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INDEX - Raisin Center Friends Cemetery

Early graves used natural stones as markers.  A few of these were engraved with a 1st initial and last name.  A few rocks have had a small slab with initials placed next to them or a family marker has been erected with their name included.  Other stones are totally anonymous, too worn to be legible, or missing.  I found buried headstones, reassembled broken pieces to photograph and document a few, and know some are not in their original locations.

 Families bought blocks of graves and arranged their plots to suit themselves so the headstones are not neatly arranged in rows and face either East or West and at whichever end of their lot they wanted. If the stone is at the East end of the plot, the gravestone number I assigned is followed by an "e".  Headstones with more than one name are followed by a letter (individual "a", "b", etc) Inscriptions on different faces of the stone are shown N(orth), S(outh), E, W.  Birth years are often calculated from age at death shown on the headstone.  I may know actual birth and death date but show only the year in this list.

 The numbers I assigned are NOT the official lot numbers (if such exist)

 rc = Raisin Center Friends Cemetery

 1st 2 digits – indicate section and row

 01 through 09 - West section

Rows 1 to 9 starting at NW corner on the right side of the driveway. Row 5 divides at the top of the hill. The left branch becomes row 6 and row 5 resumes further down the hill. Row 8 starts beside the driveway near the top of the hill and 9 is at the end of the lane


10 through 19 - Center North section.

Left of the driveway,  starting at the entrance gate


20 through 24 - Center South section

Behind the hill on the left.


30’s - will be new East section


 Last 2 digits - stone # in that row

(broken and anonymous stones are counted too)

Susan K. wife of Edward Hoag



Raisin Center Friends Cemetery

Chase Road, Raisin Township

 Lenawee County, Michigan


From a  reading of the cemetery

conducted in 2004 

by Anne M. Halford

rc24-32    Ables, Kim N 1956-1994

rc05-07    Adams, Ephraim 1815-1865

rc15-17E  Aldrich, Abigail (Haviland, Mrs Stephen H) family marker

rc16-09    Aldrich, Abigail (d/o I & A Haviland, Mrs Stephen H) 1825-1878

rc13-03e  Aldrich, Daniel M (s/o D & V) 1845-1862 (text both sides)

rc14-18    Aldrich, Harry (s/o Stephen H. & Hulda) s.b. 1880

rc15-17W Aldrich, Harry s.b. 1880 family marker

rc15-17N  Aldrich-Jefferson, Huldah 1840-1905

rc15-18    (Aldrich) Mother

rc15-17S  Aldrich, Stephen H. 1817-1884 family marker

rc16-10    Aldrich, S.H.A. (Stephen s/o Jabez & Mary)

rc18-16    Anthony, Ada Ann (d/o Joseph Bowerman) 1830-1896

rc18-18    Anthony, Alice M (d/o S &A A) 1855-1862

rc18-15    Anthony, Silas 1831-1857;

rc07-29    Archer, (Edwin) Bayard 1873-1893

rc07-28    Archer, Caroline E (Calkins, 2nd Mrs W.D.) 1842-1906

rc07-27    Archer, W.D.(Wm. Donald) 1819-1901

rc13-21    Ash family monument

rc15-26    Ash, Elizabeth 1837-1846 d/o Wm & Esther

rc13-20e  Ash, Emma J 1859-1895

rc15-27    Ash, Esther 1818-1844 (Westgate, Mrs Wm.)

rc15-24    Ash, Esther J. 1846-1847 dau Wm &Harriet

rc15-23    Ash, Harriet 1824-1874 (2nd Mrs Wm.)

rc13-24e  Ash, Howard 1891-1891

rc13-22e  Ash, Ida C 1867-1929

rc13-19e  Ash, James W 1857-1924

rc19-13a  Ash, John 1808-1851

rc19-13b  Ash, Margaret

rc19-04    Ash, Martha (Hoag, Mrs John) 1811-1838

rc15-25    Ash, Sylvanus W (s/o Wm & Harriet) 1842-1845

rc15-22    Ash, William 1810-1880

rc01-34    Autry, Mary Woodruff 1927-1991

rc10-22e  Averell, Azel A 1823-1891

rc23-28    Averell, Charley W (son of Azel & Margaret) 1868-69, 9 mo

rc10-24e  Averell, Margaret J 1838-1914

rc01-41    Ayling, Infant of A.A. & E 1918

 rc13-30    B plot marker

rc16-04    H.B.

