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Fulton County Historical Atlas
1875 Personal Histories

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Dover Township - page 4 (page 20 of the original 1875 Atlas)

JEREMIAH JONES, son of William and Rachel Jones, the former of whom died in Fulton County, in 1858, was born in Fulton County, Ohio July 17, 1846.  His brothers and sisters are:  Isaac N., Elizabeth Carter, Jeremiah, Louisa Cole, and Isaiah, William O., Emery and Cornelius (deceased).  Post-office, Ottokee.  Business, farmer, section 1.

ISAAC N. JONES was born in Fulton County, Ohio, April 20, 1841.  He was married in Dover Township, July 1, 1856, to Elnora C. Bagley, daughter of Sarah and Richard H. Bagley, who were born and reside in Fulton County.  Mrs. B. was born in Wayne County, Ohio October 15, 1849.  Their children are:  Grace V., born April 15, 1857; D. Edla, born December 23, 1870, died August 14, 1871; Alice, born February 14, 1872, died August 14, 1872; Charles H., born May 15, 1873.  William and Rachel Jones, parents of the subject of this sketch, were born, the former in Wayne County, Ohio, July 29, 1816, the latter in Sumerset County Pennsylvania, September 13, 1820.  Mr. Jones enlisted in the Union army, November 4, 1861, in Company A. 67th Regiment O.V.I.; took part in the battle of Winchester in 1862.  He served eight months, and was discharged on account of disability.  He afterwards enlisted in the 130th Regiment O.V.I. and after serving five months was again discharged and again enlisted in the 189th Regiment O.V.I. and served until the close of war.  Post-office, Ottokee.  Business, farmer and miller, section 1.

MATHEW WING was a son of Mathew Wing, Sen., who was born in Danbury, New York in April 17, 1772 and died in Illinois, August 24, 1870, and Hannah (Parr) Wing born in Vermont, April 1774, and who died in September, 1870.  He was born in St. Lawrence County, New York, March 21, 1824, and married in Lorain County, March 20, 1845 to Ada A. Coleman, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Osborn) Coleman, the former of Delaware, who died in Fulton County, Ohio, February 28, 1856 and the latter of Connecticut born in 1800, resides in Fulton County.  Mrs. Wing was born in Lorain County, January 29, 1822.  The children of this couple are:  Hulda born October 26, 1846 (deceased); Cordelia A., born August 24, 1848; Silvia J., born December 13, 1850 (deceased); Almina M., born July 3, 1852; Charles S., born December 5, 1854; twin boys William A. (deceased, and Wakeley, born June 25, 1857; Lorrel, born April 6, 1861, was burnt to death February 28, 1864.  Mr. Wing has been deputy sheriff, county detective, and chief of vigilance of state detective.  He enlisted in Company D, 130th Regiment O.V.I. in 1864, took part at the siege of Vicksburg, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war.  His father served in the war of 1812 and his grandfather died at the advanced age of one hundred and four years.  Post office, Wauseon.  Business, farmer, and proprietor Island House, section 35.

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JAMES C. CHATFIELD, son of Lucius and Melinda Chatfield, the former from Connecticut, the latter from Ohio, was born in Geauga County, Ohio, August 9, 1834.   He was married in Fulton County, Ohio, November 1, 1855 to Orinda C. French, born in Oakland County, Michigan, March 4, 1833.  Their family consists of three children:  Hubert E., born November 23, 1856; Ralph E., born July 1, 1860, and Lottie M., born May 14, 1868.  Edmund and Lydia French, parents of Mrs. C. were born, the former in New York in 1797, the latter in Vermont, and settled in Fulton County in 1846.  Mr. Cís parents settled in the same county in 1845.  Mr. Chatfield enlisted in the Union army, October 30, 1862 in Company D, 10th O.V.I. and was discharged on account of disability April 4, 1864.  Post-office, Ottokee.  Business, stock raising and farming, section 1, range 7.

