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Submitted by Eleni Fytili,  Doumanoglou / Demetriou brothers' (Constantine and Theodore) descendant,  and niece of Cleo Garofalos Garvin.

"It must have been a church of extraordinary beauty. I was astonished by the amazing carvings. Such excellent craftsmanship in such a small village- not humble at all. This shows how much people cherished their parish and their community. Very delicate work indeed!

The church was built in 1853. Its frame is wooden, as can be seen, and the mortar has been applied on the wood. I don't know if anybody uses this technique anymore. It was built by the Papadopoulos family -a family of priests and builders. Actually, the ancestors of the lady seen in the picture built the church."

Ed. note: Eleni Fytili, did some historical research in Derekoy which accounts for her knowledge of this part of her ancestral past.