rc16-06    M.B. (could be Bowerman, Moses)

rc10-12    Baker family Monument

rc13-27    Baker monument

rc10-08    Baker, Carlistia 1846-1871

rc13-28e  Baker, Clara E 1853-1912

rc14-24    Baker, D.W.(David) 1799-1876

rc10-11    Baker, Delora 1844-1908

rc14-25    Baker, Elizabeth P (Mrs David) 1803-1849

rc14-23    Baker, Eunice Wooster 1805-1887

rc13-29e  Baker, George H 1861-1863

rc04-07    Baker, Gracie 1875-1878

rc13-25e  Baker, Jacob 1827-1913

rc10-10    Baker, Joseph D 1842-1924

rc13-26e  Baker, Phila A 1828-1910

rc10-09e  Baker, Willie J 1880-1881

rc04-17    Barr, Peter 1804-1890

rc03-23b  Bates, Claren L 1905-1992

rc03-23a  Bates, Verda M 1910-1992

rc13-23e  Berry,  Ida Marie 1920-1925

rc02-15b  Borton, Bonnie B 1934-2001

rc10-15    Bowerman monument

rc07-18    prob Bowerman, no visible text

rc19-11    Bowerman, Abigail (Chase, Mrs Joshua) 1792-1872

rc18-12    Bowerman, Alice (Mrs Joseph) 1810-1850

rc07-16    Bowerman, Alice E (d/o P H & S J)  1862-63

rc17-07    Bowerman, Amy R (Collins, widow Dillingham, Mrs Joseph)


rc06-05    Bowerman, Ancil  R 1850-1881

rc05-05    Bowerman, Bessie L 1884-1911

rc07-14    Bowerman, Celia 1871-1925

rc05-06    Bowerman, Charles E 1845-1921

rc19-18    Bowerman, Cordelia A (d/o Moses & Zilpha) 1856-1859

rc07-19b  Bowerman, Cyntha (Haviland, Mrs George) 1844-1915

rc18-02    Bowerman, Daniel H (s/o M & Z) 1850-1851

rc06-02    Bowerman, Dorcas (Mrs Sam'l) 1815-1865

rc05-08    Bowerman, Elmira Adams 1814-1880 (broken)

rc17-13    Bowerman, Ephraim C (s/o Jos. & Alice) 1843-1865

rc18-01    Bowerman, Eunice (d/o M & Z) 1831-1834

rc18-06    Bowerman, Eunice (Mrs Moses) 1769-1848

rc10-13e  Bowerman, Eva (Eva Lora 1870-1871)

rc05-04    Bowerman, Francis A 1844-1889

rc05-25    Bowerman, Frank E (s/o Stephen & Nancy) 1867-1902

rc07-19a  Bowerman, George K 1835-1907

rc16-07    Bowerman, Herman (son of Moses Jr & Roxcina) 1861-1876

rc09-01    Bowerman, Howard R 1919-1932

rc18-17    Bowerman, Isaac (s/o J Jr) 1842-1863

rc07-17    Bowerman, James (s/o G & C) 1862-1863

rc07-13    Bowerman, Jane 1836-1923

rc01-18    Bowerman, John W 1822-1868

rc10-16e  Bowerman, Joseph M (s/o Jos.)1838-1911

rc17-05    Bowerman, Joseph (s/o Joshua & Abigail)1811-1875

rc19-12    Bowerman, Joshua 1786-1843

rc10-14e  Bowerman, Lettie (Mrs Jos. M) 1846-1878

rc19-23    Bowerman, Lindley G (s/o Moses C & Clara) 1872-1957

rc18-07    Bowerman, Margaret (d/o Moses Sr & Eunice) 1805-45

rc18-14    Bowerman, Martha H (d/o M & Z) 1833-1855

rc02-10    Bowerman, Martha Knowles 1831-1908

rc01-17    Bowerman, Mary Ann (Mrs John) 1828-1871

rc11-14a  Bowerman, Moses (s/o Moses& Eunice) 1811-1896

rc19-22    Bowerman, Moses C (s/o Joshua & Abigail) 1825-1874

rc07-11    Bowerman, Nancy (Mrs Stephen) 1846-1924

rc07-12    Bowerman, Peleg H 1834-1912

rc19-24    Bowerman, Reuban G 1872-1957

rc05-27    Bowerman, Ross E 1892-1918 (WWI vet)

rc06-01    Bowerman, Sam'l 1814-1880 (broken)

rc10-17e  Bowerman, Settie (Jones, Lucetta) 1850-1922

rc07-10    Bowerman, Stephen 1841-1929

rc11-14b  Bowerman, Zilpha (Haviland, Mrs Moses Jr) 1812-1896

rc13-40    Burch, Cora Mae (Mrs Rev Bruce C) 1932-2002

rc01-30    Burton, Nellie O 1872-1969 rc14-16    F.E.C.