C.  BALDWIN CARTER was born in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, March 8, 1849 and removed with his parents, Peter and Lydia Carter, the former of New York, to Fulton County, in 1858.  Mr. C. was married in Morenci, Michigan, September 30, 1874 to Alice, daughter of Nicholas Pile.  She was born in Williams County, Ohio, April 24, 1858.  They have one son, Benjamin F.  Mr. Carterís brothers and sisters are:  Benjamin, Joseph, Lafayette, William (deceased), Laura, Harriet, Emma (deceased) and Ella.  Benjamin, Joseph and William enlisted in the Union army in the war of 1861-5 and were faithful soldiers and honorably discharged.  Post-office, Tedrow.  Business, farmer and stock raiser, section 8.

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WILLIAM J. COSS settled in Fulton County in 1841.  He was born in Essex County, New Jersey, June 3, 1806 and married in Genesee County, New York June 14, 1828 to Susan Gay who was born in New York April 9, 1809.  They have twelve children:  Phebe, William, Calvin, Martin, Sylvester, Leonard, Harvey, Franklin, Emily, Mary, Washington and Clara.  Mr. Coss had seven sons in the Union army in the war of 1861-5.  Calvin, Leonard, Frank, William, Martin, Harvey and Sylvester, also one son-in-law, James Pulver.  Sylvester came home sick, and died in five days after his return.  Calvin was discharged on account of poor health.  Harvey was wounded at the battle of Resaca.  James Pulver was also wounded.  William and Phoeba Coss, parents of the subject of this sketch, were born in New Jersey; the fomer was a sailor, and when our subject was five years old, he father went on a voyage and was never after heard from.  He was, without doubt, shipwrecked.  William and Sallie Gay, parents of Mrs. C., were born in New York, in 1778 and 1785, and settled in Fulton County in 1839 where they died in 1840 and 1867.  Post-office, Tedrow.  Business, farming, section 7.

ISAAC ECKLEY, son of John and Elizabeth Eckley, of Pennsylvania, who settled in Fulton County in 1845, was born in Union County, Pennsylvania, February 24, 1823.  He was married in Holmes County, Ohio in 1848 to Emily, daughter of Reuben and Emily Buckingham of Maryland, who was born in Baltimore, Maryland, September 9, 1830.  They have one son and one daughter:  Elizabeth E., born March 24, 1849, married John Fitzsimmons in September, 1864; and William E., born March 20, 1851, married M. A. Grear March 28, 1872.  Mr. Eckley enlisted in the Union army, Company I, 67th Regiment O.V.I. in 1862.  He was wounded in the battle of Fort Wagner on account of which he was discharged in 1863.  He had one brother in the army.  Mr. E. settled in Fulton County in 1863.  Post-office, Tedrow.  Business Blacksmith and farmer, section 8.

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ASA BORTON, son of Asa and Elizabeth Borton, who settled in Fulton County in 1850 and reside in Franklin Township, was born in Stark County, Ohio, March 24, 1846.  He was married in Morenci, Michigan, March 26, 1868 to Sarah Hagerman, daughter of Peter and Mary Hagerman of Fulton County who was born in Fulton County July 16, 1847.  Mrs. Bís parents died, the former in 1873, the latter in 1872.  Mr. And Mrs. B. have two sons: Ellis H., born August 9, 1870, and Arthur A., born April 3, 1872.  In 1863 Mr. B. enlisted in the Union army, in Company B, 60th Regiment, O.V.I.  He took part in thirteen battles, was wounded at the battle of Wilson R.R.  He also had his right leg broken at the knee.  Mr. B. settled in Fulton County in 1850.  Post-office, Tedrow.  Business, engineer and farmer, section 7.

JOSEPH WALTERS was of a family of twelve children, nine boys and three girls, sons and daughters of Jacob and Magdalen Walters, the former born in Maryland, the latter in Pennsylvania, and who removed to Harrison County, Ohio, where the subject of our sketch was born March 19, 1813.  He was married in Wood County, April 5, 1838, to Susannah Dull, daughter of Samuel and Catharine Dull, of Pennsylvania, who was born in Pennsylvania, September 30, 1817.  The same year of his marriage Mr. W. settled in Fulton County, first in Pike, then in York, and afterward in Dover Township.  He has cleared three farms, built four houses, and as many barns, one of which was destroyed by lightning, set three orchards, and has eaten fruit from all of them.  Mr. And Mrs. W. have a family of nine children:  Malinda (Mrs. Elsworth), Margaret (deceased), Samuel, Jacob F., Rachel (deceased), Orlando (married), Henry D., George W., and Elizabeth A.  Samuel enlisted in the 20th Regiment, Ind V.I. in 1862 and died of sickness in St Louis, Missouri, May 1, 1862.  Jacob enlisted in Company K, 38th Regiment O.V.I. in 1864.  He was wounded at the battle of Murfeesboro, and died in Nashville, March 23, 1865.  Post-office, Tedrow.  Business, farmer, section 6.

