Hello Mr. Lozer,
I'm James Eugene Punches and I was born at Oakshade, north of Wauseon on August 5, 1940, on the family farm located there. I believe you and I have communicated with each other in the past but for the life of me, I can't seem to find my copies of those communications. So, I'm approaching you again as if we'd never exchanged emails.
I've read your compilation about the Fulton County Pontius, Pontious and Punches families but I've not seen any mention of my family's names and they were resident in Fulton County from 1900 onward. My great grandfather, Edson Goit Punches and his wife Eliza Ann (Golden) Punches, moved from Henry County where they'd been married in 1869 to Fulton County. They brought with them their living children: Louis Jasper Punches 1871-1950, George Arthur Punches 1873-1937, Henry Arthur Punches 1976-1963, James Pirl Punches 1878-1940, Elvin S. Punches b. 1881, Maudie May Punches 1885-1966, m1. Smith, m2. Mortimore, Peter R. Punches 1889-1962, Martha Viola Punches 1895-1968, m1. Feeney, m2. Snow, m3. Grimm, and Golda A. Punches  1898-1978, m. Hill.
Edson Goit Punches (1849-1911) was the fourth son (a twin with Edwin Ruthven Punches) born to George Washington Punches (1821-1887) and his wife, Elizabeth Beard Punches (1826-1898). Edson was born in Pickaway County where his family had lived since his grandfather, Peter Punches (1785-1862?), had located sometime before 1811 when he married Margaret Hager (1790-1862?).
If you look in the old Butler cemetery in Oakshade, you'll find the stones marking the graves of my father, grandfather and great grandfather. You'll also find other stones for other members of my family.
In reading your notes and compilations about the Punches families in Fulton, I've noticed you have limited yourself to the Punches families in Gorham Twp, without mention of the Punches families in Chesterfield Twp. Perhaps you have simply assumed that the Punches people found there were related to those in Gorham Twp? It is not to be. I'm the General Administrator for the Pontius Families DNA Project and the dna data thusfar collected would not support such a conclusion. The Gorham Twp Punches people are supposedly descended from Martin Punches, a son of Nicholas Pontius who landed in Philadelphia in 1738 with his brother Johannes Pontius.
We have one member who claims descent from Martin Pontius/Punches of Seneca, NY. The Pontius Family Association (PFA) records say that Martin of Seneca is a son Nicholas Pontius, brother of Johannes. The project has three descendants of Nicholas Pontius and two members who claim descent from Johannes. The five members mentioned all show a common genetic linkage; they are all of Haplogroup E1b1b1, a middle-eastern haplotype with Judeo-Roman connections. Our one member from the Martin line shows Haplogroup R1b1b2; the Celtic haplotype. Despite the fact that the PFA places the Martin lines as being from Nicholas, our dna results currently cannot support that conclusion.
My own family's dna signature is Haplogroup I1. This haplotype is pure Anglo-Saxon. It is most common in Northern Germany, Denmark, Holland, England and the Frence province of Normandy.
You may be asking, "Why has he told me this information?"
I've told you this information because I'd like to see my family acknowledged by the Fulton County Genealogical Society (FCGS), not have the society just acknowledge the Martin lines. Additionally, if there are any members of the Martin lines who are also members of the FCGS, I'd like to appeal to them to join the DNA project so we can determine if the Martin lines are Celtic or are connected to Johannes and Nicholas in the Judeo-Roman haplogroup. Any new dna information on the Martin lines would resolve the question of whether our current data holds true for all Martin lines or simply the one holding our member. The dna information we get from the labs is confined to the male Y-chromosome dna which is passed from father to son without significant change over thousands of years. If the information developed about a son doesn't match the father's dna then we therefore know that the father who contributed his name to the son, was not the biological father. The son must have been adopted (formally or informally) or he must have had a biological father of another surname and been placed in the Pontius father's family without him knowing he wasn't the father. In the project  we call such happenings,  paternity events.
I'm hoping that some of the Gorham Punches people are members of the FCGS. I believe they would be interested in the information here. I have read other histories of Fulton County and it was in them that I first learned of Martin of Seneca, NY passing through northern Ohio and leaving some of his descendants behind in Gorham Twp. For a long time, I'd thought my family was related to them. Now I don't have that belief any longer. I would be very surprised if they were my relatives after all.
I thank you and remain,
Yours very truly,
James (Jim) Punches
PS: the web adrress for the DNA Project is http://www.familytreedna.com/public/pontius_family_dna_project