rc03-18    Calkin, A. B. (Almeron Babcock s/o Jared & Sussanna) 1819-1904

rc04-15    Calkin, Jared G "father" 1788-1870;

rc03-16    Calkin, Mary M (Vibber, 4th Mrs A.B.) 1831-1865

rc04-14    Calkin, Sussanna "mother" (Austin) 1792-1878

rc08-02    Calkins, Harrison 1845-1925

rc07-32    Calkins, Lorentus S (s/o Jared & Sussanna)1812-1888

rc07-33    Calkins, Sophia (Hollister, Mrs Lorentus) 1816-1882

rc13-13e  Carter, Floyd (s/o W.W & C.A) 1876-79

rc13-12e  Carter, William 1849-1887

rc14-22    Catlin, Harriet 1854-1919

rc04-05    Chase, A.W (Artemas) 1838-1898

rc03-03    Chase, Anna M (Haviland, Mrs Levi) 1807-1891

rc05-01    Chase, Chester (s/o F N & H) 1869-1869 (broken)

rc05-02    Chase, Helen (Mrs Frank N.) 1847-1891

rc03-02    Chase, Levi H 1806-1877 (broken)

rc04-04    Chase, Lillian (d/o AW & ME) 1860-1863 (broken & illegible)

rc04-06    Chase, Mary E (Mrs A.W) 1838-1891

rc03-19    Chase, Ruth M Bovee (Mrs David) 1824-1870

rc01-26    Chase, Wing  (h/o Cyntha) 1795-1878

rc03-22b  Coffin, Dan W 1859-1925

rc10-18e  Coffin, Frank H, 1855-1870

rc10-20e  Coffin, Owen 1860-1882

rc03-22a  Coffin, Stella L 1856-1926

rc19-25    Comstock, Amelia E 1856-1879

rc19-29    Comstock, Calvin "Father" 1821-1892

rc19-27    Comstock, Francis O 1899-1899

rc19-28    Comstock, Fannie M "Mother" 1826-1893;

rc19-26    Comstock, Roselia 1859-1860

rc02-17    Cooper, Claud J 1902-1930

rc02-15a  Cooper, Golda R 1904-1954

rc02-16    Cooper, Howard W 1930-1986

rc04-16    Crabb family monument

rc05-12    Crabb, George R 1863-1928

rc03-20    Crabb, William R 1828-1898

rc03-21    Crabb, Perlina (Mrs Wm) 1844-1919

rc13-15    Dawson monument

rc13-14e  Dawson, Adaline (Mrs AW) 1847-1910

rc13-16e  Dawson, A.W. 1844-1931

rc01-25    Dean, Erastus B 1819-1864

rc07-41    Dunlavy, J.H died 1901

rc14-21    Eastwood, Charles N 1847-1877

rc03-24    Fall, Harry R 1898-1971

rc03-04b  Farrah, Catherine L 1845-1881

rc03-04a  Farrah, Thomas J 1836-1919

rc10-29    Fetterman, Deborah Odell 1848-1924

rc10-19    Frink, Emily A (Mrs David E) 1837-1890 (broken, moved)

rc04-08    Gallaway, family monument

rc03-07    Gallaway, Abner "Father" (s/o S & Maria) 1848-1930

rc01-04    Gallaway (aka Galloway), Charity (d/o S & Maria) 1863-1942

rc03-06    Gallaway, Emeline (Ash) "Mother" 1850-1916

rc03-08    Gallaway, Hervey A "Son" (s/o A & E) 1886-1931

rc01-07    Gallaway, Jemima Ann (d/o S & Maria)1851-1863

rc02-04Ea Gallaway, Jemima Ann 1851-63 family marker

rc02-04N  Gallaway, Jemimah (Mrs Wm) 1788-1856 family marker

rc01-06    Gallaway, Jemima 1788-1856

rc02-03    Gallaway, "Mother" (Maria 1820-1907)

rc02-04Wb Gallaway, Maria S (d/o A & L Hoag, Mrs Stephen) 1820-1907

rc15-34    Gallaway, Mary S 1827-1867 (Mrs John)

rc03-05    Gallaway, Mattie "Daughter" (d/o Abner & Emeline) 1875-1937

rc02-02    Gallaway, "Father" (Stephen 1827-1899)

rc02-04Wa Gallaway, Stephen 1827-1899 family marker

rc02-04Eb Gallaway, Stevie (Stephen Jr.) 1865-1881 family marker

rc01-05    Gallaway, Stevie (s/o Stephen & Maria) 1865-1881

rc02-01    Gillett, Charlotte (Mrs Ebenezer) 1804-1884

rc01-01    Gillett, Ebenezer 1785-1871

rc07-25    Goodyear, Sarah (Houghtby) 1813-1910

rc14-09    Graves, Amy (Mrs Wm.)1824-1897

rc14-06    Graves, Lucinda (Slade, Mrs Wm.) 1824-1856

rc14-04    Graves, Watson F 1846-1848

rc14-07    Graves monument, William (s/o Sam'l B 1775-1861) 1823-1895

rc14-08    Graves, William 1823-1895

rc17-14    Gray, Phebe (Mrs W.B) abt 1849-1874 (broken)

rc16-03    Gripman, P (Phebe, Mrs Uriah, abt 1773-aft 1850)

rc16-01    Gripman, U (Uriah, abt 1772-aft 1850)

rc13-37e   B.F.H. guarding mostly buried fieldstone tablet rc13-36e

rc18-29    G.G.H.

rc18-24    J. H.