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AMOS S. PENNINGTON, son of William E. and Annie Pennington of New Jersey, was born in Warren County, New York July 3, 1844.  He was married in Morenci, Michigan, August 9, 1868 to Amy, daughter of Solon Keith, of Gorham Township who was born in Huron County, Ohio in 1846.  They have three children; Nellie, William C., and Caleb A.  Mr. P settled with his parents in Fulton County in 1847.  Post-office, Wauseon.  Business, farmer, section 3.

SAMUEL PROUDFOOT was born in Wayne County, Ohio, July 18, 1839 and married in Seneca County, May 2, 1862 to Phianna Crabill, daughter of Christian and Almina Crabill of Pennsylvania who was born in Seneca County, November 11, 1837.  They have a family of five children, three living:  William J., born January 22, 1866; Byron D., born August 9, 1869; and Martin C., born April 17, 1872.  George and an infant son, the two oldest, deceased.  Mr. P. has seven sisters and one brother living.  The grandfather of this family came from England.  Post-office, Wauseon.  Business, farmer, section 5.

ISAAC ROBINSON was born in York County, Pennsylvania February 15,, 1815, and his wife Belinda Steniker, in Columbiana County, Ohio July 6, 1816.  They were married in the latter county, November 23, 1852.  This was Mr. R.ís second marriage.  His first wife was Phoeba A. Taylor, born January 10, 1895 in Pennsylvania who left two children:  Margaret T., born in 1838, married in 1856 to William King of Pennsylvania; and Thomas W., born June 7, 1847.  Mr. R. had also an adopted daughter, Catharine born in 1856, died in 1874.  Isaac Robinson, father of the subject of this sketch, was born October 7, 1754 on the ocean.  He settled with his parents in Pennsylvania.  He served his country in the war of the Revolution, also in the war of 1812.  He drew a pension from the Revolutionary war.  He married Sarah West of Maryland and died in 1835.  Mr. R. settled in Fulton County in 1853.  Post-office, Tedrow.  Business, farming, section 5.

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CHARLES F. HANDY, son of Michael and Mary Ann Handy, of Vermont, who settled in Fulton County, in 1840 and now reside in Wauseon, was born in St. Clair County, Michigan, December 1, 1837.  He was married to Rachel L. Brown, November 14, 1861.  Mrs. B. was born in New York, May 11, 1841.  Their family consists of Alfred A., born in 1863; Mary, born in 1865; Melvin P., born in 1867; and Abbie M., born in 1871.  Abraham and Marilda Brown, parents of Mrs. H. settled in Fulton County in 1856.  Mr. Handy enlisted as a private soldier October 28, 1861 in Company A, 67th Regiment O.V.I.  He was promoted to first lieutenant afterward to captain of the company, and took part in a number of battles.  Post-office, Ottokee.  Business, dealer in all kinds of agricultural implements.

LUCIUS N. CHATFIELD, son of Isaac and Lucy Chatfield, of Connecticut, was born in Derby, Connecticut, April 8, 1807.  He was married in Geauga County, Ohio, July 3, 1828 to Malinda Rose, daughter of Simeon and L. Rose, both of whom were born in Connecticut and died in Geaugy County, Ohio.  Mrs. C. was born in Burton, Geauga County, Ohio, February 23, 1807.  The children of this couple are Joel, born April 25, 1829, resides in Fulton County; James L., born August 9, 1834, also resides in Fulton County; and Wealthy L., born April 6, 1840, died April 30, 1849.  Alfred A. Chatfield, a nephew of the subject of this sketch, resides with him.  James L. Chatfield enlisted in the Union army, 10th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry, in 1862.  Mrs. Chatfieldís grandfather, a Presbyterian Deacon for forty years was not absent but two Sabbaths from church during that time.  Mr. Chatfieldís father, a teacher and farmer, settled in Geauga County in 1819 and his grandfather owned 800 acres of land and two grist mills and in the time of the Revolutonary war worked night and day to supply Washingtonís soldiers, for which he received part pay.  Mrs. C.ís ancestors were originally from Scotland, and Mr. C.ís great-grandfather was a Scotch Presbyterian minister, and emigrated to America for religious freedom.  Mr. Chatfieldís great-grandfather, on his motherís side, Levi Fornlinson, was a Presbyterian Deacon sixty years, and for forty years was not absent from Divine service a Sabbath.  Post-office, Ottokee.  Business, carriage and wagon maker.

