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Greek Ancestry In Middletown, Ohio
Last updated  11/12/2012

The official records of sacraments performed in the Saints Constantine And Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Middletown, Ohio are reproduced here for the benefit of those who wish to research their family history relating to the Church.  Note: All official records displayed are the property of this church and may not be reproduced in any way without written permission granted by the parish council.

Official entries were made by the parish priest who performed the sacrament and so some are more readable than others - some priests had limited capabilities in the English language, others in penmanship.

Events were recorded in three registers: one each for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. Click on the time period you wish to view.  You must enlarge the image by clicking the zoom button several times. (Best option: right-click your mouse, then left-click on Marquis Zoom; place cursor on spot you want to magnify - it will be centered & magnified; click to increase size or right click to correct.) 

BAPTISMS:                            INDEX for BAPTISMS
*   1923 - 1959    
*   1959 - 1989
                    *   1990 - 2004
                    *   2004 - 2012 

                    *   1966 - 1969   (Original Book)
WEDDINGS:                         INDEX for WEDDINGS
                    *   1937 - 1968
                    *   1968 - 2002
                    *   2002 - 2008

FUNERALS:                          INDEX for FUNERALS
*  1937 - 1965
*  1966 - 1999
*  2000 - 2012


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