rc13-17    M.E.H. uprooted stone

rc23-30    P. H.

rc16-08    P.C.H. small marker

rc01-08    S. H.

rc15-08    S.L.H.

rc12-01a  Hamilton, Archless 1797-1898

rc12-01b  Hamilton, Hester 1813-1858

rc03-11    Hartley, John 1776-1868 (broken and worn)

rc18-28    Haviland, illegible

rc01-14    Haviland, (broken off, no text left, Philo Haviland family)

rc01-15    Haviland, Adella A 1864-1865

rc19-02    Haviland, Alice (Chase, Mrs Ingurson) 1788-1851

rc01-12    Haviland, Amy (d/o John & Laura Hoag, Mrs Philo) 1829-1892

rc03-14    Haviland, Anna F (d/o Samuel & Phebe) 1830-1892

rc12-11    (Haviland), B.M.H. (Betsey M, Mrs Wing) 1812-1883

rc07-06    Haviland, Carlton E 1875-1883

rc18-30    Haviland, Carrie C (Mrs Jared C) 1838-1861

rc15-07    Haviland, Charles (s/o James & Martha) 1777-1856

rc17-12    Haviland  Charles (s/o Hiram & Mary) 1862-1863

rc18-09    Haviland, Charles (s/o D & LB) 1848-1849

rc01-16    Haviland, Darwin P (s/o Philo & Amy) 1853-71

rc21-21e  Haviland, Edith M (d/o Geo. & Ellen) 1895-1987

rc18-11    Haviland, Edwin (s/o Daniel & Phebe) 1837-1857

rc05-23    Haviland, Elizabeth (Kayner, Mrs Ira) 1834-1908

rc01-11    Haviland, Ellen I (Calkins, Mrs Geo.) 1861-1912

rc18-27    Haviland, E (Emeline, d/o John W & M) 1846-1850

rc15-06    Haviland, Esther (Mosher, Mrs Charles) 1775-1840

rc18-31    Haviland, broken off

rc18-32    Haviland, Franklin (s/o John W & Margaret) 1848-1864

rc01-10    Haviland, George (s/o Philo D & Amy) 1858-1937

rc17-08    Haviland, Hiram (s/o Peleg C. & Laura)1838-1870

rc19-01    Haviland, Ingurson (s/o James & Martha) 1785-1834

rc05-22    Haviland, Ira 1826-1902

rc16-18    Haviland, I. (Isaac, s/o Charles & Esther) 1805-1853

rc02-09    Haviland, James (s/o Chas.& Esther) 1796-1873

rc18-23    (Haviland, James Jr  s/o James & Susannah) 1826-1849,

                 name broken off

rc17-16    Haviland, John (s/o Peleg C. & Laura 1852-1876)

rc18-25    Haviland, John Ward (s/o James & Susannah) 1821-1849

rc18-08    Haviland, L.B (Lucinda B Hoag, 2nd Mrs Dan'l) "Mother" 1824-1897

rc04-10    Haviland, Leonard (s/o Sam'l & Phebe) 1832-1918;

rc18-03    Haviland, Lydia M  (d/o Daniel & Phebe) 1840-1843

rc18-26    Haviland, Margaret (Bowerman, wife of 1) John Ward Haviland,

   2) Isaac Haviland, & 3) Jeremiah Westgate) 1821-1885

rc17-18    (Haviland, Laura Slade, Mrs Peleg, 1819-1893) "Mother"

rc17-17b  Haviland, Laura (Mrs Peleg C) 1819-1893 monument

rc02-07    Haviland, (Edith) Maria (d/o James & Susannah) 1836-1874

rc07-04    Haviland, Mary Ann (Mrs Rensselaer) 1847-1911

rc04-09    Haviland, Mary C (Mrs Leonard) 1840-1919;

rc17-11    Haviland, Mary H (Mrs Hiram) 1844-1887

rc05-24    Haviland, Myra D (d/o I & E) 1862-1863

rc17-17a  Haviland, Peleg C 1813-1894) monument

rc17-19    (Haviland, Peleg C 1813-1894) "Father"

rc16-15    Haviland, P 1843-1847

rc03-13    Haviland, Phebe (Chase, Mrs Samuel) 1802-1879

rc18-05    Haviland, Phebe S (Smith, Mrs Daniel)  1817-1845

rc01-13    Haviland, Philo D (s/o James & Susannah) 1824-1865

rc07-05    Haviland, Rensselaer W 1842-1918

rc03-12    Haviland, Samuel (s/o Charles & Esther) 1798-1879

rc15-09    Haviland, Sarah L (Mrs Charles) 1785-1856

rc02-08    Haviland, Susannah (White, Mrs James) 1795-1874

rc12-10    Haviland, Wing (s/o Ingurson & Alice)1807-1877

rc16-17    Haviland, Z A (Zilpha Ann, d/o Isaac & Minerva) 1830-1846

rc17-09    Haviland, Zilpha A (d/o Hiram & Mary 1867-1883)

