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Greek Ancestry In Middletown, Ohio
Last Updated  03/09/2013

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  A very brief account of the history of Greeks living in Asia Minor - many centuries covered in 3 pages. 
George Christy
June 2011
  Publications from the research of John Stephen Moriates, JD, a Cincinnati attorney whose hobby produced many publications including the official newsletter (The Voice) of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Cincinnati for several years. Other research such as the first item below appeared in national newspapers. 
Two examples: 

1. The End of Greek Asia Minor

2. The Voice. issue dated August, 1994 - lead article The Greek Holocaust is reproduced here

Note: John Moriates served as an advisor to the YAHO club and GOYA chapter in Middletown for several years and shared his knowledge of Greek History during lectures and debates at some of the meetings.

George Christy

June 2011

  The Greek Patriarchate in Constantinople compiled a book in 1919 documenting the "Persecution of the Greeks in Turkey" which covered the period from 1914 to 1918.  The book can be viewed online at another website - click on this link. , then choose to read online

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Cleo Garvin
07 March 2010

Greek names appearing on 1940 Alien Registry.
to read list.

Compiled by
Nick Demetrion
31 July 2009


Hellenic Genealogy Geek
Family History Research Tools for Greek Genealogy.

Georgia Keilman has a listing of recent translations of Greek elections 1865-1872 in the Peloponnesos and surrounding area. She lists the voters by name.  Peloponnesian Greeks might be interested in her area of endeavor as a research source in tracing family members. This can be accessed by clicking on this link: 

A useful tool is the right sidebar listing the blog archive. A large variety of useful information about Greek history is to be found there

Nick Demetrion Feb. 2013

   Verification of the location of  the village of Veletler, Asia Minor

An  introduction to the historic Greek village of Veletler with a verification of its new (1920's) Turkish assigned name as Cinarlikoy (or Cinarli.)

  " Veletler" by author Despina Paraskeva-Krani, a descendant of former villagers who lives in Greece, , is viewable, written in Greek, at this link :  

   Nick Demetrion has translated her research into English. If you would like a copy, you may request one by Email:

Click on the picture to the left. At the foot of the small mountain is the Village of Cinarli, built on the site of historic Veletler.

Researched by
Nick Demetrion