) Son (my grandfather)ThomasOwen THOMPSON (1819-1902) b. Fayette Co., PA (?)m. Edith Johnson 15 Jun 1843 Guernsey City, OH, five children, Celestia, Isaac Newton, Logan C., Amanda, & Edith E. My grandfather emigrated to Oregon in 1850s in the gold rush, had a 1/4 acre gold claim in Gold Hill (near Medford,OR) m. my grandmother 21 Oct 1879, Amanda R. RENFROW (28 Jan 1862 in Laclede, Linn Co., MO. d. 1921. My father, Owen August THOMPSON, b. 1880-1963. had 3 brothers.

Researcher: Tracy Thatcher Tarr
Date posted: Monday, February 23, 1998

I am in search of Mitchell THATCHER(?-1870) who married Rhoda MULVAIN(1815-?). They had 5 children. Some were born in Ohio and some in Indiana. Mitchell and Rhoda lived in Ohio then Indiana back to Ohio back to Indiana. The children were Joseph(OH), Jane(IN), Isaac(6/26/1856,IN), Charity(OH), Laura(IN). Isaac married Laura Mariah Emmazette TRENT on 9/18/1879. Any help, even a county would be great. Thanks.

Researcher: Janet Plank
Date posted: Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Hi Maggie: I was just browsing around OHIO, and found your web site. I am researching ancestors by the names of PETERSEIM, STONEBURNER, STONER, CECIL, HILDERBRAND, KISTLER, WELTY, BOWMAN, GALL, HANS, most of these were from Miami County, OHIO. I really like your site.

Researcher: James Brown
Date posted: Tuesday, February 24, 1998

We need verification that my mother-in-law was indeed born in Ohio. Here's the information we have:

VIOLET DAISY McMANES/McMANUS (spelling changed along the way)
Born: February 6, 1911, in either Pike Co. or Scioto Co.
Parents: Charles McManes & Mary Ellnora LUCKETT
Died: March 3, 1947 Wheelersburg, Scioto Co. Ohio
Married: William WRIGHT (formerly of Greenup, Ky) Sept. 28, 1928

Appreciate your assistance.
Jim Brown (son-in-law, postumously)

How dependable of proof do you need. I have Violet in the 1920 census in Pike County Ohio. Here is the soundex card:

Vol. 168 E.D. 122 SHEET 1 LINE 45
Charles E. McManes 44W Ohio
Nora Wife 40 Ohio
Ernest Son 16 Ohio
Violet Daughter 8 Ohio
Denver Son 4&11/12 Ohio

I have the copy of the census as well. If you would like the copies send me a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 N. Drexel Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219.

Researcher: Carol Heltebrake Gammel
Date posted: Tuesday, February 24, 1998

These are the surnames I am looking for. I know that Helte(r)brake is Pennsylvania Dutch, migrating from PA to Frederick County, MD to Northern Ohio (Wood County). They were farmers and migrated along the Ohio River. Dancer and Larkins are Irish, probably from County Cork. Basor is also from the Palatine migration. Carol Heltebrake-Gammel

Researcher: Mary Glass
Date posted: Wednesday, February 25, 1998

FRED BURT GLASS born between 1875-1880 in GUERNSEY COUNTY.

According to the 1880 Census:

Researcher: J. McAfee
Date posted: Wednesday, February 25, 1998

MCAFEE, William "Mathew" Porter born Aug. 2, 1861 probably in Wooster, Ohio area died May 25, 1915 in Hannibal, Missouri (Riverside Cem.)
Parents: Mathew & Margaret McAfee. Margaret's maiden name possibly McElhiney or Taggart? William Mathew Porter McAfee's death certificate says McElhiney but could be in error. I have the death certificate from MO. Mathew, the father could be William Mathew McAfee also. Father possibly born in Ireland. Margaret born in Ohio.
Marriage: William Mathew Porter McAfee married Eliza Belle GARNER on Sept.30, 1884 in Marion County, Missouri. I have the marriage certificate from Marion County, MO.

Note - I am wanting to find William Mathew Porter McAfee's place of birth and his parents actual names, places of birth, dates of birth/death, occupations & sibling information. This would be the Wooster, Ohio area or Wayne County, Ohio.