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CONRAD FITZIMONS was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, November 25, 1810.  His first wife was Mary Ann Shadle, who was born in Pennsylvania, November 19, 1819 and to whom he was married at Wooster, December 27, 1837.  They had a family of ten children:  John C., born September 1, 1838; Martha A., born October 5, 1840; Abraham B., born January 3, 1842, died March 25, 1842; Mary J., born December 16, 1843; Rachel A. born August 13, 1845; Lucretia E., born January 23, 1847; Isabella E., born January 6, 1849, died in January, 1850; Edmond O., born October 2, 1850; Emily C., born April 27, 1853; Infant, deceased.  He was married a second time in Fulton County, April 17, 1861, to Elizabeth Bayes born in Ohio March 16, 1831.  She was a daughter of John and Catharine Bayes born in Pennsylvania, the former in 1800 and who died in Fulton County, August 27, 1873.  The fruit of this union was four children:  Boyd D., born June 14, 1863; Agnes D., born January 20, 1867; Fred F., born October 10, 1870; Clement V., born July 24, 1872.  Mr. F. had two sons and two sons-in-law in the Union army.  George enlisted August 20, 1862, Company I, 67th Regiment O.V.I.  He served until the close of the war.  He was only absent from his regiment six weeks on account of sickness.  Edmond enlisted at the age of fourteen years in a Michigan regiment in 1864; after serving three months he was discharged.  George Gilford, son-in-law of Mr. F., enlisted in Company I, 67th Regiment O.V.I. in December 1862.  At the battle of Fort Wagner, he was wounded in both thighs and taken prisoner; his right leg was amputated by the enemy.  He was afterward sent to New York where he received his discharge.  Martin Somers, also a son-in-law of Mr. F. enlisted early in the war, was once discharged, but upon recovering health re-enlisted in the 68th Regiment O.V.I. and served until the close of the war.  John and Barbara Fitzimons, parents of the subject of this sketch, were born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania in 1784 and 1791; the former died in Fulton County in 1868, and the latter in Pennsylvania in 1819.  Conrad Fitzimons when but fourteen years old wagoned between Philadelphia and Pittsburg, a distance of 300 miles; and also from Harrisburg to Philadelphia.  John Fitzimons and Conrad Sheats, grandparents of Mr. F. were born, the former in Ireland, the latter in Germany.  The former died at the age of nine-seven.  Both were in the Revolutionary war;  John F. was killed at the battle of Lexington.  Conrad served three years in the ranks, and afterward was wagon master.  The grandmothers on the fatherís and motherís side died at the age of ninety-seven and ninety-one years.  Post-office, Ottokee.  Business, farmer, section 2.
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JOHN HUFFMAN, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Huffman, of Pennsylvania, was born in Delaware County, Ohio, April 1, 1829.  He was married in Morrow County, Ohio, January 3, 1850 to Joanna E., daughter of George E. and Mary Rittenhouse, the former of New Jersey, the latter of Pennsylvania who was born in New York, May 26, 1826.  Their children are George C., born September 2, 1853; Thalia P., born August 19, 1858; John W., born May 27, 1861; Oliver B., born in 1863, deceased; William B., deceased; Flora A., deceased; Lewis M., deceased.  Mr. Huffman was in the Union Army, 67th Regiment O.V.I., as second lieutenant, was discharged on account of sickness after one yearís service.  Oliver P. Rittenhouse, brother of Mrs. H., died in the hospital, age 18 years.  He was a member of the 44th Illinois V.I. Company K.  Mr. Huffman settled in Fulton County in 1853.  Post-office, Ottokee.  Business, farming, section 1.

