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Greek Ancestry In Middletown Ohio

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George Naokle - WW1 Birth 23 May 1890 unable to read Greece unable to read address , OH wife, laborer ARM served Greek army

Thomas Nasset  1920 Census 804 Woodlawn Av. Age: 34 years  birth year: abt 1886 Birthplace: Greece : Roomer Father's Mother's Birth Place: Greece: Married Year of Immigration: 1901 Naturalization 1917 Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Laborer Steel Mill W

Christ Neck - 1910 Census Middletown Ward 1, Butler, OH Birthplace: Greece abt 1890 Father Mother Greece Year of Immigration: 1909 res Lodger Broadway Stemmer tobacco Fac.

John Nesse [John Zesse] 1910 Census Age 27 birth year: abt 1883 Birthplace: Turkey : Boarder Father's Birth Place: Turkey Mother's Birth Place: Turkey Home in 1910: Madison, Butler, Ohio: Married Year of Immigration: 1907 Tobacco Factory

Netsos Wm J (Alice L )MCD 37-38 grocer 2472 Wilbraham Rd. h 2468 Wilbraham Rd 
Alice Georgeopoulos Netsos   see Georgopoulos Family 

William Netsos - SSDI Last Residence: 45042  Middletown, Butler, Ohio, United States of America.Born:22 Aug 1901. Died: Jul 1983 State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (1952-1953 ) 1 Jul 1983

William J Netsos   Ohio Deaths  Birth Date: 1902 Birth Country: Remainder of World 
Male Race: White Residence City : Middletown   Ohio Death Date: 1 Jul 1983  Middletown Hospital 
City of Death : Middletown (Pt) Certificate: 045725 Age at Death: 81 Marital Status: Married

Alice G Netsos - Ohio Deaths  Father: Georgopoulos Birth: 27 Dec 1909 - Michigan, United States Death: 18 Feb 1997 - Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio Death: Long-Term Care Facilities

Alice Netsos - SSDI Last Residence:45044  Middletown, Butler, Ohio, United States of America Born:27 Dec 1909 Died:18 Feb 1997 State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (1963 ) 18 Feb 1997

Audy Nick [Andy Nick] - 1920 Census 409 Canal St Middletown, Ohio Age: 49 years  Estimated birth year: abt 1871 Birthplace: Greece: Lodger Father's Mother's Birth Place: Greece: Married Year of Immigration: 1914 Na 1919 Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes

Audy Nick [Andy Nick] - 1930 Census  37 N. Clinton  (Lodger with Creona family) Birth Place Greece Parents Birth Place Greece  Year of Immigration 1913 Naturalization Alien Laborer

Nick Andy MCD 1397-38  rms 112 Webster

Andy Nick Death Certificate March 11, 1945 burial: March 14, 1945 McCoy-Leffler Funeral Home, Woodside Cemetery Sec 25C Lot 119 vcm

Don Hedges: There was an Andy Nick that came to our house at 124 N Main St, Middletown, In the 30`s and 40`s. I think he did work at Sorg Paper Mill at that time. There was a Paul Siderius that also came to our house about the same time. My dad lived on Canal St about that time too.

Andy Nick March 11, 1945 burial: March 14, 1945 McCoy-Leffler Funeral Home, Woodside Cemetery Sec 25C Lot 119 vcm
Nick  aka Chaknidis  / Chaknides / Tsaknides

Brothers, Christ, John and George

City Restaurant RI 106 E. 3rd Ave (o) 930 Central Ave. 1919-1920

Chris Nick - RI restaurant 1327, 1323, 1391 Central 1924-1925, 1928-1936

C Nick & Spyrelis - Restaurant 1323 Central Ave. 1926-1928

C. Nick & T Stoikos & Christ - City Restaurant 106 E 3rd Ave. (o) 930 Central 1923-1924

The Chris Nick story: The Nick brothers started out at 106 W 3rd / 930 Central which may be where the barber shop was located by the alley during our time or the building they demolished to build the Ogelsby-Barnitz (sp) bank building.  Once Nick moved to the 1300 Central Ave block, he gave his business address as 1327, 1323, 1391,and 1223.  (For a couple of years while at 106 W 3rd / 930 Central, after his brother died, Chris Nick was in partner ship with my godfather, Tom Stoikos. But that also makes sense because they both were from Saranta Eklesias ND

Chaknides or Christ Nick,  1391 Central Ave:  Christ Nick had five children--Nick, Gus, Lena, Evangelia, and Mary.  In the early '30s the family moved to Greece, but after a few years they returned  to Middletown and eventually moved to Dayton. Oldest son Nick Nick became a priest, Gus an engineer, etc. The mother's name was Mary.  They were from the Saranta Eckleseas (Forty Churches, Kirk Kisle (Turkish)) areas of what is now Eastern Thrace. Their real last name was Tchaknides / Chaknides  Sounds Turkish.