rc21-23a  Haynes, Cecil L 1902-1959

rc21-23b  Haynes, Juanita M (Olson) 1908-1978

rc04-03    (Hibbard, prob. Father)

rc04-01    (Hibbard), Mother

rc04-02a  Hibbard, Enoch B 1816-1879

rc04-02b  Hibbard, Melissa Coburn 1818-1892

rc01-02    Hoag, Abner I (s/o John & Margaret) 1792-1855

rc01-09a  Hoag, Joseph (s/o John & Margaret) 1804-1882

rc01-09b  Hoag, Laura (Allen, Mrs Joseph) 1805-1862

rc01-03    Hoag, Lucinda (Barager, Mrs Abner I.) 1788-1865

rc18-20    Hoag, Susan K (Westgate, Mrs Edward) 1841-1873

rc18-21    Hoag, Susan dau E & S C d Aug 1858, 8 mo old

rc18-22    Hoag, Susan C (Mrs Edward D) 1835-1857

rc05-11    Houghtby, George (s/o Joseph & Sarah)1851-1872

rc07-25    Houghtby, Joseph 1820-1893

rc07-26    Houghtby, Sarah Goodyear 1813-1910

rc11-15b  Hoxie, Ezra 1818-1914

rc13-38    Hoxie, Horace S 1815-1890

rc12-06    Hoxie, Mary E 1849-1861

rc13-35    Hoxie, Mary P Lovejoy (Mrs Horace S) 1814-1877

rc11-15a  Hoxie, Susan (Kelley) 1821-1885

rc13-31    Hoxsie, Ardelia Theressa 1842-1845

rc13-39    Hoxsie, Burton F (son of LS & MU) 1857-1857

rc13-33   (Hoxsie, Horace Edgar, name broken off) 1846-1852

rc13-34    Hoxsie, Joseph John 1850-1852

rc13-32    Hoxsie, Theressa Anna 1845-1852

rc14-17    H.J.

rc15-17N  Jefferson, Huldah (Mrs S H Aldrich) 1840-1905 family marker

rc05-10    Jones, Amy W (Mrs Walter) 1835-1917

rc01-35    Jones, Ann M (Calkins, Mrs Geo) 1838-1923;

rc01-20    (Jones, Elvin 1844-1907) "Husband"

rc01-21    Jones, Elvin E & Frances monument;

rc01-22    (Jones, Frances 1850-1923) "Wife"

rc01-36    Jones, George W 1835-1908 (or born 30 May 1834)

rc02-14    Jones, Henry E 1846-1853

rc03-15    Jones, Mary P (Mrs Silas) 1806-1887

rc05-09    Jones, Walter J 1833-1888

rc14-15    Kamp, Margaret 1797-1861

rc11-18    Kelley family Monument

rc11-19    Kelley, Benjamin (s/o Libni & Deborah) 1823-1895

rc11-18a  Kelley, Deborah (Estes, 1st Mrs Libni) 1804-1839

rc11-20    Kelley, Jane (d/o John & Phebe Hoxie, Mrs Benj.) 1827-1924

rc11-17    (Kelley, Libni 1799-1889) "Father"

rc11-16    (Kelley, Lydia Hoxie 1810-1897) "Mother"

rc12-08    Kelley, Millard F (s/o Benj & Jane Melinda) 1848-1849

rc20-05    Kennedy family monument

rc20-02    Kennedy, James 1842-1927 "Father"

rc20-07    Kennedy, Mabel (d/o Orlando Westgate, Mrs Rev. Wm)1878-1910

rc20-04    Kennedy, Mildred L 1894-1923 (hidden by plants & poison ivy)

rc20-03    Kennedy, Nancy B (Bowerman, Mrs James)"Mother"   1842-1920

rc21-15    Kinney family monument

rc21-17    Kinney, Fannie E 1882-1948

rc21-16    Kinney, Florine M 1899-1986

rc21-18    Kinney, Forest C 1884-1977

rc21-19    Kinney, Mary Leila 1886-1908

rc21-20e  Kinney, Wallace A 1887-1963

rc07-01    Kissell, William 1810-1878 (h/o Emeline Burnham 1824-1869)

rc08-08    Knight, Ellen E Westgate (Mrs Stephen) "Mother"  1853-1905

rc08-07    Knight, Stephen H 1851-1908 "Father"

rc02-11    Knowles, Abram A 1821-1870

rc02-12    Knowles, Silas J (son of Abram & Martha) 1851-1870

rc20-14a  Lehman,  Irene B (Drake) 1895-1962

rc20-14b  Lehman,  Carl F Sr 1895-1977

rc02-05    Lewis, Cathrin 1838-1913

rc02-06    Lewis, Charles H 1861-1925

rc20-12b  Lewis, Charlie E 1876-1958;

