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Just for the record, many of the visitors below did receive answers to their questions from members of our staff.  George Christy  

Mr. Demetrion, my family is from Middletown, Ohio.  Their name is Eliopoulos. My grandfather was a barber, Nick was his name.  Did you by any chance know them.  Any help you can give me would be appreciated.  Thank you, Ruth Eliopulos, Jacksonville, Florida

dated 15 Jan 2009

Just to report that as a non-Greek who left Middletown over 65 years ago, I enjoyed looking up the Eliopulos and Revelos families, seeing mention of the Elite and Delicia, as well as my contemporary, Helen Matthews. I'm sure I would recognize more if I spent more time on it. Unique and well done. Bill Henry

 dated  6/ 10/2009

Thank you very much for posting the article on the history of Elite’s here in Middletown. It surely brought back many memories for me. When I was quite young, I lived at 1733 Central Avenue in the Harlan Apartments. At that time, there was an ‘older gentleman’ (at least to me) that I always referred to as “the Candy Man” because I would stop in his store and he would give me small pieces of candy. He was a really ‘nice guy’ who happened to be Jimmy Revelos. You may remember Drayer’s Flower Shop, Streifthaugh’s Hardware, Doellman’s Shoes, Egleston’s Grocery, Byrd’s Barber Shop, Stutz’s (one of the best hamburgers in Middletown) and some of the other businesses in the 1700 block of Central. I can remember many quality hours at both Elite’s and Hagias. As a matter of fact, I own a candy scale that, reportedly, is from the Hagias store. It belonged to my cousin’s father. I got it from the estate to insure that it would remain in Middletown. It is one of my treasured possessions. It is Style 9.405CA, No. 563472, Manufactured by the Toledo Scale Company. (Photo attached).
By the way, your article came to me from a former ARMCO coworker (we both worked at Research and Middletown Works) who currently resides outside of Lexington, KY. Again, my thanks for your research and the article.      Larry L. Steele.

 dated  6/30/2009

You are likely Lou's brother. His wife Joyce and I were very close friends during our years in the Middletown Schools and at Ohio Wesleyan. Kay Long, my sister, forwarded the story by Michael Revelos. What a treat to read--I only wish on this hot July day that I could pop in for a cool "one" at their shop. and, of course, for one moment in time, in getting to Elite's I would like to pass by all the other familiar sights that I remember from the 50's.
The Revelos twins (Martha and Mary, I believe) were in my class, 1954. I went to school with them from elementary at Lincoln.  Thank you for sending the story on the trail that finally ended up in my email here in Durham, North Carolina.
Regards,   Nancy Yocom Leinbach
PS: Thanks to you too, Kay.

dated 7/11/2009

  A dear friend sent me the via email regarding the history of Elites and ask if i remembered it. Oh My Gosh - DO I EVER. My name is Pat (Heiland) Botos, married to Louie Botos now deceased. When I was a much younger child, my mother and aunt would take me on weekends downtown on the bus and we would have lima bean soup and a sandwich at the Delicia, go to the movie, and afterwards, always go to Elites for an ice cream cone. That was the biggest treat of the week for me to have that ice cream cone. When I became of the marrying age and married my love, I gained many in-laws. The Botos family was quite large Lou's sister Mary was married to Ted Sarris who I know worked for Elites for many years
until it went out of business. Lou and I had five wonderful children who still talk about the solid chocolate bunnies and eggs at Easter Time and special items at Christmas. It just wasn't worth having if it wasn't from Elites. My kids won't buy their children candy at holiday time because to them it's all "junk" compared to what they use to get.  We all miss Elites so very much and wish we had it back again. Thank you so very much for a history well written. My kids will be receiving it via email when I sign off here.
Sincerely, Pat Botos

dated 7/7/2009

I see, George N Revelos has posted information on th site for The Greeks of Middletown. Could you please ask him to email me. I have a Revelos connection. My grandfather was Apostolis Hagias of Karitsa, Lakonia in Greece. His brother Spiros bought a restuarant from the Revelos Brothers. I also am webmaster for a genealogy site for Greeks from villages on the southern slope of Mount Parnon.i.e. password=parnon  
Stelios Hagias 
Adelaide, South Australia 

dated 7/19/2009

Reading your history letter was so interesting.. I grew up during the late 50's and early 60's. How exciting to come to your shop. We didn't realize how important your shop would become in our lives. I lived in the neighborhood and visited often. Also we looked so forward to the icecream carts in the summer.  I try to relate stories to my grandson. When we pass an area in town I always tell him how it was important to me. Thanks for the memories.-  Dorothy Colwell
(ed:  her reference is to this story by Mike Revelos)
E-mail dated 7/29/2009
I don't know if you're George Senior or if there is a Junior?  I am Carolyn Bach Kinder (Mary Ellen's age) from corner of Brentwood and Plymouth in Mayfield.
I so enjoyed reading the history of Elite's.  I recognized all but 2 of the names in the Middletown lesson in history.  It was so very interesting.
More of these stories need to be shared.

