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The Photo Gallery

A collection of photos from the Cincinnati and Hamilton County area, of Wesleyan Cemetery and the individuals buried here.

You are invited to share your photos of Wesleyan Cemetery, of individuals that are buried in the cemetery, or any other photos from Cincinnati/Hamilton County's history to add to this gallery. It is my intention, eventually, to link the collected photos to the cemetery burial records, but I need you to help by submitting photos that you have access to.

Photos of Wesleyan Cemetery

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Page 2 Updated April 20, 2002.
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Photos of tombstones at Wesleyan Cemetery

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Photos of those buried in Wesleyan

Page 1 Updated 21 November, 2002.

Photos from around Hamilton County

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Page 2 Added November 10, 2001.
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Page 4 updated December 4, 2004.

Links to Photos from around Hamilton County

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