German Township - page 4 (page 20 of the original 1875 Atlas)

JOSEPH CLAIRE and his wife, Susan (Grisier) Claire, were born in France, February 25, 1818 and February 8, 1836.  They were married in German Township, Fulton County, Ohio May 2, 1853.  Their children are Louise, born December 8, 1854; Joseph H. born September 9m, 1856; Eugenie born February 4, 1858; Isidorine, born April 12, 1860; Adelle, born May 9, 1863, died April 14, 1866; Julie, born September 26, 1865, died March 25, 1862; Mary born April 25, 1868; Amil J., born October 2, 1870; Norah, September 5, 1873 and Maximin.  Antoine and Francaise Claire, parents of Joseph Claire, were natives of France.  The former was shipwrecked on the ocean and entire cargo lost; the latter died in France.  Jacques and Margaret Grisier, parents of Mrs. C., were also born in France, and settled in Fulton County in 1844, where they died in 1865 and 1872.  Mr. C. settled in Fulton County in 1852.  He has held the several offices of justice of the peace, township treasurer, constable, township clerk and S.D.  He was a soldier in the Mexican war of 1846-48; entered as a private, but was promoted to orderly sergeant.  He participated in the battles of Vera Cruz and at Cerro Gordo, was at the surrender of Mexico and a number of other battles, was a member of Co. B., Mounted Riflemen.  He was wounded in the limbs and went on Crutches four years.  Post-office, Awrchbold.  Business, farmer, clain agent and justice of the peace.

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SAMUEL WAIT, son of Josiah and Vesta Gardner Wait, the former of Massachusetts, the latter of New York and who died in 1873 and 1839, was born in St. Lawrence County, New York, May 22, 1829, and married in Jefferson County, New York, November 10, 1859 to Laura E. Puffer, daughter of Daniel and Eliza (Beebe) Puffer.  The former was born in Canada and died in Jefferson County, New York in 1838, the latter was born in Jefferson County, New York and died in Walworth County, Wisconsin, in 1865.  Their children are Laureta E., born April 22, 1862; Jennie M., born July 4, 1860 and Robert L., born December 29, 1872.  William Wait, brother of Samuel, enlisted in Co. I, 14th New York Heavy Artillery, served nearly three years.   He was wounded in the hand, was in several battles and was honorably discharged in July 1865.  E. A. Wait, another brother, enlisted in the 95 Regiment. O.V.I., served until expiration of the war, and was honorably discharged.  Mr. W.ís grandfathers on his motherís side were from Wales, on his fatherís side, from Scotland.  The former was a Revolutionary soldier, and the father of the above served in the war of 1812.  Mr. Wait settled in Fulton County in 1846.  Post-office, Archbold.  Business, hotel proprietor.

WILLIAM H. DICKASON, son of James and Mary (White) Dickason, born in Pennsylvania in 1792 was born in Ashland County, Ohio, November 10, 1822.  He was married in the same county May 2, 1844 to Lovina Provines, daughter of Robert and Esther (Jenkins) Provines, who was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, June 10, 1824.  Their children are John P., born December 31, 1845, died July 29, 1846; William A., born June 17, 1847; Mary J. born December 27, 1849, died August 15, 1851; Esther A., and Elvina born May 25, 1853; Isabelle, born March 8, 1856, died September 20, 1862; Elizabeth, born March 10, 1858; Alice A., born June 7, 1860; Ida May born March 7, 1862; Theda D., born August 15, 1864; Emma C., born January 5, 1867; Thomas A., born September 19, 1871.  Mr. Dickason had one brother, Jacob, in the Union Army; he belonged to an Illinois regiment, served one year and died in Nashville.  Mr. D. settled in Fulton County in 1846.  Post-office, Pettisville.  Business, carpenter and joiner.

