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The Photo Gallery

A collection of photos from the Cincinnati and Hamilton County area, of Wesleyan Cemetery and the individuals buried here.

You are invited to share your photos of Wesleyan Cemetery or of individuals that are buried in the cemetery to add to this gallery. It is my intention, eventually, to link the collected photos to the cemetery burial records, but I need you to help by submitting photos that you have access to.

Click on any of the photos for a larger image.

This first photo was found in the Dayton, Ohio area in the year 2000 & was sent to the Hamilton County Historical Society in the year 2001, with digital scans (front and back) being made first.

If anyone can add more details, please contact us using the email links below.

Washington School, 18th District, Hopple Street, Cincinnati, OH, ca. 1902-1907.
The school has now been torn down, the road has been widened & there is now a BP gas station at this location. The school was in a small area called Camp Washington, which was near the intersection of Hopple Street & Colerain Ave, being about a block west of Colerain Ave on the North side of the street. It was located behind the Old White Castle Restaurant and Camp Washington Chili. The road intersects with I-75, aprox 2.5 miles from downtown Cincinnati, with this building site being right at (or near) I-75. The Washington School was in use during the 1970's and was still standing in 1993. It was later demolished as there were structural problems.

Submitted by Donna St. Felix

Back side of the above photo, of Washington School,
ca. 1902-1907.
Names on the back are placed here as listed on the back of the photo. When a letter, or what looks like a letter, is in doubt, we've added a question mark. Boyd WARREN, Gordon LAWRENCE, Wm. SCHIRMER, Wm DIMMITT, Louis BUERKLE, Cliff ??NG???, Bill ?LINKICHT, Arthur SCHWAEGERLE, Frank K??LO?M, Frieda WEBER, Eleanor EFFINGER, Norma W?I??, Charlotte SC????G, Elmer DUSTIN, Minnie SCHALK, Elsie NORRIS (possibly MORRIS), Anna McMULLEN, Helen KISTNER, Clinton KING, Charley LOIB, Augusta GIECHNER, Emma GIECHNER, Fr?___ BR??D??CK, Alma ZIMMERMAN, Chas KLEIN, Charley NEDERMAN, Teacher: Mr. ELLIS, Principal: Mr. BURNS.
Also written is, "From Wm H. SCHIRMER 1605 Spring Lawn Ave Cinti 23, Ohio 1/18/45 [1945]", which is the date that the photo was sent to one of the Giechner sisters, from William, a student in the photo.

Submitted by Donna St. Felix

These next 2 photos were rescued by Shelley and the info posted on the Hamilton County, OH mail list. The photos are posted here in hopes that someone will recognize them and they can be returned to family members.

Ada, Emma, Carly, & Charly VANLANDINGHAM, taken at the Dickinson Studio at 501 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, probably taken in the 1890's, children appear to be about 4-11 years of age at the time.

Submitted by Shelley Cardiel

A photo of an unidentified couple also taken at the Dickinson Studio at 501 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, which looks to be the parents of the Vanlandingham children in the photo above.

Submitted by Shelley Cardiel

This was found by one of my sons in the Cincinnati area, in the area known as California. He said he found it in an attic of a house to be torn down, that sat along the river and now the location is condos or maybe apartments. The photo has mud all over it, which I've not tried to remove (and won't). I don't know if he found this in the late 1980's or during the 1990's.

Submitted by Donna St. Felix

Back side of the photo above.
The word "NERRILLE" is handwritten, possibly the name of the photo studio, and the address of 60 North High Street, Columbus, OH is printed.

Submitted by Donna St. Felix

This photo was found in a flea market in the Cincinnati area. All it says on it is "Cox children; Menlo Avenue". Please contact Linda if you know these folks, as she would like to reunite the photo with family.

Submitted by Linda Wright




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