dated 28 July,2009

I really do not have anything to add to your story except to say thanks. I really enjoyed reading it. I think going to Elites was one of the big treats of my childhood and then was able for a short time to take my children to the one in Trenton. I loved the candy apples so much that I now make them and sell them at a few places in the fall. Please do more stories.
Betty Cepluch of Seven Mile, OH
dated 7/13/2009
Hi,    Ran across your page on Greek Ancestry In Middletown Ohio.
I am researching Antonios Zoutis, on a ships passengers records he states he was going to his uncle's Sam Panos at 409 Vail St. in Middletown Ohio. I am not sure if this is my Tony Zoetis because the age is a little off and the year of immigration is a little off but I am running down all leads.   I have only found my Tony on one census, 1930 Marion Co. IN just 3 years before he dies. I have so little to go on, so any info that you might have I would appreciate, or at least maybe add this guy to your site.   The ships records were for the S.S. Themistokles sailing from Piraeus on 21 Oct 1913. Landed in NY 12 Nov 1913. Antonios ZOUTIS was listed as 19, male, single, occupation a clerk.  Hope this fits with someone out there. Tony's burial record list his father as Viciliconey (sp?) and mother Mary both born in Greece as well as Tony. 
Thank you, Debbie Drescher

dated  8/3/2009

My name is Roberta Courtot Whitacre and I am very curious about the O.K. Barber Shop photograph taken in Middletown Ohio and here is why;  my grandmother and my mother and aunt all had beauty shops.  The one my mother owned was in Cinti from about 1932 until the 1960's and it was the O.K. Beauty Shoppe.  Here half sister, Bertha Grundy Ring also had a beauty shop in Middletown and I believe that was O.K beauty shop also; in fact I have a couple of photos and you can tell the name of the shop...  Would you know the address of the Barber shop?  Was it 1095 Central Ave?
I have a theory about the O.K. from reading and found out that O.K. came from the German Oll Korrect meaning I suppose you were going to get a good hair cut or something like that...    Thank You, Roberta Courtot Whitacre - Cincinnati, OH
p.s.  My mom had a lot of relatives from Middletown; that is where she was born,

E-mail dated
4 Sept 2009

I came across your name while “surfing” the internet today and ran across the Greek Research section of the Middletown , Ohio History & Geneology section. My curiosity was definitely peaked as I ran through the photos and saw a picture of my beloved grandfather, Gust Chifos.  I’m no spring chicken anymore, but I remember my time with my grandfather and grandmother vividly and miss them still.  If you could give me any pointers on where I might find more information about them, I would greatly appreciate it.
My name is Cristi Giddens now (Cristi Chifos is my maiden name) and I am the eldest daughter of Crist Chifos.  I live in Jacksonville , Florida and would love to know when my grandfather came to this country.  I know he was from Megalopolis, but little about his life in Greece or his beginnings in the U.S.   I do know he was a devout church goer (I accompanied him to church while visiting from Texas ) and a devoted and gentle grandfather.  I think of him and my grandmother often.  My grandmother was formerly Zelma Diver from Germantown .
Thank you if you can assist; and if not, thank you anyway for the photo of my grandpa.


6 Oct 2009

George,   I was doing some research on my family tree and came across your e-mail address on the Greek Ancestry in Middletown, Ohio website....
I am a relative of Victoria (Paraska) Christy's.  Her mother and my great-grandfather were siblings... 
I am very interested in talking to you and sharing information (along with anyone else in the family who might know)...  
My Great Uncle Andy (Victoria's nephew/my grandfather's brother) has many photos that include Victoria, Anna and other family members.  He told me that you might be interested in them also...
I live in
Arizona but will be making a trip to Michigan this summer.  Uncle Andy is going to get his photos together for me and I can scan them and send some to you.      Dena B.
(G.Christy note: This condensed email was the first of many exchanges of e-mail with my newly found cousin.)

11 Feb 2010

Hi George,      My name is Sophie Arvanitou. I am researching the families that originally came from the island of Tenedos, Turkey.. opposite from Troy, Turkey.
As I mentioned, if you have any more photos on the family of Helen Benetas and her sister Bessie Regas it would be very much appreciated. I have been in contact with her nephew Nick but unfortuanately he could not scan any photos as he had a problem with his computer. I am planning an exhitbition here in Melbourne, Australia in the near future and I would like to add them.
I look forward to your reply.    Many thanks, Sophie

23 June 2010

    I ran across your rootsweb pages on Greek genealogy for Middletown. I was looking up one person in particular that brought me to your site. Her name was Georgia Poulos, born in 1914. My grandfather was Greek, born in Zeli (now Kandalos), and came to the US in 1903. He settled in Tiffin, Ohio. I have recently embarked on tracing the Greek side of the family, and part of this has been sorting through photographs from many sides of the family. One of them is of a infant, and written on the back it says "Christianized by John (Jack) Terry December 20th, 1914. Miss Georgia Poulus, April 23rd, 1915 - 8 months." This seems to match the one you have listed. Any thoughts on the matter?
Joe Terry -
Grandson of John G. Terry (aka Ioannis Georgios Xentaras)