Please send information to email -
Thank you for your service and assistance. J. McAfee

Researcher: Lynn
Date posted: Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Hi, I really need some help here. I have a Nicholas CONNETT who moved from KY to Fayette County, OH just before 1830. He shows up on: 1830 Concord Twp., Fayette County census a tax list in 1835: The Fayette County Chronicle, A Collection of Genealogical & Historical Records, Volume I, by Sandly Fackler (P.O. Box 119, Washington Courthouse, Ohio 43160). It had a copy of the 1835 tax list from the Fayette County auditor's records: Page 3 -->Connett, Nicholas: Land (-) Horses (3) Cattle (1) Carriages (-) He is then gone in 1840. His wife (apparently a widow) shows up in Wayne County, IN in 1840 with a number of unknown children. I believe Nicholas Connett died 1835-1837 in Fayette County, and would like to know when/where he died, is buried, did he leave a will, probate records, whatever?

THEN........he had a son, Joseph Connett b. ca. 1806 KY that married Mary WITTY on 25-Jan-1826 Fayette County, OH. I find an Apprentice Bond dated 21-Jul-1835 (Fayette County) between a George W. RICHEY and Joseph CONNET which bounds out this Joseph's son, William Connet, until he turns age 21, which would be on 02-Feb-1853. The poor little boy was only 3 years old at this time, and I believe Joseph had a few other children at this time, but one of his known daughters was supposedly born 5 months PRIOR to little William...(looks like trouble??) William Connett "should" be listed living with George W. Richey in Fayette County, 1850 census, but is not. I need to find more information on this little William Connet, and his parents Joseph and Mary Witty Connett. I can't find them on 1850 census, don't know where Mary Witty was born or came from or went to. They (Joseph and I assume Mary) are in Grant County, IN in 1840 then they both disappear, only to find some of his children living in Kosciusko County, IN in 1850 census with a Sarah Connett as head of household. Then neither she nor these children (except one) can be found after this. I have this census information if it would be of help, let me know and I can send.

See, my 3rd-g-grandfather was Joseph Britton Connett. His birth info is variable, but he mostly said he was born 1829 in Lewis County, KY. He could be the son of either Joseph Connett and Mary Witty or Nicholas Connett and his second wife, Susannah Gatton Baker Connett. I can't prove which, as he died in MO before there were records and the funeral hime burned, he was dishonorably discharged from the Civil War so has no pension records, can't find him in 1850 or 1860 census anywhere but he enlisted in Tippecanoe County, IN Jan,1861 where Nicholas Connett had a son from his first marriage living at the time. Joseph Connett and Mary Witty DID have a son named Joseph, but he was born 1839 in Indiana. My Joseph said one time he was born in Wayne County, IN in 1839, but then changed it to Lewis County, KY. This is what leads me to believe he was a son of Nicholas Connett and his second wife Susannah rather than Joseph and Mary Witty. Seems everything I can find says something different about when/where he was born. To complicate matters, there was a WITTY family in Lewis County, KY as well, and Mary might be part of that family in some way.

I could go on forever about this, if you have any questions that might help you in looking for something, please ask. But, I should warn you, there was a DIFFERENT Connett family in OH as well, came out of New Jersey, they are not related so far as anyone has proven. I haven't seen any of them in Fayette County though, they were in Hamilton County, OH.

Would really appreciate anything you could help me with regarding Mary Witty and Joseph Connett, little William Connett, and Joseph's father Nicholas Connett. I don't know if they were related to that George W. Richey or not. I have other small odds and ends of things that don't add up to much. I would like to find out who the parents of Mary Witty were as well. Sorry to have gone on so long, but wanted to make sure you had enough info.......

Thanks so much,

Researcher: 5b51f6c7.34f449f0
Date posted: Wednesday, February 25, 1998

I'm looking for any info on Jacob Carver..? but probably somwhere in middle to late 1780's. He was b. in PA? most likely, as his father Christian was b. and m. in Pa. in 1785. Jacob and Elizabeth HOOVER were m. in Dayton, OH. in 1803.

Children were Eliza, John William, Highly( my line who m. Phillip Shaffer there), Sarah, Revecca, Sophia, James, and Felix.

Anything that you might have on the CARVERS, HOOVERS, and possibly Phillip Shaffer, son on John Schaeffer-Shaffer and Christina REAM, would greatly be appreciated. John and Christina lived in Wayne Twp., Mont. Co. Phillip and Highly were married 20 Apr., 1826, in Dayton.

Thanks so much.
Sue Schaeffer

Surnames: GILDEA, HUNT
Researcher: Cathy Carter
Date posted: Wednesday, February 25, 1998

I am researching Thomas J. HUNT. He came over from Roscommon Ireland c. 1848. His parents Thomas Patrick and Eliza HUNT. Thomas J. married Mary GILDEA who was possibly from Ireland. Her parents were Michael and Honora GILDEA. She died in OH. Possibly Dayton or Cincinnati I think before 1890. Thomas' parents must have died in OH as well as Mary's parents. Mary and Thomas J. had a child, Isabelle, born in Cincinnati on 2 September 1877. Any help you can give would be great! Thank you.