I remember where they lived in Middletown.  They did not live very far from your house.  The house was on the first or second street behind Ristanio's grocery. The house faced west. Across the street was a large empty lot; I always thought that that empty lot was a block void of houses because everyone played baseball and rode bikes there. I was four or five at the time and empty lots looked a lot bigger than they actually were. I do remember that THERE WERE NO HOUSES ACROSS THE STREET. Gus took me on my first bicycle ride in that lot. We had a spill and I had bloody knees.  I remember that empty lot or lots or block well because of that eventful ride.ND

Christ Nick - 1920 Census: 3021/2 South Main St. Middletown Ohio Birthplace Constantinople Turkey abt 1891 Father Mother Birth Place Constantinople Year of Immigration: 1911Aliens. Proprietor Restaurant real surname was Chaknides

Ellen Nick - 1920 Census 3021/2 South Main St. Middletown Ohio Birthplace: Constantinople Turkey  Father's Mother Birth Place: Constantinople Oc Year of Immigration: 1914  Al Nick wife

Christ Nick 8/12  

CRIST Nick Citizenship Record 2214471  47 S. Broad St. Middletown, Ohio

Christ Nick - 1930 Census Birth abt 1887 Turkey  Christ age 43
Ellen Nick wife age 38 
Nick Nick  age 10
Gust Nick age 9
Ageline Nick age 7 Birth abt 1925 Middletown
Angelina Nick age 5

Nick Christ (Helen) MCD 1937-38  restaurant  h 220 McKinley 
            Nick Gus
r 220 McKinley 
Nick Nicholas r 220 McKinley

Ordination of Nick Tsaknides to the priesthood December 9, 1945. Dayton Greek Orthodox Church on Robert Blvd.    Fr. Nick, a Dayton native, graduated from the Greek Orthodox Theological School at Pomfret, Connecticut and was ordained by His Grace Bishop Gerasimos of Chicago. Source The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Historical Sketch Dayton Ohio

Gus C. Nick 83 Obituary Chicago Tribune Nov 11. 2004
     GUS C. NICK relished the challenge of fixing things. He made his living repairing and servicing steam turbines, boilers and other large machines, and he loved it. The mechanical engineer was so dedicated to his work that he would drive to North Dakota to correct a glitch in a client's machine. "He enjoyed nothing more than to explain how things and systems worked, and he applied this to everything," said Tom, one of his three sons. Mr. Nick, 83, co- founder of Somes-Nick & Co., a Chicago manufacturer's representative firm servicing and supplying companies with equipment, died Monday, Nov. 8, in Naples Community Hospital in Florida of a massive stroke. Mr. Nick of Northbrook kept a winter home in Florida. He was born in Middletown, Ohio, a son of Greek immigrants.           

George Nick - 1910 Mid. City Dir. labor Am Roll Mill  wife Mary

George Nick - 1920 Census 3021/2 South Main St.  Middletown Ohio Birthplace: Constantinople Te abt 1896 Year of Immigration: 1912 Alien single brother Christ Nick and John Partner

John Nick - 1920 Census 3021/2 South Main St. Middletown Ohio Birthplace: Constantinople Te abt 1892 Year of Immigration: 1912 Alien single brother to Christ Nick and George Partner

John Nick - 1920 Census 409 Canal St: Middletown, Ohio Age: 36 years  Birth year: abt 1884 Birthplace: Greece: Lodger Father's Mother's Birth Place: Greece Widow  Year of Immigration: 1914 Na 1919 Able to read: Write: Yes Laborer in Paper Mill 

Nick Louis aka Achilles Douvalopoulos  (Mary) MCD 1937-38 (Ohio Grocery Co) h 323 Clark St.

Mrs. Louis Nick  ARTICLE May 25, 1932  Wednesday  Middletown Journal, Middletown, Ohio  Immigration Officers Threaten To Deport Wife Of Middletown Grocer  The Greek quota that was referred to was 210 Greeks per year.ND         

MARY NICK of the grocery store on Clark Ave:  I remember my mother relating the story that Mary Nick came to the US illegally or with a student visa and then married.  At any rate if my memory serves me correctly, Louie Nick had to take Mary out of the country (Canada or Cuba?) and bring her back with a legit entry visa.  It cost him a bundle of cash. ND

Louis Nick  WW 2 Greece Birth Date 13 May 1889 Employer self (Ohio grocery store) res 323 Clark St. Person who know whereabouts Mrs. Mary Nick  

William Nick 1920 Census 1108 Crawford St. Age: 35 years  birth year: abt 1885 Birthplace: Greece Head of House: Father's Birth Place: Greece Mother's Birth Place: Greece: Single: Rent Year of Immigration: 1907 alien Able to read:\ Write: Yes Tobacco worker  Tobacco worker W

NICKOLIS Andonios J Middletown Citizenship Records. 1341576  1111 Girard Ave. Middletown, Ohio 

Steve Nikopulos - WW1 Birth 15 Sep 1887 Atlesus Greece 328 Vail Middletown, OH single self emp. candy maker sells ice cream..

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