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Ohio Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

Mount Vernon, Ohio


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Patriots in the Knox and Licking County Area

(If you know of a Patriot who should be included on this list, or to make additions to or correct errors on the list, please email the Webmaster at the address below)


Geographic coordinates given in Decimal Degrees (dd.dddd);  negative Longitude indicates West Longitude.

GPS Datum is NAD83/WGS84


Knox County





Gravestone Latitude

Gravestone Longitude

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Gravestone Photo

John Ackerman NJ Blair-North Fork, Morrow Co. OH 40.54459 -82.64749 DAR  
Thomas Allin RI       SAR  
William Ashley VT Private/Bloomfield, Morrow Co. OH 40.3785 -82.7219 DAR  
Moses Beaman PA       DAR  
William Beebe CT       DAR  
Abraham Blair NJ Blair-North Fork, Morrow Co. OH 40.54457 -82.64732 DAR  
Jehiel Bouton,Jr. NY       DAR  
Ellis Bower NJ          
David Bryant NJ 15 miles NW Ft. Wayne, IN     DAR  
David Bryant (Minuteman) MA/NH       DAR  
Conrad Brumback (Brumbach) PA Bedford County, PA     DAR (online)  
Leonard Bush VA       SAR  
Levi Chadwick NJ       DAR  
David Chamberlain MA       SAR  
Lemuel Chapman MA Brandon, Knox Co. OH 40.31197 -82.51247    
Seth Clark, Jr MA       SAR  
Caspar Clutter MD          
Joseph Conger NJ probably Wayne Baptist, Knox Co. OH 40.46617 -82.61406 DAR  
John Cook NY? Blair-North Fork, Morrow Co OH 40.54461 -82.64732    
Stephen Cook PA Martinsburg Presbyterian, Knox Co. OH 40.27049 -82.35018 DAR  
John Cowden PA Private farm, Liberty Twp, Knox Co. OH        
Azor Curtis MA       SAR  
Benjamin Critchfield            
Joseph Critchfiled            
Nathaniel Critchfield VA/PA Private, Howard Twp, Knox Co. OH 40.40194 -82.33972 DAR  
William Critchfield PA Old Jelloway, Knox Co. OH        
Michael Culler MD       SAR  
Zarah Curtis        **Updated GPS CT Mound View, Mt Vernon, OH 40.40339 -82.48409 DAR  
L. Johann Dager PA          
Gideon Daggett MA       DAR  
George Darrow, Jr. NY Mayville, Chautauqua Co., NY        
Jonathon Davis NJ          
Thomas Davis     **Updated GPS MD

Mound View, Mt. Vernon, OH

Lot 68, Sec 4, Grave 6

40.40353 -82.48392 DAR  
John Dudley CT       DAR (online)  
Peter Doty NJ Chester Baptist, Morrow Co, OH 40.44864 -82.69740 DAR  
Samuel Doud (Dowd) VT Strong, Knox Co., OH 40.51561 -82.61111 DAR  
Jacob Dunham NJ Dunham, Knox Co., OH 40.40710 -82.54091 DAR  
John Durbin, Sr. MD St. Luke's, Danville, OH        
William Eakin VA          
Jacob Ebersole PA Friends-Quaker, Fredericktown, OH 40.51105 -82.54915    
Thomas Elwell VA/PA       DAR  
John Emmett MD North Lawn, Utica, OH 40.2429 -82.4522 DAR  
John Ewalt    **Updated GPS PA Mound View, Mt. Vernon, OH 40.40390 -82.48388 DAR  
Edmond Fare VA          
Peter Fine MD          
Amasa Flaherty            
Stephen Giffin (Griffin) PA Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.27033 -82.35027 DAR  
Phillip Goodbread NC       SAR  
William Angus Gordon MA       SAR  
Samuel Hadden VA       SAR  
Jonathon Hamilton PA Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.27004 -82.35020 DAR  
Lodwick Hardenbrook NJ Old Presbyterian, Morrow Co., OH     DAR  
Zephaniah Harlow VA       SAR  
Mathias Harman VA       SAR  
Thomas Harris NJ Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.27022 -82.35028 DAR  
Levi Harrod PA

Union Grove, Knox Co., OH

Old Section, Row 10, Grave 18

40.34188 -82.35814 DAR/SAR  
Joseph Higgins MA Bird, Bangs, Knox Co., OH 40.34839 -82.57878 DAR  
Samuel Hoffmire NJ Row 15, Blair-North Fork, Morrow Co.,OH 40.54487 -82.64723 DAR  
Evan A. Holt PA Chester Baptist, Morrow Co., OH 40.44868 -82.69764 DAR  
Andrew House PA near Loudonville, OH     DAR  
Christopher Hughes PA       SAR  
Solomon Hull NJ          
Jonathon Hunt, Sr. NJ