rc22-27b  Lewis, Claude E 1913-1986

rc22-26    Lewis, Claude E Jr (Mich Pvt USMC) 1936-1965

rc08-03    Lewis, Elmer J 1894-1967

rc07-35    Lewis, Elmer M 1850-1911

rc07-36    Lewis, Hannah J 1852-1942

rc22-27a  Lewis, Jennie A (Mrs Claude E)1914-1980

rc07-38    Lewis, Libbie (probably the  nickname of Hannah born 

                Jun- died Dec 1884   d/o Elmer & Hannah J)

rc20-11a,b.c  Lewis, 3 lost lambs-  Mary, unnamed, &  unknown

   a) d 7/23/1925;   b)  stillborn. 12/19/1944;    c) date unknown

rc20-13a  Lewis, Lileth J (Hall, Mrs Roy C) 1905-1964;

rc20-12a  Lewis, Mae F (Olmstead, Mrs Charlie E)1880-1919

rc08-04    Lewis, Nettie J 1885-1973;

rc20-13b  Lewis, Roy C 1904-1960;

rc07-37    Lewis, Wm. Roy 1881-1897

rc11-04d  Lossing, Ellanor  1876-1877 marker

rc11-05W Lossing, Ellanor L 1876-1877 monument

rc01-27    Lossing, Martin 1823-1910

rc11-04b  Lossing, Mary (West) 1807-1895 marker

rc11-05E  Lossing, Mary 1807-1895 monument

rc11-04c  Lossing, Mary R (Wortley) 1853-1887 marker

rc11-05N Lossing, Mary R 1853-1887 monument

rc11-04a  Lossing, Nicholas 1795-1870 marker

rc11-05S  Lossing, Nicholas 1795-1870 monument

rc01-28    Lossing, Sarah 1837-1906

rc11-01    Lovejoy, Joseph 1790-1845

rc11-02    Lovejoy, Martha (Mrs Joseph) 1792-1862

rc02-19    Lyon, Amy Ann 1844-1902

rc02-18    Lyon, Chalon 1841-1924

rc21-22a  Miller, Belle (Isabelle Wooster, Mrs Ernest, 1880-1901)

rc21-22b  Miller, Ernest L (s/o Chas. & Edna Ingersoll Miller, 1880-1955)

rc03-26    Miller,George R 1867-1920

rc03-25    Miller, Lora W (Mrs Geo. R) 1876-1962

rc07-07    Miller, Matilda H (Mrs John) 1795-1878

rc07-08    Miller, Phebe (Mrs Van R) 1822-1886

rc07-09    Miller, Van R 1819-1892

rc20-06    Mobbs, Clarence E (WWI vet)1889-1946 (Lenawee Co. birth

                record   gives birthdate of 3/24/1896)

rc20-01c  Mohr, Gertrude E 1923-1935

rc20-01b  Mohr, Marion N (Mrs Roland) 1902-1976

rc20-01a  Mohr, Roland E 1902-1982;

rc10-21e  Mudge, Sally A (1st Mrs H.N) 1832-1864

rc05-26    Negus, Carrie I Bowerman 1868-1958

rc10-27    Newlove, Jennie M 1865-1925

rc10-32    Odell, Baby (marker placed after 1936)

rc10-31    Odell, Fred E 1868-1942

rc10-28    Odell, Miles G 1870-1899 (birth year does not match his monument)

rc10-30    Odell, Miles monument 1871-"died Jun 30 1899

                 aged 28 yrs,  4 m's, 12 d's"

rc24-31    Phillips, Thomas (h/o Glendora)1951-2002;

rc01-39b  Power, Elizabeth Seaman (Mrs Thomas) 1810-1895

rc01-38    Power, Leonard 1855-1925;

rc01-39a  Power, Thomas 1805-1873

rc10-26    Randowe, Claude K 1888-1958;

rc01-29    Raymond, Olive F 1910-1921

rc15-04    Reynolds, Mary (Mrs James) 1818-1856;

rc10-03    Richards, George P 1822-1855 broken

rc14-28    Richardson, Sarah Ann (Mrs. C.) 1812-1868

rc24-33    Rodriguez, Beth M 1942-2000

rc16-02    L.G.S.;

rc16-05    __ S. (damaged 1st letter prob. L., B, or E.)

rc14-10    M. S.

rc17-02    T. S.

rc01-40    Sanford,(Sheridan) Roy (s/o Sheridan & Mary)1889-1892

rc13-09    Sayles monument;

rc13-11e  Sayles, Elvira 1834-1913;

rc13-08    Sayles, Horace 1827-1893;

rc14-12    Sayles, Lyman 1798-1868

rc14-13    Sayles, Lewis Claude 1872-1872 so L.N & J.E

rc14-14    Sayles, Lewellen 1873-1874 (son of LN & JE);

rc13-10e  Sayles, Lydia Ann 1831-1918;

rc14-02    Sayles, Ruth (Mrs Lyman) 1794-1851 broken

rc02-13    Shourds, Silas J 1840-1869;

rc17-13    Slade, ?