Surnames: KEEN, KYN
Researcher: Jane Thompson Friesz
Date posted: Wednesday, February 25, 1998

I am looking for my 3 great grandfather, Ira KEEN, who was born in College Hill, Ohio Nov. 23, 1800. My atlas only lists a College Corner approximated somewhere just west of Dayton. I have his relatives all the way back to Joran KYN (early spelling) [c.1620]. If I know the county, then I can have my uncle, Glen Keen who lives in Indiana, send off for the birth record. At latest count, we have nine direct ancestors that fought in the American Revolution War. We are trying to compile our documents for DAR and SAR. I live in Canada now making it difficult to secure these documents and pertinent information. Your help would be appreciated. I have info on the Ramsey family in Ohio if anyone is interested. Thanks, Jane Thompson-Friesz

I found three College Hill's in Ohio. 1)Guernsey County near the town of Cambridge; 2)Knox County, Brown Township very near where Knox, Ashland, and Richland Counties in Ohio come together; and 3)Hamilton County in the Cincinnati metropolitan area near the town of Springfield. I hope this helps you out.

Surnames: STALL
Researcher: Marilyn Davis
Date posted: Wednesday, February 25, 1998

My great-grandparents lived in Coschocton County at the time of my grandfather's birth in 1865. Their names were:

STALL, Anthony (great-grandfather)
STALL, Susannah (great-grandmother) her maiden name is unknown but we think she may have been American Indian.
STALL, Irvin A. (my grandfather, Anthony & Susannah's son)

In my research of personal papers of my grandfather I have found reference to "White Eyes Township" and "Chili" which I understand are or were both in Coshocton County.

This family moved to Nebraska sometime in the 1880's. Any information you may find on this family will be truly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Researcher: Wm. Walcott
Date posted: Thursday, February 26, 1998

Looking for a connection between WALCOTT & LOVITT/LOVETT. My one page, rather poor copy of the 1840 CENSUS shows:
-Mary LOV*TT has Male (1)30/40 and Female (1)5/10,(1)15/20,(1)20/30 & (1)60/70
-Wm LOV*TT has Male (1)under 5,(1)20/30 and Female (1)under 5,(1)30/40
-Evan L. Lov*tt has male (1) under 5 (1)40/50 and female (1) under 5, (1)30/40

Evan L. Lovett & Leah his wife sell 10 acres of Jackson Twp in Oct 1839 for $50.00 to James F. WALCOTT (recorded as WALCOT). He is married to Lydia Lov*tt. Can anyone give me any leads as to the 'correct' spelling of Lov*tt, (i or e). Is there any connection between Lydia and any of the LOV*TT'S and if you are familiar with the land prices of that time, was the $50.00 a family 'sale' or a normal price?

Wm Walcott
Marysville KS - Crossing point of the Oregon & several other Trails

Surnames: ALLEN
Researcher: Mike Allen
Date posted: Friday, February 27, 1998

Looking for Wesly/Westly ALLEN, abt 1810, Ashtabula, Trumbull, Lake, and/or Portage counties. Came from N.Y., thru Pa. Believed to have married in N.Y. maybe Oswego county area(unconfirmed). Family married into STRALEYs just north of Pitts.Pa. Many buried in Warren/Niles area. Now, most of Allen clan lives in So. Car. & Ga. I have extensive info after the 1810 time...will be glad to share. I know of 2 clans that belong to the same Allens, that are in 2 different parts of Michigan. I don't think they know of us & may not know of each other. My search has been so intense on going back, I have neglected coming forward.

George Michael Allen
FR1128 Box 32
Manvel, Tx. 77578
Email at

Researcher: Darrell B. Thompson
Date posted: Friday, February 27, 1998

My 1st grandfather, Thomas Owen THOMPSON (said that he was a 5th generation American), was probably born in Fayette Co., PA on 23 July 1819. He married Edith JOHNSON on 15 June 1843 in Guernsey City, OH. Edith died in Richland Twsp. Guernsey City, OH on 16 April 1868. They had five children all born in Guernsey City: Celestia, abt 1844, Isaac Newton, abt 1845, Logan C., abt 1848, Amanda, abt 1849 (married Polk HAMILTON), and Edith E., abt 1852.