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MICHAEL WEBER was born in Switzerland February 25, 1839.  He was one of a family of eleven children, six boys and five girls, sons and daughters of John J. and Mary Weber, who were both born in Switzerland in 1801.  They followed their family to America in 1873 and reside in German Township.  Mr. Weber was married in Wauseon in 1862 to Catharine Roth, daughter of Jacob and Fannie Roth, the first settlers in German Township in 1834.  They were born, the former in France in 1811, the latter in Ohio, Wayne County, three days after her parents had removed thither, their only home consisting of the sheltered side of a stump, and that shelter formed of blankets hung up for the purpose.  They were the parents of nine children, two girls and seven boys.  Catharine (Mrs. Weber) being the eldest born in 1842.  Michael and Catharine Weber have three children, Mary A., born May 10, 1862; Jacob John, born May 4, 1864; and Louisa F., born March 7, 1869.  Mr. Weber had two brothers, Jacob and George in the Union Army in the war of 1861-5.  He settled in Fulton County in 1858.  Post-office, Archbold.

MICHAEL WEBER, Archbold, Ohio, south side of railroad keeps on hand and manufactures to order, the finest and most stylist carriages, buggies, etc.  Repairing done on short notice.

GEORGE GASCHE, son of Charles and Catharine Gasche, of Germany, was born in Germany, May 1, 1819.  He was married in Holmes County, Ohio in 1847 to Catharine, daughter of Daniel and Catharine Horneberger born in Germany April 23, 1824.  Their children are:  George W., Mary C., Harmon, Amelia L., and Franklin.  Mrs. Gasche had two children by her first husband, Eliza and William Ayers.  Mr. G. settled in Fulton County in 1841.  Post-office, Pettisville.  Section 13.

MANASSEH DIEHL was born in Fairfield, Iowa, May 28, 1846 and married in Williams County, Ohio, March 16, 1871 to Emma L., daughter of Ira and Caroline Mercer, born in Cuyahoga Falls, November 7, 1853.  They have two sons and one daughter, Charles L., Arthur E., and Arabella.   Mr. Diehlís parents were Ephraim and Susan Diehl.  He had one brother and one sister, Ephraim and Martha E.  Mr. Diehl belonged to Co. H., 68th Regiment O.V.I. from October, 1863 to 1865 in the war of the Rebellion.  He was taken prisoner in Georgia, escaped within six hours and returned to his regiment.  He was once wounded in the hand.  Mr. D. settled in Fulton County in 1873.  Post-office, Pettisville.  Business, teacher.

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EDWARD H. ARNOLD was born in England in 1833.  He was married at Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio in 1868 to Matilda L., daughter of Thomas and Ellen Wilson, born in Trumbull County in 1834.  Mr. Arnoldís children are:  Mary L. and Emma E. by his first wife; Edward C., Minnie M., and Etta by his second wife.   Mrs. Arnoldís first husband was George Wilcox, by whom she had three children, Flora, Mary and Albert G.  William T. Arnold, father of the subject of this sketch was born and died in England.  His mother still lives in England.  He settled in Fulton County in 1874.  Post-office, Pettisville.  Business, wagon manufacturer.

WILLIAM SCHUMACHER, son of Joachim and Sophia Schumacher, of Prussia, who settled in Henry County in 1854, where the former died in 1862, and where the latter still resides, was born in Prussia, December 21, 1837.  He was married in German Township, Fulton County, in 1867 to Katharina Krauss, daughter of Frederick and Katharina Krauss of Bavaria and who now reside in Fulton County where their daughter was born, April 4, 1847.  Mr. And Mrs. S. have a family of five children:  Ida, Carolina, deceased, Katharina, William and Karl, deceased.  Mr. Schumacher enlisted in Co. H, 14th Regiment O.V.I. in the three monthís service in the war of 1861-5, afterward in Co. B, 37th Regiment and was transferred into the U. S. Signal Corps, where he served until the close of the war.  He had one brother, Frederick Schumacher, in the same company and regiment.   Mr. S. settled in Fulton County in 1858.

WM. SCHUMACHER, dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, and Produce Generally, Archbold, Ohio.

A. J. MURBACH, M.D.  was born in Switzerland in 1838.  He was married in Toledo, December, 1869, to Lizzie Tanner, who was born in Toledo in 1847.  They have two children:  Edwin A. and Carrie.  The parents of this couple, Jacob and Catharine (Schwyn) Murbach and Martin and Magdalena (Miller) Tanner were all natives of Switzerland, and born respectively in 1811, 1818, 1820 and 1824.  The former couple settled in Lucas County in 1855, the latter in Toledo in 1856.  Mr. M. settled in Fulton County in 1859.  Post-office, Archbold.  Business, physician and surgeon.

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