rc07-22    Slade, L (Layton, 1873- died aft 1850, fieldstone)

rc14-06    (Slade), Lucinda Graves (Mrs Wm Graves) 1824-1856

rc07-24    Slade, J (had been "MA", fieldstone, no dates)

rc14-05    Slade, Margaret (Mrs Benj.) 1782-1851

rc07-23    Slade, P (Phebe Monroe, Mrs Layton, 1792- d.aft 1850, fieldstone)

rc15-15    Smith, Sarah  (Mrs Thomas) 1797-1883

rc12-07    Smith, S Louise, (Mrs F.M.) 1846-1883

rc15-14    Smith, Thomas 1790-1872

rc11-13b  Spraul, Rachel 1812-1906;

rc11-13a  Spraul, William 1811-1888

rc12-05    Starin, James H 1844-1916

rc12-04    Starin, Louisa R 1846-1917

rc12-03    Starin, Minnie M 1880-1908

rc19-21    Stewart, Clara A (Bowerman) 1844-1936;

rc14-26    Strang, Lucy B 1831-1906

rc03-01    Tabor, Abigail (Mrs Allen) 1809-1868;

rc07-02    Tremain, Mary J (Mrs Truman) 1811-1881

rc07-03    Tremain, Truman S 1810-1879;

rc01-24    Vanornum, Julia (Mrs L) 1782-1864

rc01-23    Vanornum, L (Luke) 1785-1863

rc13-01    H. W. inscribed fieldstone

rc10-25    Waldby, Leah 1801-1894

rc10-23    Waldby, Richard 1795-1868

rc08-05N  Watkins, Eliza (Mrs James) 1827-1888 monument

rc07-40    (Watkins, illegible on top, perhaps "Mother" Eliza)

rc07-39    (Watkins), "Father" on top (probably James)

rc08-05E  Watkins, James 1823-1891 family monument

rc08-06    (Watkins), illegible name on top

rc06-07    Welch, John H 1827-1912

rc06-08    Welch, Lucinda A 1846-1923

rc05-17   (West) broken

rc05-20    West, only legible text on fieldstone

rc05-18    West, Abram 1815-1890

rc05-19    West, Amanda (Mrs Abram) 1822-1900;

rc10-07    West, Amy Ann dau A & A 1859-1860;

rc11-04e  West, Benjamin 1782-1858 (on Lossing family marker)

rc10-04   (West, prob. Benj. 1782-1858, buried stone tablet

                guarded by a  plain marker)

rc05-16    West, Eliza (Mrs Hulett) 1828-1910;

rc10-02    West, Franklin son of A & A 1851-1852;

rc05-15    West, Hulett 1830-1901;

rc10-01    West, N.W. 1819-1845

rc11-04f   West, Polly (Disbrow) 1789-1849 (on Lossing family marker)

rc10-05    West, P (Polly Disbrow 1789-1849) engraved fieldstone tablet

rc10-06e (perhaps footstone of P West, no visible text)

rc12-14    Westgate, Albert J 1861-1942

rc05-21a  Westgate, Alice D 1870-1956

rc04-13    Westgate, Alton D 1879-1949

rc12-02    Westgate, Baby  (s/o O & Ellen d Jul 16, 1884)

rc05-21b  Westgate, Chester O 1872-1951

rc13-06e  Westgate, Dorcas (Bowerman, widow Kayner, Mrs Jeremiah)


rc13-05e  Westgate, Elen Jane dau J&D 1848-1849

rc11-11    Westgate, Ellen 1852-1917

rc08-08    Westgate, Ellen E (Mrs Stephen Knight) 1853-1905

rc12-15    Westgate, Elmer 1857-1880

rc19-17    Westgate, Elvina Eunice (d/o "Nilson" & Eunice) 1857-1870,

                (marker down & buried under base of a tree, died of  typhoid fever)

rc06-06    Westgate, Emma J 1853-1899

rc15-33    Westgate, Esther (Haviland) Mrs Sylvanus 1802-1883

rc19-14    Westgate, Eunice (d/o Moses & Zilpha Bowerman, Mrs Nelson)


rc15-20    Westgate, George H (s/o H.G & H.H.)1864-1864

rc15-19b  Westgate, Hannah (Mrs Henry G) 1827-1898

rc15-19a  Westgate, Henry G 1824-1898

rc15-21    Westgate, Jennie F(d/o HG& HH) 1861-1862

                (2 headstones; original is down, 2nd matches her brother’s)

rc13-07e  Westgate, Jeremiah (s/o Jonathan & Dorea) 1793-1871

rc15-31    Westgate, Jonathan B. Nov 18 1819- Jun 12, 1850

rc15-30    Westgate, Joseph S (son of SH & MD) 1844-1846

rc12-12    Westgate, Laura M (Mrs J. Jr) 1837-69;