I believe that my 1st grandfather was a part of an emigration from Fayette Co., PA to OH sometime prior to 1843 when he was married to Edith. It seems that there were a lot of FRAME family members who made this trip from PA to OH also and a lot of intermarriages between these two families.

My 1st grandfather, Thomas Owen THOMPSON, was involved in the Gold Rush in California and Oregon in the early 1850s, and had a quarter section of a claim in Gold Hill, OR (near Medford). He married my 1st grandmother, Amanda R. RENFROW (b. 28 Jan 1862 in Laclede, Linn Co.,) on 21 Oct. 1879 in Eugene, Lane Co., OR. They had four sons, Owen August (my father) born 2 August 1880, Vachel Xanthos, born 28 Nov. 1882, Charles Hutton, born 20 Aug. 1884, and Anson Victor, born 10 Feb. 1886.

My 2nd grandfather, John M. THOMPSON, was born in Fayette Co., PA on 7 May 1788, and died on 3 Jul. 1856 in Guernsey Co., OH. He married my 2nd grandmother, Ann FRAME (b. 8 JAN 1793 in Fayette Co., PA, d. Bef. 1832)

My 3rd grandfather, James THOMPSON, was born on 20 Feb. 1758 in London Grove, Chester County (could have been in Maryland at that time). He died on 8 Oct. 1835 in Senecaville, Guernsey Co., OH. He married my 3rd grandmother, Mary Ann JACKSON [b. 24 Feb. 1761 in Chester Co. PA (Maryland) and died 30 Mar 1835 in Senecaville, Guernsey Co., OH], on 15 Apr. 1779 in Chester Co. PA (Maryland). My 3rd grandfather, James THOMPSON's parents were Jacob THOMPSON and Ann DOWNARD. My 3rd grandmother, Mary Ann JACKSON's parents were Robert Jackson and Mary HENTHORN.

Submitted by: Darrell B. Thompson

Researcher: Dennis H. Clabeaux
Date posted: Friday, February 27, 1998

I am looking for info.on:
Lillian E. STEINKE
b. 11 Mar. 1893 Buffalo N.Y.
d. 23 Mar. 1955 Cleveland Oh.
m. ? Gustave Harry CLABEAUX

I have Gustave's info. but nothing on her. if you can get her death cert. great. If you can find anything else, that is what really need. If their is any money involved please let me know. If you need me my address is below. Thank you for what ever you can do.
Dennis H. Clabeaux
839 Camellia Ln.
Lemoore, Ca. 93245

Here is a copy of Lillian's obit from the Cleveland Press, March 25, 1955:

"Clabeaux, Lillian E. (nee Steinke), beloved wife of Harry G., mother of Mildred Gish, Mrs. Lucile Nicastro, Mrs. June Gardini, C.W.O. Harry W. of U.S. Army, Ft. Dix, N.J., and grandmother, sister of Mrs. Aims Schelesky, and Edward Steinke of Buffalo, Wednesday 9pm, at her late residence, 14901 Lorain Ave. Friends may call at the Chas. A. Mandley Funeral Home, 15480 Triskett Rd., at Lorain Ave. Services Saturday, Mar. 26, at 5pm." (NOTE: this copy was very difficult to read.)

I copied all the Clabeaux references and if you want them please send a self addressed stamped envelope to 650 N. Drexel Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219.

Also to get her death certificate you will need to send her name, date of death, city & county of death, parents names (if known) to the following agency. I'm sorry I don't know the cost.

Cleveland Vital Statistics
601 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114

For more information on Cleveland and Cuyahoga County go to


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Links of Genealogical Interest

Courthouse Project (This is an ongoing project to get pictures of the Ohio Courthouses up on the Internet.)
Ohio Information Network (The Ohio Network of American History Research Centers was established in 1970 to further the collection, preservation, and accessibility of Ohio records and other resource materials. Since that time an increasing number of county offices, often troubled by storage shortages, have transferred many old records to the regional center. Each center's holdings include a microfilmed collection of area newspapers.)

"Ohio Lands - A Short History" (This is a short booklet on Land Transactions in Ohio. It is very informative.)

Ohio's Presidents (Contains Information and links about Ohio's Presidents.)
Pioneer Migration Routes through Ohio (You can visit a map of land migration routes at If you had ancestors come through Ohio this is a must see area!
What County is a town in? (This page and the associated pages provide a guide to Ohio's communities along with the county where that community is located.)
What County is a township in? (This page and the associated pages provide a guide to Ohio's townships along with the county where that township is located.)


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