Inside on left was the biggest display of magazines and comic books in town as well as candy and cold "pop." Next to the racks was a shoe shine stand with red velvet seats. On the left side of the store was a hat cleaning and blocking operation (still an important function then.) At the rear of the "front room" was a large mahogany cigar hutch containing a variety of cigars, cigarettes, candy, tip boards, etc.
The middle room was rather private, with a ticker tape for baseball scores, a Philco radio for broadcast Reds games and a few tables for friendly (usually) card games.
The rooms at the very back of the store Gus rented to a tailor who custom made suits for men.
The store closed in 1941 after the landlord would not re-new the lease, preferring to raise the rent each month while he waited to see where war-time profiteering would level out. (No one rented his store again until 1946 - a lesson in greed.)