rc18-26    Westgate, Margaret (see Haviland, Mrs Jeremiah) 1821-1885

rc11-09    Westgate, Mary B (Moore, Mrs Orlando) 1847-1879

rc15-28    Westgate, Mary D (Dillingham, Mrs S H ) 1825-1844

rc13-04e  Westgate, Mary Jane (d/o Jerimiah & Dorcas) 1845-1848

rc04-12a  Westgate, Nelson 1837-1909

rc11-10    Westgate, Orlando (s/o Jerimiah & Dorcas) 1838-1913

rc04-12b  Westgate, Paulina b1845-

rc12-13    Westgate, Phidelia R dau J &PR 1852-1852

rc04-11    Westgate, Reuben (s/o Nelson & Paulina) 1862-1898;

rc15-32    Westgate, Sylvanus 1797-1869 “Our Father”

rc16-19    Westgate, Sylvanus May 15 1797-Sep 16 1869

rc15-29    Westgate, Sylvanus H abt 1821-1844;

rc15-10    White, Edith (McComber, Mrs John) 1763-1859;

rc15-12    White, John  1764-1844

rc15-13    J.W. next to John White

rc01-37    White, Mary S 1864-1939

rc14-19    Williams, Nancy B 1829-1890

rc07-20    R.W. (either individual Wilson or plot marker)

rc07-20h  Wilson, Cora E 1861-1874

rc07-20e  Wilson, Edwin G 1837-1900

rc07-20f   Wilson, Elvira A 1841-1875

rc07-31E  Wilson, Ethel (d/o Marion & Filura) 1889-1894

rc07-31W Wilson, Filura (d/o Lorentus & Sophia Calkins, Mrs Marion)


rc07-20d  Wilson, Lena E C 1875-1875

rc07-20b  Wilson, Lydia 1810-1863

rc07-30    Wilson, Marion T 1862-1898

rc07-20g  Wilson, Mary Ann (Mrs Edwin G)1845-1895

rc07-20c  Wilson, Rachael 1811-1890

rc07-20a  Wilson, Thomas 1809-1882

rc03-09    Winship. Blanche A (dau of I.O & R.A) 1877-77

rc05-13    Wood, Hannah C (Calkins, Mrs Noah) 1811-1889

rc05-14    Wood, Rosalinda (Mrs L.B) 1840-1885

rc01-32    Woodruff, Frankie Jones (Frances Ann, Mrs Geo W) 1868-1945

rc01-33    Woodruff, Frank L 1906-1963

rc01-31    Woodruff, George W 1861-1935

rc20-10    Wooster, Charles E 1873- 1916

rc20-09    Wooster, Leon D 1883-1899

rc20-08b  Wooster, Mary Elizabeth (Dillingham, Mrs Warren) 1843-1911

rc20-08a  Wooster, Warren 1839-1906

rc01-19   illegible;    

rc03-18   no text visible (?missing stone of Silas Jones or one

                of A.B. Calkin’s 4 wives)

rc03-10   no visible text

rc05-03   small stone, no text;

rc06-03 & 4 no visible text, down partially buried

rc07-10   plot marker;

rc07-15   down, no text visible;

rc07-34   loose slab, no visible text;

rc08-01   broken off (at top of hill in Slade plot)

rc11-12   No legible text

rc12-09   no visible text

rc13-02e No 4

rc13-18   Pink granite base no stone

rc13-41   huge rocks end of row 13

rc14-11   grooved slab rock;

rc14-01   fieldstone marker with footstone & unk stone;

rc14-03   broken no visible text;

rc14-20   plot marker & pink granite corner base

rc14-27   no text visible;

rc15-01, 02, 03 Fieldstone head & footstones, small marble marker no legible text

rc15-05   no visible text;

rc15-11   no legible text;

rc15-16   no text;

rc15-30e fieldstone between Joseph Westgate & Z A Haviland;

rc16-11   slate stone no visible text;

rc16-12   fieldstone no visible text;

rc16-13   slate stone no visible text;

rc16-14   slate stone no visible text;

rc16-16   down, no visible text;

rc16-20   no text visible

rc17-01   fieldstone indecipherable marks below ground

rc17-03   Stone with quartz, no visible text above ground

rc17-04   small slab, no text

rc17-06   mid-sized broken marker, no visible text

rc17-10   no text

rc17-15   small pillar, no text (could be a corner marker)

rc18-04   fieldstone marker bracing Phebe Haviland d.1845;

rc18-31   broken off;

rc18-13   No visible text;

rc18-10   no visible text;

rc18-19   down, no text;

rc19-03   fieldstone slab

rc19-05   marble slab, no visible text, matches 8&9

rc19-06   rectangular stone slab, no visible text

rc19-07   buried stone (mate of 06)

rc19-08,09,10 marble tombstones, no text visible

rc19-15  (base),

rc19-16  (slate stone leaning against tree, no visible text);

rc19-19   no visible text

rc19-20   no visible text

rc22-25  unidentified brick with happy face stickers

rc23-      discarded pile of headstones

rc23-29  unidentified base (2pcs)