18 July 2010

What an awesome website....I had found snippets of this on the internet....but you did a fantastic job of setting this up...
I am going to show this to Norma....she is in a nursing home.....but she is really and funny..
We are going to do a scrap book.....together...and if I have some nice photos...I will scan those and email them to  you....
Norma Jean & I met in a church in Edgewater Florida.  She is 85-and having a birthday in August.
Normas friend John died in Nov and a friend of hers-moved her to Edgewater at Christmas.
I have been helping Norma with housing since her move and acting as her family.
Norma had a fall and was placed in Port Orange Rehab.  We are now having her move to an assistant living place-called Caring Hearts in
Port Orange Fl.
Do you know if Norma has any family?   Did she ever have any children with Pete  (Eliopoulos?)     Sincerely,  Alice Rozema

 5 July 2010
12 July 2010

Hi,   My name is Roberta Courtot Whitacre and I am very curious about the O.K. Barber Shop photograph taken in Middletown Ohio and here is why;  my grandmother and my mother and aunt all had beauty shops.  The one my mother owned was in Cinti from about 1932 until the 1960's and it was the O.K. Beauty Shoppe.  Here half sister, Bertha Grundy Ring also had a beauty shop in Middletown and I believe that was O.K beauty shop also; in fact I have a couple of photos and you can tell the name of the shop.  My aunt was Bertha Grundy Ring and she was married and had three children but in 1933 her estranged husband, shot and killed her in the beauty shop which was also where they lived in the back rooms I am told.  Bertha was first married to a Barber named Charles Wells and often wondered if he could have either owned at one time or worked at the O.K. Barber Shop.  Here is my real question; unfortunately none of us ever thought to ask my mother what exactly did the O.K. stand for.  I would really like to know that and wonder why there was a Barber shop and Beauty Shop by the same name.  Would you know the address of the Barber shop?  Was it 1095 Central Ave. by chance or close to it?
I have a theory about the O.K. from reading and found out that O.K. came from the German Oll Korrect meaning I suppose you were going to get a good hair cut or something like that.  I love the photo but wonder the year and also if the O.K. Barber shop and the O.K. beauty shop in Middletown are one and the same building at different times.  I thank you for reading this and hope that you will answer; if it is the same building perhaps you would not mind if I used the photo of the building in my family history about Bertha.

Thank You,  Roberta Courtot Whitacre   Cincinnati, Ohio

4 Sept 2009

I'm curious about the photograph supplied by Deborah McDonald "Nicky Nick stands in front of the family store". The address given is 323 Clark Street and Ohio Ave..
I have looked at old city maps and can't find an Ohio Ave. intersecting with Clark...
I have really enjoyed the photos of MIddletown on your website. They have helped me remember the way things were. Some of my earliest memories are of where we lived on North Broad Street. The best I can fiqure is that our house was located where Reinartz crosses Broad St., in the intersection.
'Urban renewal' Middletown style pretty much wiped the past out.. Learned to swim at the old 'Y'. Sat in my grandfather's chair at the Annex barber shop next to the Paramount theater. And watched the fire engines at the fire house across the street. We may have also shopped at the market at Columbia and Broad. 
All gone.
Thank you for sharing.    
Sincerely,    Kenneth D. Mahon

E-mail dated
30 Dec 2010

  I really enjoyed looking on your website.My name Is Stephan Turlukis,My Dad was Peter G Turlukis,And My Grandfather was George Turlukis who managed the State Theatre and Family Theatres in Middletown Ohio. I have seen the spelling of our last name as Tourloukis,Terlukes,and Finally as it is today Turlukis. I have been building our Family tree but there is so little information on my grandfather.I know he arrived in 1914 with either his cousin or brother Evagelos or Speros,He was 17 Yrs old. He was Drafted in the Army and was Hon Discharged.  I thought His Mother Sophia lived here but have no records of his Parents names or where they lived.I can't trace him from 1920 until 1930 federal census.Your picture of 1931 Greek Baseball Team shows him in a suit,I know thats him because I have a 1931 Postcard picture of Him,my Grandmother Josephine,my Aunt Sophia,and my Dad Brajoti "Peter", from the Dysert Studio Middletown Ohio,My Dad and Aunt both grew up in Middletown and gradurated from High school there.I know my grandfather continued to operate Movie Theatres and my Dad worked at Montgomery Ward where He met my Mother. I know he operated the Dixie theatre with my grandfather in late 50s and early 60s.I know my grandfather Divorced and remarried a woman named Emma. I remember My grandfathers visits to us when I was a boy and I remember seeing him in Orlando FL In 1968,1969,and 1970. He passed away in 1971. If you or anyone You know has any information I would really appreciate it. I would love to be as complete as I can on our Family on my Fathers side.                                                                                           Thank You,   Stephan M Turlukis        Naples, Florida

E-mail dated
18 Sept. 2011


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