Boyle,Forey,Hunt on private farm

17459 Sycamore Rd, Knox Co., OH

40.3217 -82.4431 DAR  
Robert Huston NJ Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.27027 -82.35066 DAR  
John Iden VA Mount Tabor, Morrow Co, OH 40.5955 -82.7661 DAR  
Benjamin Jackson NJ Snake Hill, Bellville, OH



-82.5168 (Snake Hill)

-82.54504 (Memorial)

Daniel Jackson NJ

Yankee St (Pioneer), Morrow Co., OH

(May be on private land)



-82.66906 (Yankee St)

-82.54504 (Memorial)

David Johnson PA       DAR  
William Johnston(e) NJ Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.27027 -82.35066 DAR  
John Karakin PA          
Andrew Kennedy/Kanady PA          
John Kepler PA       DAR  
John Kinney PA Chester Baptist, Morrow Co. OH 40.44883 -82.69792    
John Robert Kirkpatrick PA Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.27037 -82.35027 DAR  
Jacob  Kline NJ

perhaps Yankee St (Pioneer), Morrow Co., OH   (May be on private land)

40.51923 -82.66906 (Yankee St)    
George Kunsman PA          
Edward Landon NJ       DAR  
Thomas Laster NJ Chester Baptist, Morrow Co., OH        
Minard Lefever NJ          
William Leonard (father of Ziba) NJ on his farm, Clinton Twp, Knox Co., OH        
Ziba Leonard, Sr. PA Owl Creek, Knox Co., OH 40.2898 -82.4115    
Nehemiah Letts PA Owl Creek, Knox Co., OH 40.2898 -82.4115 DAR  
Henry Lewis PA          
James Lewis NJ          
Samuel Marvin NY          
Cary McClelland PA Bell, Utica, OH


-82.382739 DAR/SAR photo
George McCreary PA Chester Baptist, Morrow Co., OH 40.44885 -82.6974 DAR  
James McElroy NY       DAR  
Walter McFarland PA          
James McKown VA       DAR  
Robert McMillan PA Workman, Knox Co., OH 40.4362 -82.2635 DAR  
William McWilliams PA Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.2703 -82.35076 DAR  
Benjamin Middleton NJ       DAR  
Jonathan Miller    **Updated GPS VA Mound View, Mt Vernon, OH 40.40297 -82.48398 DAR  
John Mott VT Brandon, Row 16, Knox Co., OH 40.31107 -82.51247 DAR  
Christopher Myers MD       DAR  
Riverius Newell CT       DAR  
Thomas Nixon, Sr.         SAR  
Asa Noble, Jr. MA       SAR  
Samuel Owen MA Strong, Knox Co., OH 40.51552 -82.61144 DAR  
John Jacob Phifer NY Jelloway, Knox Co., Oh 40.5377 -82.2981 DAR  
John Pierson NJ Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.27033 -82.35070 DAR  
Nathaniel Price II MD          
Thomas Ramsey         SAR  
Frederick Rice PA       SAR  
David Rolestone VA          
George Sapp, Sr. MD on his farm near Danville, OH     DAR  
Matthew Scott VA Brush Ridge, Marion Co., OH        
Thomas Sprague MA       DAR  
William Spry MD       DAR  
Joseph Staats VA Staats, Butler Twp, Knox Co., OH     DAR/SAR  
George Stevenson/Stephenson PA Presbyterian, Martinsburg, OH 40.2703 -82.35031    
William Stewart CT Fargo ME Church, Morrow Co., OH     DAR  
Nathan Terrell/Terrill CT Mound View, Mt. Vernon, OH     DAR  
Reuban Thornhill, Sr. VA          
William Thrift VA

Old Frederick, Knox Co., OH

On private property

40.47528 -82.53645 DAR  
Jacob Trollinger NC          
Charles Uhl         SAR  
Cornelius Vanasdall/Van Arsdale VA       DAR  
Joseph Vantresse MD       DAR  
Zephaniah Wade            
Rufus Ward     **Updated GPS   Mound View, Mt. Vernon, OH 40.40356 -82.48424    
Ebenezer Webster MA       SAR  
James Westbrook NJ/PA          
Philo Sebius/Philosebius Woodruff CT       DAR  
Isaac Workman MD Workman, Danville, OH 40.43618 -82.26349 DAR  
Issac (Isaac) Young    **Updated GPS NJ Mound View, Mt Vernon, OH 40.40292 -82.48352    


Link to Licking County Patriots' Graves


**New GPS coordinates were collected Aug 3, 2013, to replace the generic cemetery coordinates previously listed.  Coordinates were calculated by position averaging to an average accuracy of less than 10 feet.

GPS Projection: Geographic; Datum NAD 1983







Last Updated August 5, 2013