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The 1900 Census project has transcribed about 50% of the Cuyahoga County census. The census is located at When you click on this web address you will have a screen that comes up with a bunch of icons that are labeled 001-001a.txt through 242-192a.txt and indx-a1.txt through indx-z.txt. The files that begin 000-000a are the files of the transcribed enumeration districts (ED) and the first three digits are the ED number and the second three digits are the beginning page number in that file. The files that begin indx are the every name index files and the letter is the first letter of the surname and for those letters that required more than one file have a number suffix. Where letters of the alphabet required more than one file the list was divided and the number one assigned to the lowest file. 

As an example, find in which file Oliver McIlrath was enumerated. There are six m files, so try the indx-m2.txt file. No McIlrath is found in this file so try the indx-m3.txt. Oliver McIlrath is found in this file, in fact there are two Oliver McIlrath listed. The 45 year old Oliver fits my other data so I will look for his data. This file has seven columns which are: Page#, Line#, Last Name, First Name, Age, Birthplace, and Filename. The age and birthplace help the researcher to narrow down the search. After I decide which Oliver is mine, I note the page number, line number and filename. In this case the page number is 94B, line 52 and file name is 212-93a.txt. Then I go to the file 212-93a.txt and double click on that icon. Go down through the file to page 94B, Line 52 and Oliver McIlrath is on that line and is a son to the Head of Household. Good Hunting!


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