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Restaurant Index & Maps

Greek Ancestry In Middletown, Ohio
Last Updated   10/29/2012

 This section consists of maps showing the locations of Greek owned businesses
in Middletown, Ohio.
 Submitted by: Nick Demetrion

  The five maps below numerically locate the Greek-owned businesses (restaurants, bars, confectioneries, eateries) that operated during the 1900-1950 period.  The pages following each map list the various proprietors at each location with the time period for their ownership.  The Master Index at the end lists the proprietors alphabetically and their various business locations chronologically.


  Each map covers one portion of the city as indicated.   (O) indicates the old street address before the reorganization of postal addresses in 1924; all other addresses listed are current  The Master Index  has a location reference after each restaurant, confectionery, bar, and eatery.  For example, (M-2, #30) may be found on MAP-2, location #30

                                                    Master Index - Alphabetized list of business proprietors.   

                              Map 1 - Central Avenue from Verity Pkwy west to the Miami River.

                    Map 2 - Central Avenue from Verity Pkwy east to Curtis Street.

                    Map 3 - Baltimore St. from Central Ave. south to Forest Ave.

                    Map 4 - Central Ave. from Leibee St. east to University Blvd,  plus

                                 - Columbia Avenue at Charles St.                              

                     Map 5 -  Crawford Street.

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